The most successful rituals-spells for you to easily get money?

What is the most successful technique you have used in order to easily get money?

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Haven’t used it but Nikita is supposed to be good - think in magickal cashbook and nap

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Also, here is a repository of successful spells:

Working. Doing business. Actively pursuing money vs. passively waiting for it.

When I’m doing these things, then other things can and will happen, which bring in unexpected results. When I don’t, then they don’t happen. Guess, I don’t allow them to happen because I offer for them no “door to enter” my life.


Money cash book using Nitika.

It was successful and I was happy with the results. Thing is if you really want this to work your going to need to build some money making streams first.

The spirit surely works better if it has something to work with, not always but my guess is most of the time.

You may receive some kind of windfall, but building something will all ways win going long term.

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Candle magic actually.

The Trinka Five Spell. Tweak it to suit your particular needs. Works every time.

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What is this Trinka five spell?

Prayers to The Archangel Michael

Money needs a pathway in order to comes to you. Nitika can bring you some exta hundreds here and there, maybe even some extra thousands… but if he doesnt have much to work with… it probably wont be easy… and probably won’t make you rich.
I dont know if there’s any One Ritual Solves It All when it comes to money magick (if there’s, someone let me know) but if you want to built a better more prosperous life … my recommendation would be the Wealth Magick book… NOW… be ready to some disruption… Elubatel might (MIGHT) kick your ass before getting you where you wanna be.


Check it out here:

An oldie but a goodie.

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The demon Claunech manifested some money for me while I was in school full-time (more than full-time, honestly), but otherwise money magick has pointed out potential freelance/business, job, or school opportunities for me.

Magick can make money show up out of nowhere, but it will work much better if you already have a reliable pathway for making money, like a business or a craft that you can monetize or a job.


I am curious and will try,

could you please let me know which candle rituals did you perform, and what´s the average amounts one can got from this type of magick? Thanks

Since I don’t work within in a system, I do not have a ritual in that regard. I just take whatever I have in the house that can work. A candle (I prefer tea candles), carve in the rune Fehu, the amount money I want and my name, rub it in with lard (or butter), sugar and coffee and if I have sweet liquor in the house I feed it with that too. And say my intent while I an lightening the candle.

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Hi people,

for money spell get money as fast as possible,
do I need need candles, sandalwood or rum…candles in specific colors?

And for all demon summons no matter for what

Or only gaze at the sigill ?