Magical Healing 30 days challenge

We need to figure out how to heal you.


Doctors didn’t say it, but I’m sure they thought it :wink:

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Maybe it isn’t the dicots that need to do it.

Day 21

With 3 MPR, total and perfect healing of the friend of 49 yo suffering from hemorrhoidal crisis.


Day 22

The 45 yo woman with fibromyalgia is calmer and calmer ! . Pain improved around 60%, with is a huge improvement for fibromyalgia !
Method : We are at 10 MPR.

I work now on a woman of 68 yo with chronic pain from a broken kneel.
Method : Franz Bardon transfer of Lifeforce : " The magician can also sit next to the patient during the entire energy transfer without coming into physical contact with him. Imagine that the emanating energy that surrounds you flows into the body of the ailing person and is being pressed into his body by your imagination and penetrates and illumines all his pores. While you are doing this, you order with your will that the compressed luminous energy bring about the recuperation of the ailing person. While you are doing this you must constantly imagine that the ailing person improves hour by hour, that he looks healthier every day. You have to order the luminous energy not to leave the patient’s body until his health is completely restored.
Bardon, Franz. Initiation Into Hermetics . "


I am in awe.

Fascinating experience : one month ago I evoked Raphael to help in the healing of a depressive woman of 49 yo.

I’ve done the evocation only once and had no more news from the woman. I thought the ritual was a fail.

Before reading her message below, you must know that she wasn’t aware I made a magical ritual to help her !!!

So, after the ritual no news, and one month later, I received the following email :

« As I felt very discouraged and sad, I suddenly felt a kind of luminous force that reminded me of what an artist I was. I was moved to tears. It lasted for a brief moment but I felt I had something far superior to myself and it gave me confidence to continue. If I were a little mystical, I’d be talking about a guardian angel, but I don’t believe it at all. There is a clear difference between the encouragement I get to get back on my feet, to keep fighting as an artist, and -this-. Especially since I was doing everything else. I called nothing, nothing provoked. It also happened to me in the early morning, to see images like when we dream »

Sooooo THIS is huge.

Because, even if the woman seems to not have recovered yet from his chronic depression, the event is a very very clear manifestation of the success of my ritual and the proof that Raphael is involved.

It is the very very FIRST time someone else report to me a spontaneous contact with a spirit I summoned.

Thank you Raphael.

I bow before you.


Can people participate in these challenges, or are these cases outside of the forum and you just journal your working with them?

Hello Jonhbad,

This post is just me journaling.

But feel free to join me here in journaling your successes in magical healing !

After all, we all learn from others !


DAY 26

After a tennis match with a friend yesterday, he told me about a deep shooting pain he has in the forearm and his left hand since a few weeks.

Asked him if I could try « something unusual » on him. He agreed. I practice the Bardon method of Lifeforce transfer in his arm, imbued with the intent to calm the pain. After 15 mn of treatment, the pain went from 8/10 to 2/10.

It is a one shot, but it was sooooo pleasant to see the astonishment and then the joy in the eyes of my old friend.


Following. Thank you for sharing!

Amazing entry on AA Raphael! How the unaware patient described it couldnt have been a clearer confirmation of his presence and working.

Congratulations and keep healing!

Btw, you may also want to try your methods w distant healing. It works with pranic healing.


Greetings Dragon_Empress20.

I have three times done distant healing, as Bardon describe it. It works. But to have robust and durable results, it requires doing it again and again.

In fact, it is exactly what I am working on : a way to make healing or improvement last.

Thanks for the input.


Yes thats true, same w pranic healing. Some cases take time, multiple repeats, daily, depending on the energetic layers that need to be cleansed and healed. The layers uncover seeds and roots that are also possibly implanted from lives.

It helps and works faster when patient is aware of it, acknowledges and receives the healing. Also helps tons when the patient meditates while being healed, it is easier for the healer to pull out the gunk.

To make it last, healer seals the holes in the chakras and shields it. Of course over time that becomes penetrable and negative energy can work its way back in. So, rinse and repeat.


Your method is very interesting. I don’t know this kind of practice (extracting bad energy, repairing hole and balance chakra).

I try to explore various ways of healing.

For now, energy healing seems the more efficient for me although - as we told - time consumer and will requiring.


Its very RHP though. Pranic healing. Prana is sanskrit for energy. Similar concept to Japanese Reiki.

Can send you links if youre inerested to know more about it.

Your methods are interesting too, im drawn to the enegetic healing youre doing. Truly enjoy reading your progress updates.


Thank you very much , Sister.

I would love take a look on the links you propose.

Take care.


I’ve seen you are exploring evocation with Mike. I value him very much.



When it comes to healing, you can’t go wrong with Bardon.


Yes, @anon25000386 is a badass adept magician (who will never admit he’s one) who has been a great mentor and friend to me. Very fortunate he took me under his wing and patiently shares his wisdom w me.

I will round up some links about pranic healing to send your way via PM.


DAY 29

Today, my mother in law was complaining about her stiff shoulder. She has a pain since one year after a fall on her arm.

I practiced, after her permission, a massage of the shoulder.
During the massage, I have absorbed the Lifeforce from all around me, and then transferring the force inside the shoulder through my hands, with the constant visualisation of her moving her arm without any pain.
20 mn later, she felt a great relief and I asked her to test her shoulder. She gained on amplitude and the pain was around 10%.

So, for me. And until now, I find that energetic method to heal is very efficient. It only requires focus.


DAY 30

Here is the end of this 30 days of healing practice.

I learned that I am pretty good in energy healing using techniques of programmed energy transfer as described in the teaching of Franz Bardon.

I also found that the central pillar ritual as described in The Miracle of New Avatar Power of Gray-Cobb is quite effective when repeated. I haven’t done it everyday as Gray-Cobb recommand, and nether less I obtained pretty good results on acute pain and on chronic pain.

Called with sigil opening, President Buer began to heal a injured spine and eased the pain quite interestingly.

The surprise of this challenge came from a woman who felt the angelic intervention of Raphael, and she even didn’t knew that I petitioned an archangel to help her heal from depression and pain.

So, I am pleased by this challenge and will continue my work and exploration of occult healing.

Maybe I will create a new challenge soon.