Recently I did a working on a target ( no reason will be given as to why), I used the sixth pentacle of Saturn, made it on the day and hour of Saturn on Saturday in the night. This person vanished from where I wanted him gone, I got curious as to what happened to him, apparently he got into a violent altercation with someone and is in jail facing serious charges. Praise be to Saturn and many thanks.


Im telling you, planetary magick has been working AMAZING for me.


That sounds great. Glad it worked.

Nice work! About how long did it take to take affect?

About 2 weeks.

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When you do black magic do you have to pay?

Is it like karma related. Like if someone is straight tormenting your life and you need them to stop. So you do a spell. Does similar shit happen to you too?

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Nope. The only payment is the time it takes to cast the spell.


Also, don’t confuse karma with three fold law. Two completely different things


Three fold law I gotta check that out.

Huge thanx for the info.

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Also, note that the three fold law doesn’t actually exist, unless you think it does. Otherwise it’s non existent.


So I know one thing I WON’T be learning lol

No karma or three fold anything. the three fold law is nonsense and is a topic that has been covered on this a few times. Another way to look at it is if you believe in Karma that you are despensing that persons karma to themselves.


I’m sorry?

The three fold law

Yup yup.

Karma is just the consequences of your physical actions.


I’m gonna assume that every person knows where they stand and what they did if they have done anything.

For example if someone was tormenting me and I didn’t deserve it.

I could without worry send a spell their way to stop them.


Yep. If that’s what you want, then yep.

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I think karma is real, but way more complex then people think. You can always defend yourself and not worry.
Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts - Donald Michael Kraig - Google Books I hope I got the full link there, scroll down a bit where he talks about the pillars of severity, mildness and mercy. Basically as long as your not into wanton cruelty, it does not come back you, don’t pursue people once they leave you alone. If that link does not work search Donald Michael Kraig piller of severity

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@Globalitz which method did you use to making the Pentacle could you outline it?