Work with Rantka


This evening, my girlfriend suffered from neuralgia.

While she was in her bath, I decided to try some Magic. I draw Rantka sigil and focused on it. Almost immediatly, the Sigil began to flash and to disappear. I felt a strong, calm presence.
I asked Rantka, Angel of Healing, to help my GF. I felt an answer after a while : “I’ll do it. Because it is the first time you contact me”.
I thanked him and put the Sigil in a book I’m currently reading.

My GF came back from her bath and told me that she felt better. More relaxed.

It was my time then to take a bath. Here, lying in the warm water, I realized I still was in contact with the strong calm presence. I obtained the static rain and I structured a face. My inner vision filled the blank and I saw a man with dark short hair, in white robe, elegantly sited with crossed legs. The first thing that stroke me was the great calm of this entity.
He put in my mind the idea that Relaxation was very important to heal onself because when relaxed, the flow of Lifeforce was better, natural, potent.
He made me understand that it was possible to heal while redirecting the flow of energy in human body.
I really enjoyed the calm presence. His face was white, pure, as a face drawned for a cartoon or a pixtar movie.
I understood too, but I’m not sure it was his direct communication, that tension was one of the obstacle I had to fight to ease my astral projections. Eshmak, a week ago, told me once in Theta that I had difficulties to enter gamma/theta sync because of the tension of my body. I’ve made a connection as Rantka told about the circulation of Lifeforce in the body.

I thanked him for his presence.

I’ll let you know how the neuralgia goes as he told me that “it is done, it is healed”.

Has someone an experience with Rantka ?


Thé neuralgia is gone.

Strangely enough, and funny in a way, in the later evening someone rang ta the door : it was a pizza boy Who was on the wrong door.
BUT his face was exactly the same I saw earlier in my evocation !

Strange but very cool :slight_smile: