The legendary Prince Orobas and Solomon's 72 spirits of the Goetia

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The lost books - part 2A

Alternative methods for Accessing spirits.

It’s come to my attention that certain Goetic spirits do not like being called with Solomonic methods.

Duke Dantalion and Duke Agares are two I can think of off hand. Duke Agares seems to regard himself as some kind of God. Dantalion is quite possibly a Djinn.

When you get stubborn recalcitrant spirits consider changing your tact. You can use this easy method to connect with anu Goetic spirit.

Take the seal of the spirit.
Chant the enns while gazing at the seal.
When the seal begins to flash take a deep breath in and visualize a red triangle

Glowing on the seal, breathe out exhaling on the seal and imagine the triangle glows red.

Repeat this for the upside down blue triangle, then the right side up triangle with a line through it ( yellow air), and finally green or black downward facing triangle with a slash through it. (Earth*)

Close your eyes and reach out to the spirit through the seal as if it was a doorway. Talk to your spirit verbally or mentally.

Give the charge and put the seal away face down.

Easy breezy.


The lost books - part 2B

Life under the cruel tutaledge of Azazel.

Several years ago I lost my wife and my mother at the same time and when this happened I was in the philippines. I had no car, no job waiting for me in the states, no place to live, my father remarried and had another family. I wasn’t wanted. So I chose to remain in Manila.

Within six months I couldn’t pay rent without my wife’s former income and I was out in the street. I’ve never felt so lost as that time. Unfortunately I chose to numb my pain with drugs and alcohol and that’s didn’t help at all. Soon I had been in the streets almost two years…it was miserable and awful. But my spirits helped me to survive. I learned how to manifest things like strangers bringing me food ect,

My faith in the ALL (God) had always been absolute. I can report I was always taken care of and never starved even a day. It was like God and my spirits provided all my needs

One night in summer i had a dream of a bright flash of light and fire. I could hear screams and sounds of war and fighting. I woke up burning with fever and I felt crazy.

Over the next few months the dreams intensified and I began seeing goats all over metra manila tied up in people’s yards

People would use goat humor like “. He really got your goat”…

It was maddening.

I knew I was close to my own death and I just prayed for angel asrael to please come and take me.

But something happened. I woke up one day with full knowledge of the Feng Shui systems stone properties and correspondences. A friend gave me some materials and I started making bracelets. It’s like I’d been doing it my whole life. People say my work and gasped with joy. And they bought oh did they buy.

You see what happened was this. Azazel found a magician clinging to life but begging for death. Azazel. He picked me up off the ground and helped me to stand on my own two feet again. He taught me bring making and the properties of stones. He gave me a business that would support me. He gave me my pride and dignity back and helped me so many many times.

He was brutal and harsh but I was in bad shape and almost couldn’t listen. He got me off drugs and alcohol. I haven’t had a drink since 2015, well maybe one or two but that’s all. It’s disgusting to me now.

Azazel changed my life. At times he possessed me directly and it was during possession that he opened the talents up in my mind.
Let me be clear, you don’t get a choice with Azazel, he’s so strong if he wants to possess you he will.

I was getting robbed once by three young men with ice picks and sticks. Something happened and I just kind of got pushed into the passenger seat of my body. Like I could watch from above but not act. Azazel using only my fists knees and elbows beat the three men so badly that they dropped thier weapons and ran from me. I came to covered in blood that wasn’t mine and all the bystanders were looking at me in shock. They say the noises I made were like an animal. I went to the police station to report what happened and they gave me a new shirt to wear. I never saw those men again.

I got housing and started my life over. Things fell into place marvelously and my business was flourishing.

Then my third and final teacher came into my life and I completed my training with him for three years before he passed from cancer.

My three teachers, prince Orobas, and Azazel have made me the man and the magician I am today.

Hail Azazel you have my gratitude

This was the realest and hardest shit I’ve ever wrote.


It’s very appreciated. I don’t post much but threads and posts like these are the reason I come back to this forum. Keep goin🤘


The lost books - part 3A

Spirit familiars

There are a number of spirits in the Goetia known to give familiars to magicians. What is a familiar and what does it do? Simple it’s a spirit directly under command of the issuing spirit appointed to the magician to help him in his common needs. Essentially it is a time saving tool so that you don’t need to Evoke the spirit everytime you need something relatively small.

The familiar can also act as a go between for the magician and spirit like passing notes to eachother. A familiar is not the same as an egregore a tulpa or a servitor. A familiar has its own mind and will. This makes it superior in many ways to the others.

As a relationship forms between familiar and magician the familiar will become better and better at performing the tasks appointed to it by the magician as it learns what is pleasing to the magician.

Here’s a list of spirits that give good familiars.

President Buer
Prince Orobas
Prince Gaap
Marquis Ronove
Duke Allocer
Earl Malphas
Duke Amduscias
Duke Valefar
Earl Shax
President Amy
King Paimon
President Marax

These are just a few.

What can you make a familiar do…well with this class of spirits most of the familiars are going to have skills related to the office of the issuing spirit.

So if I wanted a health and healing familiar I’d likely ask president Buer for a familiar.

