My Pact with Belial and Azazel

I attempted to make a pact on 12 September 2018 with Lord Belial and Lord Azazel. It was to last 90 days and in that time I asked that my life be brought to where I most deeply desire it to be, and in return, I will burn incense for both. And, I will spread the experience of this pact to others. That’s what this post is for.

  • Reliable income from multiple streams/sources
  • Have access to beautiful women as sexual partners
  • Realize my true destiny
  • Meet my soulmate

The pact was over on 11 December 2018.

Even though I’m working on a well-paying job with benefits, there are no “multiple streams/sources”.
There are beautiful women on my job, but no one of interest, yet.
Realize my true destiny? Far from it.
Meet my soulmate? Not yet.

So some would say the pact did not work. Perhaps not.

I’ll try again at a later date.

Let the comments commence! No flaming or trolling, please. I will not hesitate to call @Lady_Eva!


that sucks but then again they may have put you on the path you need to be on to obtain those things def try again my brother

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:thinking: maybe try just asking for their help instead of jumping in to pacts? And that you will keep an open mind to what they leads you to or do to you?

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Starting new changes take a steady year followed by other years to make progress and momentum. You offered only incense in return. Cheapskate. Do you think only incense would be even enough for the love of your life?

Multiple streams of income? Well you have a job to bring money to create that…its just get educated now. Do not be cheap in your offerings as it will just bring cheap results. This is the law of Equivalent Exchange. Also dont be cheap when it comes to a King Spirit. Also, dont be evoking other spirits around Belial. His number is “1” meaning you give him your full attention and full effort and Total Equivalent Exchange Offerings.


So, I’m a cheapskate now. thanks.

@Lady_Eva, can you please close this thread? Thank you.

Blood, use your own.
No pain, no gain.

I use a Genteel Lancing Device to extract mine.

Belial is a very nice spirit to work with sometimes you just have to wait to see what happens

I did use my own blood. I use my own blood all the time.

Find spirits that can fully deliver your results.

Nothing less.
I don’t care what Azazel has done for others, what matters is if he or any other spirit can fulfill your will.

Revise the pact and try again with different beings

You’re doing good


They may have you take a different path for what you are seeking. I’ve found that Azazel knows the highest potential of those he works with and will direct them toward it. For myself, I usually ask everything I need to know be revealed to me and it always is, eventually.

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No worries, it’s all good :slight_smile:

Ok maybe I can help sometimes you have to try to summon him more then once like the first two times I didnt feel nothing so I tried sleep deprivation and that worked better for me I focused on the sigil then closed my eyes until I felt a vibration like a chill which came from the pinal gland or some call it the third eye it then spreaded through my whole body next I was in a hall way there was fire type lights on the wall I guess I was in a certain part of hell anyway it looked like a old castle with large brick walls and the temperature was real warm he appeared wearing a large metal hat reminded me like a viking hat his face was large but he was very short I asked for a similar pact mines was a verbal one because when i use a paper version it would disconnect my connection with the spirit anyway it worked that’s just my experienced so make sure you can remote view the spirit clearly hope that helps