Evoked Sastan

So I’m a newbie and have been working on evocation for a couple of months … doing evocations almost every day… I constructed a black mirror a week ago and have been staring into it once or twice a day trying to evoke Aphrodite and Raphael and nothing really was working…and I was getting pretty frustrated. (altho I could feel a spiritual presence I wasn’t seeing or hearing any communication).

So I decided to call on Sastan to see if he could help me with scrying… I set up my altar with the black mirror, lit two black candles next to it and performed the lesser banishing and then began to focus on his sigil.

A sat there for 10 or 15 minutes calling him, altho the Sigil did seem to open (kinda faded in and out and had a soft glow around the edges)… I wasn’t seeing ANYTHING in the mirror… so I was ready to give up and then thought maybe I should just try to deepen my trance…so I closed my eyes and began counting my breaths…focusing on consciously taking in and exhaling EVERY single breath… counted 1 on the inhale 2 on the exhale until I got to 100…at this point I felt like I was in a much deeper trance and altho I was sitting every muscle was completely relaxed… even my head has drooping down…

I started chanting Alash tad alash talash too over and over and my head was drooping so I was looking up to be able to see the mirror which was at eye level… (which now I remember looking up is how our brains access visual imagery from my NLP days…)

Then the most amazing thing happened! I saw a single lizard like eye looking at me!!! It was from side so I could only see the one eye and it was floating around in the mirror!! and then he kind of turned his head and I could see a lizard like head with two reptilian eyes looking at me!!

It wasn’t like watching a movie but it was there… this is the first time I ever seen anything like this and I am totally blown away…

I think deepening the trance by using the counting breath method and looking up to access visual mode may have helped…and I definitely pushed my energy out and felt like I was entering theta sync… I had goose bumps and felt an ecstatic type of energy from my solar plexus radiating outwards… very cool experience overall…

Also, before I did the “formal” evocation,I had done a meditation just laying on the couch and I had Sastan’s sigil on a 3x5 card in my lap while I listened to a hypnosis mp3… and I drifted off and I had a dream where I was at work and I went into the office of an older man who seemed to be a general. He was someone who was kind of friend and someone who knew a lot about magick. I was asking him for advice on how to scry and perform magic and he gave me a warning about going into something that I didn’t know anything about… and then he showed me a chart of something on the wall … at that moment he had to take a phone call and left me staring at the chart on the wall… I don’t recall what was on it and I came out of trance right at that moment… I had the distinct feeling that the “general” was Sastan…

Just wanted to post this to inform and share.


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thats awesome. lol i cant focus on my breathe that good yet. ill be at 7 and think about food or something haha. good job!

could you please be more specific on your breathing technique? Thanks!

I had learned the breathing technique last year and have been using it whenever I want to relax or go into a trance.

It’s very simple just focus entirely on your breath and as you breathe in count 1 and breathe out count 2, breathe in count 3, breathe out count 4… etc…

You can start the count over at 1 when you get to 10 or just keep going … I find that by the time I get to 100 I’m usually VERY relaxed… but sometimes go to 200 or 300. Just be sure to focus entirely on your breath and nothing else.

It’s not the fastest way but it works for me. :slight_smile:

Nice result!

Keep going, a week is nothing and feeling a presence means you’re making progress across the board, and then Sastan manifesting this is a clear green light.

When I was little and trying to contact spirits, for a while it felt like being a kid and trying to get your mum’s (or some grownup’s) attention, while they’re busy talking to another adult - you can kind of tell they have one ear on you and are half-turned towards you, but their full attention is still elsewhere. But they know you’re there, and the right thing (“mummy, how do I fix my finger back on?” for example!) would get their attention! :slight_smile:

when ever I focus on my breath behind it im still thinking thoughts. do u totally block ur thoughts out or just ignore them

Yea it’s basically ignoring them and just focusing on the breath and the count to the exclusion of all else… it’s not possible to completely focus on that and sometimes thoughts do creep in but then I just steer back to focus on the breath and keep rollin…