Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Thank you for the intro, it is very inspiring that you turned that horrible event into a source of motivation to excel! :+1:

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Ah! Yes. Such inspiration and Alchemy is the Peak Of Creation…


Dude(god) was Pissed as Hell with all the Emptiness and Pain and Darkness(not black Magick darkness now, I mean Ignorance and Blindness here)… And he CREATED Everything And Nothing … “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” HE SAID. And There Was Light Instantly. Hahaha

Thank you for your kind words. I feel blessed receiving them graciously!

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Hello, my name is Ean. I am new to magick and I am interested in learning more about magick as well as developing my magickal abilities. My experiences with magick so far include creating energy balls between my hands, causing events to align in my favor, some astral projections, and interactions with various spirits. I hope to discover a path that will allow me to learn more about what magick is

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Welcome @popAmel

Where are you from?

How long have you been pracitcing?

Do you have any experience with specific systems or traditions?


Greetings all, I go by Khayon. The name’s taken from a character in a favourite series of books that seems to fit me more and more when I think about the similarities between them and me.

I’m living on the outskirts of London, I’ve always had an interest in the occult from a young age and in the last 3-4 years have dabbled with a few methods in times of need with mixed results (mostly chaos magick, Gallery of Magick books, NAP), though now I’ve started to get a lot more serious with my practice.

I’m interested in working with Angels and the Goetia, chaos magick too, essentially anything that works to reach my goals with minimum equipment/ceremony. I’ve had experience in working with Asmodeus and Marbas recently via sigils (at different times for different goals), both came through for me. Asmodeus worked so well and quickly (within about 12 hours) that I wish I’d asked for more, but he did do everything I asked so much respect to him. I’ve used switchwords previously too, mostly for a quick boost to mood and energy instead of life-changing works, look them up if you get the chance.

My goals are reaching my physical peak, repairing a relationship that means a lot to me, and to provide well enough for my family so that I can enjoy more time with them. I’ve had a lot of contact with people who have experience in divination methods that’s shown me some of what is possible in this world, and I want to experience as much of it as I can.

I currently struggle with financial workings, I’ve attempted more inner work now than I have previously but results still elude me. I have multiple streams of income I’m trying to grow so I’m not waiting for money to just drop in my lap, but haven’t had the same success with money (and to a lesser extent, love) that I have had with baneful magick and self-healing.


I’m from Southern Louisiana and this is where I live now. I’m in my early 20’s and I’m hoping to start practicing seriously now as I haven’t practiced seriously yet. I have dabbled in the occult unaware since I was a child, but never through a set system that could allow me to progress in any way. I have no experience with any specific systems or traditions, although my father did have some Native American spiritual traditions and my mother did practice witchcraft. I’m not sure which system she practiced under though. Maybe this can give a little more background. If there’s any more information I can provide, I’m willing to do so


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome :slight_smile:

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Greetings all,

I go by the name TSK. I have been practicing magic for a little over a decade, focusing mostly on grimoire work and the PGM. Very recently have become interested in Norse Sorcery. Looking forward to discussing ideas and chatting with you all


Hello everyone, name is Jera Leonard. I have been studying the occult since childhood. I was fortunate enough to be born into a family that allowed me to find my own spiritual path. I started off studying pagan path such as Wicca, but I realized very quickly I was attracted to the darker aspects of the Divine. Long story short, I am one of the many witches who is looking for something deeper than what Wicca offered. I did not agree with a lot of the right hand path philosophy and eventually due to many experiences, I started to study the demonic entities. I also have a deep relationship with the Goddess Persephone, she made herself known to me at a very young age,as well as again when I found myself a homeless teenager. She literally guided me in a ritual that I have since renamed in my adult life where I “followed her into the underworld” on the Autumn equinox. My mindset at that point was I was in a very dark and lonely time in my life and it was amazing how she took me under her wing in many ways and guided me into showing me that even in the darkest time she eventually went from being a victim to being a queen of the underworld. I am explaining this really badly right now and I apologize for that, but it was through this ritual that I was reborn many times over spiritually and materialistically. Eventually it was because of working with Persephone that I was “introduced” to demons. I owe my introduction to working with Lucifer to her.
My journey has then met with many skeptical remarks, simply because there have been many that do not understand how an Earth goddess could possibly be the patron goddess to a black witch. Truthfully it boggles my mind how many people have an issue with this it’s like they completely forget about her journey to the underworld, or about how her mother Demeter pulled the ultimate feminine adversary roll, by pretty much saying to the other gods " if I cannot have my daughter then none of you will have any followers" and she cursed the earth barron until her daughter was returned to her. I have been called a left hand path pagan with luciferian tendencies, honestly when I was younger that annoyed the hell out of me but now as an adult I am okay with that title.
I do not confide myself to working with one Pantheon, or one group of spirits, it has been proven to me time and time again that spirits will appear to you when they want to work with you and if you try to control too much on which one you want to work with you could find yourself just being ignored altogether.
My altar holds a spot for Persephone(maiden), Demeter(mother) and Hecate(crone) as my dark feminine three as I call them. However I also work with goetic daemons such as Vassago, and recently Vine , who at first I thought was Poseidon because he came to me in the form of how I would picture Poseidon to look (and this leads me to another question I am curious if anyone else that works with the goetic spirits has had them appear as other Gods forms?).
I am very much an eclectic left hand path witch and I am very strong in my belief and my practice as I’ve had way too many real life occurrences happen that I could not just say were coincidences.
I am here to meet other practitioners of all the wonderful and colorful paths that fall under the left hand ways.
I am currently using my friends tablet so I do not have any pictures on here but if you are curious what I look like I will post a picture laterand I will have a YouTube channel out soon talking about the left hand path as well as how it’s helped me in my personal battles and life from being homeless to more recently being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and taking on a very new physical reality.
I have been following so many people that are a member of balg for a number of years now on YouTube and other social medias, I have been a silent observer but I very much am liking what I see and what I am learning.
I am sorry I know this introduction is all over the place but I have problems describing myself sometimes lol, pretty much if you want to know anything else feel free to ask I will answer any question that is respectful.


