Thread of evocation experiences?

I’d like to summon a demon. I’ve read some of E.A’s books, and I was particularly intrigued by the desciption of what its like to summon a demon. However I have read alternate sources of witchcraft material for this purpose as well, which describe a much… subtler experience. I was wondering if there was a thread or something where people describe what they experienced? Closest I could find was an image thread of how demons appeared to them, but I am also interested in other sensory experiences and feelings. I would really like to read up on all the different kinds of experiences people have!! I know that when I finally am ready do it it will be an experience unique to me and i trust it will be life changing, but i am still really intrigued by the experiences of others. If no such thread exists, i would be much obliged if you would message or reply to me with yours :slight_smile: <3 thank you so much!

The BALG Repository is a thread I made some time ago cataloging the magickal success stories of users on here. Although focused more on the results people were able to get, there are many stories in there detailing the evocation experiences some folks have had. If you click that link and scroll down to the miscellaneous section, you’ll find several detailed evocation experiences.


thank you so much! this is perfect.

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