Fuck you and die!

I haven’t posted about this before and would like to hear your thoughts. I was out last summer at a club called empire rock bar. My homie was the DJ and these chicks I know were working the Sunday night burlesque. I went because I like titties and booze. Needless to say I got really freaking drunk. Oh I should mention that I smoked a fat bowl of dro before I went inside the club. Now, you should know, when I smoke pot and get drunk I have about a 90% chance of falling into theta gamma sync.

So this dude walks in. He’s a total male model. Stripper from La Bare and a fire dancer. No shirt on and ripped like a motherfucker. He was doing some fire dance shit an all the hot chicks were digging on him. Of course this bothered me. Mainly because I’m a selfish prick who wants attention from the ladies 24/7. But I digress. I just didnt like the fucker. So I looked into that arrogant pricks eyes and said fuck you and die!

About a month or so later I was watching a Rangers game. After the game the local news was on and they were talking about a shooting outside a local strip club. I was half ass paying attention then I noticed the picture. Same guy. He was shot to death after a fight at the strip club. Hahahaha. Little bitch. Fuck you and die! And no, I do not feel bad about this.

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The guy sounded like a punk bitch poseur anyway. Lol!

@ZachD555 , did you have any sensations right after you looked him in the eye and said die like " its a done deal " ? or " Of course I expected him to die "

I felt the familiar surge of power I get when I make commands and I’m fully in trance.

Kanye and Usher do suck for sure. But of all the poptarts out there I want Pitbull to die first. Maybe if I get really good at cursing people I can rid the world of bad music. Pitbull, Bieber, soljah boi, the list is endless!

I want Bieber dead. It’s a must.

hahahahaha pitbul. This is the first time i willingly listened to that.

what a douche… but if we get rid of him, another will come. in the end, it’s the level of the population who listen to this.

ignore that fuck. if you want excellence, try to listen anything by Europa Galante with Fabio Biondi.

No, pitbull must die along with previously said pop stars also. That horrible ghetto language that’s prominent in pop is destroying the English language (Norwegian and Sweedish bands can write and sing eloquently in proper English and it’s not their first language) . There is no original creativity anymore in pop. As you said, it’s all recycled samples from other songs with a simple and repetitive lyric slapped over the top.

If I want to stare at beautiful women shaking their beautiful lady bits around…I’ll watch porn. Lol.

And yes I agree with bahamuthat, but it’s these dumb cunts that dumb down the masses even more so.

Maybe the Illuminati plot to wipe out the majority of the world’s population doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now after hearing some of that song.

To make sure its not coincidence, are you going to repeat the experiment until you can reproduce the same results?