Is magick real or you guys larping?

Was just using it to make a point, but thank you :slight_smile:


@Grand Like I said, consistency is the key.

I tried for eight years and never had the flashy experiences with spirits everyone talks about either. I found out there was a reason for that, when someone was nice enough to evoke Belial on my behalf. It turned out I wasn’t ready, and so my Higher Self was protecting me.

I understand the frustration because I’ve been there, but all things come in time. The greater reality will open up to you when it’s ready to. You can’t force it. Just keep trying.


I’m really really glad that it worked out well for you, cause I enjoy your company here.

Even during the times I tried to run away from everything, deep down inside I always knew it is all real (that is probably due to my upbringing).

When I just tried to imagine a reality without Magick, the reality most people today think to be real, I see all the faces of the people I lost or am afraid to lose. And it makes me want to scream. I feel so powerless and lost.


You also have to remember, some things take time to manifest and some longer then others. Especially when first starting out.

As well different things come naturally for different people.

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We are larping. however, somehow we get what we ask for to some extent. =o) It’s not just about casting and doing ritual. There are the little ingredients like will, mind power, strong knowledge foundation. Wording. mental state. emotion intelligence, etc… U have to learn the understanding principles and process of magick.

@Grand thinks he can do Rasengen in one try!! LOL. Even naruto took time to learn it. He worked his butt off. And he’s a natural talent. =o) naruto is a great show analogy to magick by the way.


its interesting to me that threads like these always garner so much attention.

Anyhow OP, id take a read through the thread i’ll link to below…in particular the stories under baneful magick. Its very easy to write things off as larping or placebo’s in the beginning…but when you start doing magick to do shit like kill a person, and the dude dies a couple months later? Well, that sort of thing is way way harder to brush aside


magick just takes takes time and pacence. I wrote a petition spell to goddess Lilith and did an evocation of king Asmodays and prince sitr. My written petition spell’s answer came to me in a random youtube video and the other 2 to gave me a sign that im not ready for what i was asking for through a video. I dident sense anything during the evocation and herd nothing (even though i have clairaudence) and yet my results have come to me.

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It seems real which does cause me tension, because i tend more towards materialism and scientific rationalism over things that are considered spiritual. Practice evoking if results is an issue…I felt the same way for a decade…irritated, interested in the subject but convinced it was sleigh of mind, self delusion and that real magic was stage magic, illusions…seems I was wrong…

Pick up a book about evocation , to hell with the how to spell books, they be only good as toilet paper. Look for ways to conjure, evoke, and invoke. Work with all three. This will build confidence and the entities will guide u to construct your own spells, or u can ask them for these things as well ( rather ask them to teach me so i can be as them) …

I don’t know what this is or why it works.I can be sleigh of mind, but I suspect its a technology, and we are virtual construct who can sort of access the computer that projects reality under the right circumstances…(kinda inspired by the ideas of reality as a simulation but by no means like the Matrix) …Honestly, it kinda irks me that human beings have access to this power at all, and so I would have prefered none of this be real, due to the implications of being controlled by it at the hands of another human being…but yeah…so far the Goetic spirits, Spirits of the Tunnels of Set, and Qlippothic spirits all seem very very real…although i seem to see them as flashes of light rather than how people depict them in books or online…and trust me, my astral senses don’t exist…anymore (drugs are bad…mkay!!!)


Does any of the idea of magic or spirits excite you or fill you with surprise or wonder & AWE?


image image

Yeah, i chose anime pics since its a common visual cue. I found when i was nervous, or even filled with that taboo feeling i got more out of it.

Im also guilty of not journaling or making a BOS. (Book of shadows). Maybe im lazy. Perhaps you should take more notes and just keep reading and studying. Even if you don’t get the desired results there are lots of fantastic writings, art, rituals and more to just absorb.


I’d emphasize making a BoS as a spell book ( and keeping the sigils ). Writing down rituals from books, ebooks, pdfs, websites…just because if u write it in a book, its charged with you…or u can print stuff out in small font, and bleed over it to make it yours…and when the book is full (Keep it either as to go back and reuse and make it a sacred consecrated thing…or seal each page with adhesive and place it in a black medicine bag for use as a charged artifact) .

