Thanking Orobas and Dantalion

Both these evocations were done rufus opus style with the addition of the bornless rite from jason miller and lighting an appropriate coloured candle inscribed with the sigil atop the lamen (blue for orobas green for dantalion.had tappings lots of phenomena even wall taps with orobas. Oroba’s task was to help me get my certs that have been held for awhile (4yrs) due to some errors and to give me dignity and a place of high esteem .had a sign of a laughing donkey cartoon some guy showed me on his phone a few minutes after the rite a day later I got two job offers,a month now I got both my certs. THANK YOU OROBAS. Dantalions charge was to influence the concerned persons to work on my case swiftly.visualized danta’s sigil while at the office and they jumped on my case and 5 min later I was out with my certs. THANK YOU DANTALION…

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I am so happy for you. The part where you saw the laughing donkey picture leaves me speechless. Keep on the good job man.

Thanks.I should propably note that orobas’ energy feels very calming even angelic unlike some guys like andromalus who made me feel so fiery and angry at things I wouldn’t normally care for. Now that I think about it…connolly and runyon lists orob as a water entity and andro as a fire guy …I guess the attributions count