If I wanted a spirit to bend others wills to mine, I’d be calling Duke Amduscias

If I wanted a familiar for information gathering and divination I’d choose Prince Orobas or King Paimon.

And so on.

What I think you need to need to work with familiars.

A box, a jar , a pot a small container.
Pen and paper to make the seal
Candle and incense for the spirit as a reward for work well done.

I have a spirit appointed to me by Prince Orobas for gambling related intuition and success.

First I evoked Prince Orobas and asked him to appoint me a familiar for that purpose.

After I gave the charge but before giving license to depart I sat in trance with Prince Orobas and asked for the spirits seal.

Let your mind wander and you’ll sense when your getting a good image of what the spirits seal is.

Confirm through clairaudience or pendulum that it is correct.

Then ask the name of the spirit. Don’t make this difficult. Again you’ll know when it hits you.

Fabricate the spirits seal on a piece of paper that will fit inside your container that you’ve prepared.

I recommend you put a drop of your blood on the seal to strengthen your bond to the familiar. That’s just me though.

Give license to depart and place a candle and incense next to your container and a glass of water. Introduce yourself to the spirit and give him his first task.

You’ll have to train your familiar with specific tasks and candle, water and incense rewards.

Place the container in a safe location in your temple or house.

Do not allow others to handle it or know it’s name. This is very private information between you, the issuing spirit and the familiar.

I wish you good fortune with your familiars.


The lost books - Part 3B

The magnificent Prince Seere

It was a cool chilly evening in my temple when I evoked the Prince Seere for the first time.

He came strongly and quickly. In my mind I saw a man with a winged horse standing on a constellation in the stars I believe it was Orion constellation. All around him swirled a blue mist flecked with gold and glowing star dust.

I asked if he was Prince Seere, he said I am called Seere, I asked what he could do and he laughed at the question and said. I can do anything.

I needed some difficult to get tools and temple supplies. I charged him to go out and bring them to me.

Within a week I had all the tools, implements, and accoutrements that I needed to run a proper temple.

Anything difficult to find he’s my go to guy.
He doesn’t judge my requests or make moralizations he just delivers.

Hail Prince Seere


You know, this is something I’ve been looking into myself. Not Feng Shui, but the ability to use magick to instantly download knowledge into ones brain, as if they had studied it for years (sort of like how Neo in the matrix could instantly download all the knowledge of martial arts). I was thinking of experimenting with this for certain subjects like physics, computer programming, or mathematics. I’ve seen posted here on more than one occasion of folks acquiring instant knowledge of a particular subject matter. One post that comes to mind is a user that instantly knew how to paint like one of the greats (can’t find/remember the exact post)…but one thing that seems to be common with these stories is that they sort of happened by accident/unexpectedly. I’d like to perform something a bit more targeted and intentional.


I honestly think it’s one of these abilities that is Locked in our minds that spirits can open up (. stones, painting, ect). I’ve experimented with this phenomenon with Goetic spirits but it never had the same effect. Even when I asked the spirit to open the corresponding part of my mind.

I theorize that it’s the intimate connection of possession that allows this opening or transfer to occur.

I don’t have any proof of this but that’s my hunch.

For the record I don’t allow spirits to possess me usually. The only spirit I trust enough for that would be prince Orobas.


The lost books - part 4A

Parasites, imposters, and trickster spirits.

Ok this needs to be discussed. If you do not have a relationship with a powerful Patron spirit you have a much higher chance of encountering this than if you do have that.

I notice that this class of spirits seems to prey on beginners specifically that are involved in unsafe ceremonial magick practices. It can also happen to anybody else regardless of thier level of experience. Be wary always.

Parasites, a parasite seeks to feed off of your emotional energy and your life force. Actually low level parasitic entities are very common in the universe but usually they induce some kind of negative Emotion, eat and then move on.

Higher level parasites seek to form attachments to your energy body so they can feed at thier leisure. This is the worst kind of parasite to be stuck with. Further having a serious parasite opens up your defenses which allows other parasites to attack you as well.

How do you know if you’ve got a parasite when your doing spirit work. First you’ll notice a (something is wrong) feeling, you might feel fear or dread, if this happens to you, end the ceremony immediately and banish thoroughly. You may have accidentally called through a parasite instead of the spirit you intended to call.
The reason you feel afraid and that something is wrong is because the spirit is trying to scare you and feed off your fear. Do not accept this and do not feed it. Banish it boldly. Try your spirit work on another day.


These insidious fuckers will actually come to your evocation and act like they are the spirit your calling. They do this to manipulate you and steal the offerings and energy that was for the actual intended spirit.

I ask Goetic spirits to show me thier seals in my mind for me to be satisfied I am talking to who I intended. But also I’m pacted with Prince Orobas and King Bael and Prince Orobas doesn’t allow a magician to be tempted or tested by these kinds of spirits.

Imposters love to imitate and promise the world to the magician, flatter him, or scare him into subservience. They want to draw it out as long as they can. They are usually parasitic in nature and seek to form an attachment to you so when you call on your spirit you never get through to the real spirit it’s always the Imposter coming through.