Wish magick worked like it does in anime, manga though…The idea of shooting a fireball from my hands seems more appealing than going through a ceremony to hex someone…We need to cast a collective spell to make magick more like fantasy magic…


I’m not offended by the term not that delicate just pointing out that it is being used incorrectly as larping happens offline it is not an online thing so in this case switching to a term that is more accurate to the point would be appropriate. Fakes, poser, role player, troll whatever. But larp is an entirely different community.

Its just a consideration like spelling magick with a k instead of a c and all those other pleasantries when you’re talking about specific communities or subcultures


U can shoot fireball from your hands. U just can’t see it. It’s energy ball. Baneful magick do that. shoot ninja stars at target in the astral realm. Some people use it for seduction throwing love balls to someone’s chest. OF course you have to have some kind of training in energy or mind visualization. Energize the energy ball with your love/obession/lust intent and do gesture of throwing at your target.

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Ok, since you think people here larping, do you wanna hear a story of epic magick fail?

One night, 2-3 months ago, I was walking home from work. And I had a sudden thought: I don’t need money currently, but what If I experiment and make a money spell? Just for the lolz. If it works great, if it doesn’t oh well.

But who will I call? Suddenly Clauneck came in mind. Not Bune like most people think first about money spells, but Clauneck. I wasn’t even certain at this point if it was his “expertise” or not. Never worked with him either.

While crossing a street, the street light was out. I could see it way before I reach the street, the damn light was more dead than Osiris. While crossing the street I asked: “Will you help me with my money experiment Clauneck?” And guess what, the damn light got on just enough for me to cross the street and then went out again. If that’s not a sign, Idk wth is!

So I went home excited, did my ritual evoking Clauneck and thought “why not go over the top!? Its an experiment after all!” So I asked for 20k euros in X amount of time (ROFLMAO)

It’s been 3 months almost since then. My ritual didn’t worked. You know why? Because I had no ways to get that amount of money and I did nothing to help my chances.

So there you have it. Magick means time and work and not only towards magick it self.


Total new guy here. Magick is real. It’s logical, time honored and currently working for me.

I’m really taking baby steps, but in a few weeks in my sight has improved by leaps and bounds . Can’t wait until next year at this time. I have a few posts by @succupedia to thank and my new friends.


I guess you may have a problem with that but some of the spells I did was ask sitri for an aura or sexiness. If sitri exist then the demon certainly hasn’t given me that.

I asked bune help me get a specific job. So I applied for it and got nothing.

How new are you? Tell me what you did to help me out.

What have you done to gain that? Have you changed for example what you eat? Are you exercising? Are you taking care of yourself to be more attractive? You can’t expect to have low self esteem for example and have an aura of sexiness.

If I was Sitri I wouldn’t deliver either with this mindset. Your problem isn’t the Demon, your problem is that you did nothing towards it.

And what else? Where you eligible for this job? You can’t expect to apply for lets say bank investor with your High School degree. Did you had any chances to start with? Was your CV good enough?


People here have done the aura of sexiness ritual with sitri and got instant results apparently. They did nothing towards it.

The job I applied for can be applied with anyone. I fitted the bill for the job. These spirits are not showing up or are not doing anything to help me.

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If you don’t get results no matter what, I’d check with your mindset first. You can’t get what you don’t believe in.

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I read a few posts on what I was interested in. Well what I did is what I wished to do,in my heart. With love in my heart and an open mind.

My intro will tell you all little of my background. Currently I own zero new books on magick. But am working from memory on opening my astral senses through chakra meditations and a small amount of candle magick.

I built an altar with what just seemed right. Went down to my local gem store loaded up on what felt right in my hand.

I picked a piece of dark amethyst that literally had so much vibration my hands shook for an hour after and I had to ground myself with another stone towards that purpose with added meditation.

I consecrated and made a few simple candles and with love and intention sought out with my GF additional pieces that we gained together having fun all the while.

The energy gained there was perfect.

Also each offering I leave is something with purpose, toward a purpose, and gained through purpose.

For example the vessel that holds my offerings was a marvel vase gained on a chaotic trip around town flying by the seat out pants while adventuring toward …something. we both felt we would be successful in our effort.

We ended up in an antique store and just before I thought to leave empty handed my gaze was pulled to it.

It’s been highly effective in all efforts. Every single piece is added in this way.

Just seems right. (cleansed first)