Does Magick have it’s limitations?

I’m Thinking a lot about my future in this really expensive city I live in. Sure there are a lot of possibilities but it’s feast or famine , espically as far as housing goes.

It got me thinking about my goals and if magick has its limitations when it comes to obtaining wealth.

Not meaning to offend anyone but I hardly ever see any wealthy people or well off people into the occult or on this forum.

So what do you think ? Is there limits to magick ?

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You cannot turn into an apache helicopter.
So yes.


But It’s hard to flaunt your wealth over a message board.


The limits of magic are the seven hermetic laws; mentalism, correspondence, polarity, gender, rhythm, vibration, and contingency.


You called me?


@A_Pariah Have any property in San Diego you’re looking to get rid of ? A house in ocean beach by sunset cliffs perhaps ? Or maybe you’re old Asian money and have a million dollar condo at La Jolla cove ?

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Not exactly in San Diego

I’m new “getting shit done” money, if you ask that directly.


@A_Pariah that wasn’t an insult btw more of a joke because that’s what 90% of La Jolla is. I admire your hard work.


well if you judge wealth by dollars pounds euros… well lets look at this you own the roads you drive on you own the liberaies you can acquire a large number of books from, you own the hospitals and schools and im sure you have a whole army there to defend you

you are wealthy you maybe just dont see the wealth you have maybe that will help you get in a better mind set

for me i judge wealth in a different way


You asked, I answered.
Everything I say is a joke.


Personally I would say the results of magick in regards to creating more wealth are hindered without any physical action being taken as well.

But personally I am starting to see more results with magick backing my financial endeavors than I ever did through physical action alone

My first attempt was an experiment I wasn’t really attached to the outcome as I was already taking real world steps but I thought “can’t hurt right?”

I created a crystal grid towards generating money and I found $50 on the street a few days later

Pennies aren’t uncommon finds but $50 sure is So I thought “Ok maybe there’s something to this” and have kept at it. I don’t expect one spell to bring me everything I need. It’s a continued practice

I think it helped I wasn’t attached to the outcome


From what i’ve observed, very wealthy people are well aware of esoteric principles, but they’re equally aware of practical principles BALG usually neglects to mention.

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I’m sure there are limits, but I don’t think most people know exactly what all those limits are. In terms of your assumptions on wealth accrued on this forum, I don’t think it’s a safe assumption to make that simply because you haven’t seen many people brag about their wealth gained via Magick, that they don’t exist. Frankly, this is a subject people tend to prefer keeping to themselves for many reasons…myself included. However, if you want to explore some of what’s possible in Magick, take a look through here if you haven’t already