I think my last 4 years have been a lie, change my mind

I have tried a death curse once and it didn’t work. Probably because it’s the hardest kind of curse and it takes lots of energy. Don’t get discouraged because your curses didn’t work, there a lot of things that could go wrong there, your targets is one of those things actually.

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Even if the emotions are strong, if they are not focused properly, it may turn out badly too. I have personal experience with the love spell stuff a long time ago. Like you, I had very very strong emotions but they were uncontrolled and I had cast something aimed to overpower free will. It entirely backfired, the dude started to loathe me like I was the scum of the earth when we were good friends previously.

For the death curse, if you have asked demons that you are close with for help, why not ask them why nothing has happened? And yeah, normally you should leave them be.


Well, after the curse didn’t work i asked them why he’s still alive after 3 weeks to a month after the dateline i gave and what’s going on. They didn’t say anything and ever since i had to focus on my finals coming up, they kinda left the picture. Eventually we struck a kind of deal, they come when i call them but they wont be constantly around me until i get into college so i can focus on school. Why the death curse didnt work i still don’t know but i think it might have something to do with the guy i cursed being a practitioner too and having his own ‘pals’.

It’s called lust for results, Are you obsessed about your ritual ? can you accept and be submissive to the feelings of failure as if it’s not the end of the world ? What are you offering to the spirits ? Can you get into The abounded mind state of forgetting about it and accepting, eventually it will come at the end and stop stressing your self and focusing on that too much? How much attachment you got for this ritual ? You know that if you’re obsessed to much the energy may do the opposite thing of what you want? Are you willing to accept that feelings forget about it realize that in the end even if something in the process will fail, You will get the result you need I was like this for almost 2 months but now the positive experiences are back are you sure you’re projecting the right energy for the love ritual ? for example that death ritual requires overcoming human guardian angels and defenses not that easy man

The only reason why i wanted the results rather quickly is because i am time constrained. If things work out with finals and i plan to make them work out, i’m leaving the country for college with no actual plans of ever coming back. So i just wanted to be here when/ if the effects happen. Once i leave the country it makes no difference if my ex wants to get back togheter or not (this could actually be the backfire) or if my ex friend dies, as far as the rituals being done propperly, i believe so. As i said, intent was there, emotions were there, demons were there, on paper it should’ve worked.

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And those demons accepted your offering? Have you felt certain and trustful or rather stressed and obsessed ? Can you explain clarify and share what did they told you ?

And afterall, it’s been after 4 years of practicing my skills so it’s not like i just picked up satanism and jumped into it, if you count reiki experience then it’s been after 7 years of practice with energy work, traveling, projecting basically training for bending reality somehow.

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I don’t think so. He hated abrahamic religions so i would be baffled if he did.

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Just trust your magic bro the fact that you’re tasking so many entities is mixing different energies and destroying your chances let alone the power that you’re giving him in your subconscious

Well this happened after the love spell failed so i tought more power would do the trick, also attacking with different currents would increase the chance cus he is well aquainted with Goetia demons, we used to get rid of demons for some persons in the past.

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Aight, so when i get back on the horse as it were, what do you guys reccomend i do first in regards to manipulating reality and how? Maybe i’ve been doing it wrong all along.

Curses never work on a deadline. Read EA’s Baneful Magick. He cursed an ex lover and it took over a year for it to work. Another curse he talks about took 2.

There are so many variables to overcome in a curse that I think your expectations for the ritual were way too high. If your ex friend is also a practitioner, then he has protections in place that also need to be overcome.

You sound like you have the Hollywood type of magick in your head, but that is not the way magick really works. 4 years of practice and your two spells didn’t work? That’s pretty laughable. EA has practiced for over 20 years and has stated that not even he gets 100% results. The author Jason Miller has practiced for 30 and doesn’t get 100% results. There are people on this forum who have practiced for a decade who don’t get 100% results. Nobody does.

Plus, love spells and curses are some of the hardest spells to pull off because of the lust for results. The more you desire something, the less likely you are going to get it.


My advise would be check out the links i posted and compare with your notes. If the methods you have been using havent been getting consistent or tangible results it may be time to try things from a new angle.


And that’s why I’m telling people to accept a failure and trust in the process cause it’s releasing your lust, scared mind state is the worse thing you can use for your magic and in life in general.

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If you use many different entities to do something there may be problems. Mostly because some entities work in a specific way that may counter another entity’s work. Also, doupt and not enough willpower or energy may be a problem there too. And also, the target’s defences.

Curses never work on deadline (as stated above) and they can be hard to work sometimes (it really depends).

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“Man cannot command the ocean to be calm in a day. But man(with magic) can ask nature for good fortune and the ocean will be calm.” This is my favorite quote from a book it basically means a man by himself can do nothing but with time a man can do as he wishes

Well, I’m not going to try to convince you of anything but for me…Im getting everything I want and then some. I got two beautiful children, a girlfriend that looks like a super model and has almost finished her law degree, speaks three languages fluently and is working on a fourth, I have finally broken into the entertainment industry and am a working screenwriter/ producer with A list actors wanting to be in my movies and top companies wanting to produce them. I’m building a nice portfolio in a few stocks I own in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and in gold, silver, nickel and copper bullion.
I guess this song sums up my magick success.

Don’t mean to gloat but… Oh what am I saying, of course I mean to gloat. Lol but perhaps your problem isn’t magick but you.
You must be doing something wrong and I think it’s your defeatism catching up to you but don’t frear it happens to us all at some point. I had mine and I pushed on you are having yours now and if you push on you will one day join me in the halls of success dear brother. Cheers!


This will explain why that happens, it’s very short but it will clarify the principles (don’t have time to read all replies so apologies if already posted):

The Kybalion PDF, archived link.

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Check out the experiences of others on here. Its hard to read through all ~200 of the stories i posted here and still think there’s nothing to this

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These are the hardest spells to cast, don’t doubt yourself too much those spells require some experience to cast