Public Thanks to Astaroth AKA Inana, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Queen of Heaven

Public thanks to Astaroth for the help I asked for.

I recently bought a book on Astaroth. I think Bune sent me to that book as I have been working with her for a couple of years. (She comes to me as a Female)

I read some of it and then found an invocation and connected with Astaroth. Then as I was surfing Youtube a came across a video where someone was doing a message from Astaroth and asked you to pick one of a number of Skulls as each had a reading associated with it. I felt to pick a certain number very strongly. The Message was “I love & care for you” and more but I asked and that was the part for me. So I knew I made my connection. I then did a few more invocations with Astaroth just to build a relationship.

I urgently needed $3000. I did an invocation and asked for help, the $3000 and to remove anything that was blocking me, self-sabotage, and help me become a better version of myself and said I would publicly give thanks and share my experience if I got it. I got today less than 24 hours after the invocation.

It came through the path of least resistance as manifestations often do. From my Narcissist Parent that has caused me a great deal of problems, that I have strong resentment toward and don’t even like to hear their name and can trigger anger and depression so I have them blocked on my phone, and generally their help comes with conditions and manipulation if at all to control me.

I felt to message them as much as I did not want to. But I felt peaceful about it now and it seems I was given the right words to say because there was no resistance on my part or on their part. They gave me the money without any conditions, and I did not feel any Anger, Resentment, nor was I trigger in any way when I saw them. It was pleasant. And they have said they won’t bother me but will help me when I need it if they can and they are not rich.

Hail Astaroth AKA Inana, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Queen of Heaven. Thank you and I give you my love and gratitude! It’s nice to have support when you need it. I recommend working with Astaroth and also Bune who has also helped me with many things.


Hail Innana!


Well done brother :+1:


Well done!!!:heart: Hail Astaroth/Innana!!!