Another Win!

Ok, so about a month ago I performed a ritual to Bathin to remove a shitty roomate from my life.

I didn’t want to go baneful magick on his ass(he’s an idiot, but doesn’t deserve to die), so I figured I’d settle for ‘removing’ him from the equation.

I told Bathin I didn’t care how he got him gone, but to get him the hell out of my life. Well what do you know, all of a sudden this month the guy is here maybe 1x a week for a few hours max. I think his job has been making him travel alot or something.

Regardless, hilarious, this was one I totally forgot about and actually didn’t expect much to come of, because I did the ritual while I was totally pissed off & expecting way to much. Of course…as soon as I forget I even did it, it happens, lol!

Bathin kicks ass!

I was tempted to make a profile named Bathin and write: “Yes, yes I do.”

Nice. Please outline the ritual itself

He’s still living there though.

Try this one to get him out for good.

Update: I haven’t seen this idiot in a month now. His crap is still in the downstairs apartment(I’m on floor above him). I have no clue what’s up with him…I did a tarot read on him for shits & giggles and I think he’s off having fun with a girl or something.

Maybe he went to Vegas to get married.


Son of a bitch the spell wore off. He just came back and he’s loud as ever.

He was gone on some trip to Germany or some shit. My life is hell again.

Last month I did yet another ritual to Bathin to get me the hell out of there, but nothing has come up yet.

I might have to figure out a spell to shut him the fuck up in the meantime.

I am working on a few different things here…I’m going through some shit financially and I have a few business deals in the burner I’m hoping take off so I can afford a better place.

Note to self: Lifetime of spell, 4 months


Lol, so this guy was only back for a week to get his crap, because now his job is moving him to another State.

Damn Bathin is good.

I did another ritual with him to get me moved locally, but I don’t think it worked because it wasn’t a ‘long distance’ move like I asked for with this shithead.

I’m going to call on a King this time, let’s see what happens. I’m thinking Paimon or Belial to get the situation ‘moving’.