Anyone know the name?

Name is Merin. Appeared with short blonde hair, muscular physique. European look. Generally handsome. Ability to grab and take to other dimensions.

Met him appx 9 years ago. Had three encounters until I demanded his name.

Anyone recognize the beings name?

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Hahah he is the old wise man from fairy tails. Sounds like you encountered him.

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Not Merlin. Merin/Merrin/Marin…sp?


All the same my dear

We remember you.

Daughter of the dagger

Not the book

The hidden order


Tell me of these memories.


Have you got Marin’s sigil? If he’s legit and can get me away from this boring universe/dimension in real life and to a better one that i want then i want to talk to him.

No…I just had his name.

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Have you been able to talk to him or contact him since the last time if you don’t mind me asking?

Most Spirits I’ve talked too say our best bet for happiness/ascension, whatever you wish to call it, is to except the spiritual AND the flesh. They are very interested in us having flesh. We can also reincarnate which they can’t do.
I’m sure you can find a Daemon who won’t really care about you’re advancement and would help you out.

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I still want to be in the flesh and all just in a different universe/dimension that i choose to be in that i find to be better for me, than what’s here on this version of Earth.

You chose to come here.


ahh okay. You can make that reality happen here though. You can change “This Earth” to fit you. Remember everything is really just your perception and your mind. I guess i could use the lame example of The Matrix, our minds can make the reality we live in.

But that’s easier said than done sadly. Believe me, if i could be in and live a better life easily, then i would’ve no question. But that’s not that simple to accomplish.

Ya it is actually, check this out. These are all people from this forum.

Do some hard core reading here, you can get what you want. There are plenty of posts on Spirits who can assist as well.


I feel Merin is a true and advanced entity but the first thing that popped out in my mind: wasn’t it a character named Father Merrin in one of the exorcist movies who tried to exorcise Pazuzu? :wink: I feel this is one name this entity goes by but meant more to be a clue to you. It strikes me as though there are many names of this entity/deity/creature you’re encountering.

Huh… The first thing I thought when I saw this last night was Merlin as well

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Here you go, @anon50363245, Lankester Merrin | The Exorcist Wiki | Fandom

Yes, this is a fictional character but for some reason, I feel your Merrin entity is using this name as a calling card or clue for you as to why he’s around. Your physical description of the spirit to the character is even similar - I mean, the actor who plays the younger him is Stellan Skarsgard - nice looking, blondish norseman :blush: Any norse connections? Demonic or evocation connections? Scholarly connections as a spirit of learning? All things to consider. The original actor who played him in the 70s was Max von Sydow - another charismatic, strong, otherworldly type who can see the unseen. I think Merrin is a just a name given because, well, you wanted a name.

Possibly. I’ve never seen the movie…I do not watch horror movies. But you present a good possibility that a fakey name could’ve been offered up

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