Be wary of spirits wanting to initiate sexual relationships with you
Be wary of spirits regularly taking offerings but never delivering on requests and always has an excuse.
Be wary of spirits that tell you what a great and powerful magician you are.
Be wary of spirits that try to use you to perform acts on its behalf.

Recognizing the spirit is an imposter is the first step. Secondly a parasitic cleansing, thirdly don’t work with that spirit again until some time has past and your more discerning.

This class is all about poltergeist activity, moving objects around the house, causing minor misfortunes just for the fuck of it.

These spirits can be parasitic also and sometimes try to establish long term hauntings. A good banishment will drive them right away.

A common dynamic these kinds of spirits try to make happen is they like to seem much bigger than they really are. This makes you fe small and powerless against them. The reality is that’s mostly an illusion. They are usually small and weak and easy to drive out of destroy once identified.

When I first started studying magick I tried to evoke earth elementals using the supreme invoking ritual of the Pentagram. I immediately felt like something was wrong and it felt like many little creatures were surrounding my circle and trying to get me. I banished immediately but not before catching a parasite that caused me great distress for an entire year.

So just be alert and know what to look out for… Goetic spirits seem to hate parasites as much as we do. They get seriously pissed that another spirit would dare take thier offerings. If a parasite gets caught by a Goetic spirit it’s usually a death sentence from what I’ve been told.

How to remove a parasite beyond the scope of this book please use the search function of the forum and find one of many good tutorials on the subject.


The very intense power of President Amy.

Ive worked with president Amy four times to date and he is a spirit I will likely have a long term relationship with. He happens to be a powerful fallen angel who seeks to rejoin his choir. I don’t know what his fate will be but I do know he’s amazing.

He reveals hidden treasures and teaches the liberal sciences and gives good familiars. For me I’ve had him assist me in writing activities. Since I’ve worked with him my writing skills have gotten exponentially better.

I told him I want to write things that people want to read, that people enjoy reading. I want to write about things that matter. I want to write with my heart and write things that stand out and have balls!

I poured my heart’s desire on president Amy during our evocation and it felt like a fire started in my heart chakra. Ever since I’ve been writing things that people do seem to enjoy and that does help others or provide food for thought and growth.

President Amy is an excellent friend and an awesome teacher.

This boom is proof of his abilities.

I may not be ,or ever will be probably EA or Duquette or Crowley but I’m very happy that my work is well received by my peers.


Interesting that you would say that, because if I recall, the person in question who I remember making the post about instantly knowing how to paint like a pro, had actually undergone a possession prior to the incident…so perhaps you’re on to something


I had no prior knowledge or exposure to any of that before the possessions phenomenon happened. After being ridden by Azazel it was like second nature to me when I picked up the stones as started making jewelry. I knew what combinations went with what and for what purpose. Also they looked great the color combinations. I’ve never done anything like that in my life so I was shocked and surprised when it when it happened to me.

I wonder if people who practice magick from the demonaltry angle of things do with this. I know they invite possession often with different spirits, Goetic and otherwise. I wonder if they report similar opening experiences.


I would love to know as well. This may be something worth jumping into a pact to learn, if its even learnable. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to learn certain subjects in an instant. Quick question though…has that knowledge stayed with you even now, or has it disappeared from your mind?


No it’s still as fresh as yesterday. It’s my business. I buy all my semi precious stones in Chinatown manila from the taiwanese. Then I make bracelets and necklaces with the stones. I did have to learn the actual rules for traditional Feng Shui jewelery from the Filipino Chinese, there are alot of little rules like there must be an odd number of stones, usually there is a chi force activating charm too. But the properties and combinations of the stones I could do by instinct. Bizzare. My work sells out fast. Even my Chinese customers ate surprised because they cannot believe a foreigner could know it so well. They usually look for a flaw and discover there isn’t one and then buy from me.

I’ve experimented with clairsenses with possession with Prince Orobas. That actually had real results. I would allow light possession during spirit work sessions with him to learn how to see and hear spirits. I can say it was like one minute I couldn’t hear them worth a damn and after several months of work, I finally could.

Yes the possession theory has strong possibilities.


Damn that’s impressive. Well I wont derail your journal any more with this, as I have nothing more to add. But its something I’m absolutely interested in learning more about over time. If I do gain more insights on this, I’d be happy to let you know :wink:

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Yes please do my friend. :love_you_gesture::grin:


I take a demonolatry approach and started that way before Hecate told me she didn’t want worshipped. But I approach them.similarly and do partial possessions almost daily with a select few.

It’s been happening for several years and one thing I noticed right away was that I suddenly had a stronger affinity for the type of energy that they are over, of, etc… With Hecate, my abilities to sense and communicate with took off without being “taught”. In most cases, I just knew, such as opening up her gate and allowing the willing dead to pass on.

With Pele, there was a channeled curse she taught me where I teeter on the brink of full possession, a hair away from it. After that, I noticed I could connect to fire energies without having worked with it much at all.

I had similar effects from Hel, Belial, and Abaddon. I can’t say I learned physical skills from them, but doing this lightly with Marbas has helped some of my old joint issues from flaring up. I’m getting to that age and all that.