Nagging Doubt

Although I know others probably have experienced similar problems, I’m making my own post because my problem is a bit worse. The problem is that I have a constant nagging doubt that all I’m doing is whispering nonsense into the air of an empty room as I sit alone, spirit-free. Part of that is how I’m wired - in being a scientist, I believe things only when I see them, for the most part.

I know it’s probably a tall order, but if I could actually hear and/or see an undeniable apparition of a demon or other spirit, I’m wholly convinced that such an event would kick me into high gear and I would dedicate pretty much every moment of free time to furthering my spiritual and magical journey. So, that brings me to my question:

Which demon would be best to call on for such a show of faith to prove to myself once and for all that I’m not crazy?


Unless you have extremely developed astral senses, you won’t be able to clearly see any spirit you evoke.

You’ll have to do some work on your third eye chakra.


same! totally normal

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This is normal don’t worry, but if you want to see results quick you may have to take a harder path.

Such as fasting for a couple days, getting lost into the darkness of the woods, and quite honestly really figuring out why you want to go down this path.

But don’t lose hope it is a marathon, not a race. Lastly, if u have preconceived notions as to this being an evil practice of some kind, usually religious upbringing, it will be difficult to break that chain.


this thread may help. i made it to help build peoples confidence in magick


Buer has been a great and active teacher to me, mostly because I’m willing to learn I suppose so if you like animals, plants, discussing logic and morals, he’d be a good one. However for just wanting contact, try Prince Seere, he has a very large aura and usually he gives deep feeling when called upon. Hope this helps!

Tip: Take deep breaths and open your mind slowly, doubt is natural but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.


Belial loves to show off his power
give him a go!


I would reply you with the words of Gordon Winterfield, from his book Demons of Magick. That book may help you a lot.

“Perform this magick to fulfil real needs, not to seek proof, or out of curiosity. If you evoke only to prove to yourself that the supernatural is real,the demon may feel compelled to put on such a show of ‘reality’ that you will regret seeking the proof. Another demon may ignore you for calling it to proveits own existence. Waste no time on such follies. Do the work because you have needs that you believe should be fulfilled. It is your divine right to command the demons, and to obtain the desires that enable your life to progress as splendidly as you believe it ought. The demons will respond, and although the precise manifestation of your results may emanate in an unexpected manner,you will get what you ask for”

He offers three ways of working with demons, with various levels of complexity.

Per his words again :

“The simplest will bring results, without you ever needing to look into the eyes of the demon, while the other rituals will give you the experienceof demonic evocation, so that the demon appears before you to some degree or another”

Within the book you may find many different books some written with scientific approach and some too old, The occult is really a very wide area, and one may learn something new everyday.

As for your doubt , that is normal and its just a timely matter again I wanted to answer with one sentence from the same book as I find it suitable :slight_smile:

“ The demons of Goetia would not remain so prevalent if they were ineffective.”


Have you gotten a tangible result from your workings, any of them?

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My advice would be to really kick things back, take it slow and work on your 3rd eye a bit. You can start by practicing on seeing peoples auras, I think that may be a little bit easier than spirits right away. You’ll get it. It’s okay to be a skeptic, your smart. But as a smart scientist I’m sure you also understand there are many things that humans do not see or know about.
You’ll get it with practice :slightly_smiling_face: itll come natural to you.


As a note: It is also OK to feel silly. Embrace it. Accept it. Then move past it so that it is not a block in your work. Sure you might think you are talking to air, but for the moment put that aside in ritual and focus on your task. Stray thoughts and emotions can really impact your work.

It is part of the reason why so many beginners books focus on meditation and the visualization of something (any object) for 5+ mins straight (5 mins being the bare minimum. 10 would be optimal). Hone your thought, tame your mind, and focus on your goal. :smiley: It will come. They will come. Just give it time.

I still havent seen a demon outside of the dreamscape or visions in the black mirror. Though I know they are working for me because things are lining up and my desires are manifesting.


I’m new at this and have experienced things I get the whole science thing but really science is just flawed basic human understanding anyone who is skeptical and closed minded is not going to get anywhere.

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I don’t necessary have to clearly see the spirit I evoke. Hearing or touch would also work too. My point was that I’m looking for some reaction to my evocation that demonstrates an undeniable presence. Something that can’t be brushed off as a trick of the mind. See where I’m coming from?

Are there any resources that you’d recommend for this? Something coming from an objective, scientific lens of course being ideal. If there was a kindle book, that would be awesome…

There’s the one thing I think I already know the answer to. The answer is that I’ve spent my entire life questioning reality and trying to understand the way our existence works and the meaning of life (I know, I know - cliché, right?), and now I want to venture into the intangible in order to take control of my destiny while simultaneously getting answers to the questions I’ve always been wanting to ask.

I do have a few preconceived notions like this, but they aren’t that strong, so how much of a problem could they be? I consciously know that there’s nothing necessarily evil about demons.

Thank you so much - I think it will! I should probably ask, though; is it disrespectful if the first demon I establish two-way communication with isn’t the demon that aligns best with me? In being a medical scientist interested in physical shapeshifting, I somewhat perfectly align with President Marbas, and I have this sneaking suspicion that he is trying to reach me.

This may seem like a silly question, but do demons feel insulted or frustrated if they answer a call only to find that the magician who summoned them can’t see or hear them?

Thanks for the suggestion! Just curious - what sort of power does he generally show off?

I’ll check it out for sure. If Kindle has a copy, I’ll download it sooner rather than later!

Nothing that can’t be written off as luck or a trick of the mind, no. Why do you ask?

I’ll try! Do you know of any good resources for learning to objectively read auras?

Thank you for the compliment! Yes, I do understand that, more than most. There’s more than meets the eye.

Would you mind elaborating?

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things such as feeling someone here with me watching me getting vibes from the demon it’s likes dislikes and mental images of its pyshical appearance ouija spirit board answers such as my death the age I’m going to die and how etc also have asked questions using a ouija and pendulum and gotten answers like are you always here with me, yes where am I going when I die hell/infernal realm etc.

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for example was told by the demon azazel I am going die at age 60 from a heart attack and that when I die my spirit joins his legion in hell the infernal realm. I also get urges from him such as sexual lust urges to listen to heavy metal and party urges to shead my blood like cutting myself and charging his sigil with it.

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Banish all notions of negativity, yes they do affect you considerably. Your conscious isn’t what affects you, it is the prewiring of your subconscious that guides your beliefs.

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Azazel has shown me via Astral projection mental images his appearances I have seen a 12 ft tall goat man with solid yellow eyes and black wings also seen him as a peacock a vision of him as a group of snakes crawling on my floor and up my walls. these are all mental images visions and even voices in my head I have also been possessed by Azazel and felt him enter my physical body.

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in short I have experienced dark things that might scare skeptics away I have been doing this for a solid year and I practice meditation daily which opens your mind and clears your chakras.

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also just going to add this when sitting in my living room I can feel someone standing in the hallway watching me or walking around in my bedroom.

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and that someone is the 12 ft goat man with yellow eyes and black wings I mentioned he’s always lurking in dark rooms and hallways and I sense him in my side vision.

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