What Andras has done so far

So I sent Andras out to someone who I previously dated who treated me pretty poorly. The thing that bothered me the most was that he was so disrespectful and didn’t even bother hiding it.
Fast forward a few months after the ritual and making a sour jar… my target has had a string of bad luck from the get go. Car break ins, fights, lost job, Gf completely cut him off … etc. So a few days ago I got the news (without going into much detail) that he had to have reconstructive facial surgery. He was apparently involved in a love triangle gone wrong and was stabbed. One of the people involved was shot to death. (Not by the target) This comes as news to everyone because the target wasn’t necessarily aggressive or confrontational. In a sense I feel bad about what happened as I really didn’t want to affect others but I guess that’s just what happens with Andras. I guess time will tell if anything else unfolds. I have worked with magic and demons before but never with baneful magic so this is totally new to me.
Also, I used a jar for this ritual which I filled with a petition,vinegar, 7 pins and 7 chilies. I stabbed each chilli with a pin and came up with one negative thing that would happen to him, or an ailment he would suffer from. I got a bit creative with it.


** eta I forgot to add I used this targets hair. I think that made this ritual a lot stronger**


Something I learnt early on was about separating responsibility when it comes to this kind of working.
IMO You’re responsible for your intentions, the intentions you wanted you’re sour jar to achieve, how the other person reacts to that spell and the situation or the path they follow after it’s not your responsibility. But that is probably just one view of many.

I tend to also wrap it in tin foil to keep it in darkness and then after a 7 day candle ritual I find a muddy bog and drop it in there.

That was a pretty good sour jar…


Wow I didn’t even think of dropping it in a bog! Or maybe even burying it? I had to get rid of it because it was about to burst open. I wrapped it up and threw it in a dumpster