Welcome @Jera_Leonard

Please remove your Instagram address from your post. It is against the rules of this forum, since Instagram can be monetised and self promotion for commercial purposes is not allowed.

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Hi everyone I am a complete new comer to all this and I have just recently found this website I know nothing of black magic I have no experience with any of this. I am a blank slate, I’m 15 my name is Connor and I heard a lot of this Lilith and I did some research on her and I’m kinda in the middle of she’s evil or she’s a good person. My goals are to get to know what I’m getting into and I’ll need some tips including help


I’m black93666 and I’ve been practicing magic for a bit (more like a year now.)

I started heading towards the LHP when I started searching for a path to knowledge in terms of shadow work, learning more about myself, and developing roots as a black magician. I would like to begin summoning Lucifer (although he’ll be my first, to begin with) in order to begin my process of being initiated into the LHP and hopefully go through the Qliphoth.

I guess my current struggles at the moment is meditation. My mind is very chatty and it races a lot. I’m basically learning to sit in one place and observing the breath now.

I’m actually pretty excited to start this journey that I am on right now and I’m also stoked to see that there are others on this journey also.


My (birth)name is Alexandra, but Kelula feels closer, it recently came to me as a composition of different nicknames and magical names.
In the ordinary reality I’m living in Stockholm, Sweden and study at the university and work extra on a theatre.
I love music and play violin, draw/paint sometimes since I often think in pictures.

I have felt a strong pull towards the spiritual world and magick the whole life, like a constant noise that never went away. I’ve grown up in a Christian family and a surrounding that always tried to suppress, control and influence me according to their will … hinder me, tame my spirit.

I have practiced kundaliniyoga/meditations since 2016. The last years have though been very intense, dramatic and lead to tremendous inner and outer changes.
During this time I’ve done healing work, past life regression, soul retrival and so on.
I have life path 11 and also found out that I have inherit the ability clairvoyance.
Especially since my dad passed away during strange circumstances last year the whole story of my life has enfolded and exposed what has been buried, hidden under the surface.

I recently realised that there is no choice – I must follow the call!
So this year I started a self initiatory process on the left hand path, the first step with Temple of Ascending Flames open project The Seven Heads of the Dragon, parallelly I explore the shamanic tradition and to combine these feels totally right. Theoretically I now study Visual Magick -Jan Fries, The Shamans way – Michael Harner and Mörk magi - Tommie Eriksson (Dragon Rouge).
I think that these practices literally have saved me! To practice magick have liberated me from a lot of burdens (ex. inexplicable emotional turmoil, stress, panic), I am still confused though, but in a totally different more benignly way.

Now when there “suddenly” is so much I can experience, see, hear and undeveloped abilities it can be pretty overwhelming and I need to re-discover needed tools, knowledge to handle it and also gain more knowledge so I can win were I once upon a time loosed and so on.
I struggle for the moment with some kind of attacks and to figure what kind of creature I saw on my left shoulder during a travel/meditation, if it has something to do with a current mystical physical health problem.

I strive to break free from the prison of this world, manifest my dreams and learn everything I need to be able to further help and heal other.

Hello. I am Jenjen and new to magick, a complete beginner. I have never done actual ritual only reading books about magic. I decided to finally start practicing. I am looking for a mentor located in Los Angeles. I started reading books by Regardie, then Crowley, and now Koetting. I would like to know if somebody has taken Frank White/ Aurelious Sopax’s magick program and comment about it. I would like to master goetic and/or black magic. Thanks

My demonic soul self name is Stanla Darknight, a futanari succubus or correct term a transgender succubus. Anyway when I first got into the occult I didn’t know much, and went down a path , of what I thought were all part of the occult/spiritual world, and occultism/spirituality. Anyway I’m basely starting over from scape, with my Kundalini Awakening with the help of a dark goddess, in unlocking my spiritual gifts, and unblocking my charkas, including learning how to sense, hear, and see spirits. The type of magic I’m interested in are sex magick, and lust magick, along with learning how to have a soul transmutation, and shapeshifting.

Welcome back! Want me to pm you again for help? :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:


Sure, you can pm me, anytime to give advice, as I just starting over, I have lower my Kundalini Awakening, and just starting from scape. Beside for the remaining of 2020, and 2021 is going to be a big leap forward in my Qlipothic Kundalini Awakening pathworking.


Hi my name is Nisrin lama i from Nepal asia and i have being practising magic for 1 year and i want to learn things from all of you.

Hello everyone, my demonic soul self, is called Pleasure Cursed, and I’m a sex worker, who enjoy having sex, and having a sexual lifestyle for a living. Anyway I’m new to the site, and being new the occult/spirituality for quite a while, as I just took times, exploring my true soul self, and discovering who, and what type of soul spirit I have. I just on here hoping to meet people, who can help expand type of magic that can help me with my sex work career.


Maybe you are a succubus.