Demon to ruin my exes life

Wanna do a spell that sends my ex to the worst brothel on earth. Anyone know a good one?

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When it actually happens you might feel bad… i did something similiar and i don’t regret it, but i do feel bad for her because i do still care about her. She choose to hurt me and so i choose to hurt her. But im done with baneful magick unless its deemed absolutely necessary, most people dont deserve that shit. Just think about it, i know how you feel, but do you need to do this? Your ex is probably already going down a self defeating road without a nasty curse no?


But if you must, build up all that negative energy and just focus it in on your ex, imagine your penetrating their aura and defiling it, ripping it apart, tearing it to shreds. Meditate and put this dark energy into them. Do this in a deep meditative trance, state your intention and cast it into them, throwing them off balance, crumbling their wellbeing.

Image nothing they do will ever make them happy and their life will just be a series of repeated unfortunate events… imagine this as vividly as possible while meditating. Do this until your completely drained of energy and your done with it. By that i mean you’ll probably be doing this for a few days.

When you do labor, any work your doing, for example washing the car, focus the negative feelings in your into your hands as you brush and hose the car and imagine it flowing out of you, washing away into your victom… this can be applied to anything and is my basic personal form of a curse. Put all your energy into it and get nasty results guarenteed…

Every ounce of hate must be drained until you can forget about all of it… sooner you let go after releasing all the energy, the quicker and more drastic your results will be.

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I cursed an ex once and later came to regret it, as it caused her to behave in ways that are self destructive, which broke my heart to see. So don’t play yourself the way I did…


Have a look through the bane section of this:

Failing that, just make your own ritual. Channel intent, using a photo as a medium, and add in extra channelling mediums ( eg. Candles ) and demonic pacts as you see fit. It’s a fairly straightforward process. The power is in your intent and channelling, not in the steps of the ritual alone.