Would you consider this a success?

On the 27th of june i evoked Bune/Bime, Asmodai and Belial. I gave them no timeframes for results.

I asked Bune for £3000 to clear my debts. Today I currently got paid £1200, my dad randomly paid £600 for me to go on holiday. I will get paid another £1200 next payday. I will get £3000 but it wont be for my debt. Is this success or failure?

I asked Asmodai to make me a skilled martial artist and Belial to make me a fearless fighter. Last week my cousin RANDOMLY popped up back into my life! We havent spoke for 3 years after a giant argument. Twice we have met up, and he has taught me some more boxing skills. He is the definition of a fearless fighting skilled martial artist. And he is teaching me his ways. I consider this a success, wouldnt you?

I am seeing results after roughly 1 month from evocation to signs of manifestation.
Are these successes? Do i now give my thanks to the spirits?

I have more evocations, different demons to discuss but ill start with these


Definitely a success, after reading so many experiences it’s clear that the way daemons deliver goods to you is not in linear fashion as you think but putting you in right place at the right time or bring situations to you so that you can be aware and take advantage of those situations.

I really am believing in them!!! I had many epiphanies last year. From chaos magick. When these results appeared i wasnt even shocked. I just smiled to myself and said thanks quietly. I will give them thanks in the thanking spirits thread today.

I have some more evocations. I am at work but i will post back here when i have the chance.

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is it normal for you to get paid $1200 euros for your job? and do you have the freedom to spend that cash the way you want?

On the 9th july i evoked Gremory, Zepar, Sallos, Sitri, Beleth and Vine. I gave no timeframe for results to manifest.

I asked Gremory to make strangers give me gifts everyday. Within the next few weeks a distant relative gave me several storage boxes and i found several useful things that i will keep and use for a long time. Not exactly gifts from a stranger so i dont know if this is a sucess or not. What do you think?

I asked Zepar for casual sex. Sallos for an attractive girlfriend, and Sitri and Beleth to make a specific girl to desire me.

Since then i have had 2 girls appoach me and ask to be my GF. And the specific girls family has mentioned that she is interested in me twice now. I consider these a success.

I asked Vine to improve my magickal abilities. I believe he has done that because of results above.

What do you think?


Yes it is normal to get £1200.
But i heard Geotia work on technicalities like lawyers ect. So “technically” i got £3000.

I need advice because i dont want to avoid repaying Bune if he technically did do his job, yaknow?

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well i think its okay to go back to a spirit if you aren’t pleased with the results… If i asked bune for extra cash, id expect it to truly be extra cash…as in money that i wasn’t expecting to get. So if bune used my job as a route, id expect a bonus or a raise of some sorts. as for your other results though, its looking pretty good

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I would say so. Even if it might seem that your success is coincidental, just keep in mind that manifestations ARE a ‘coincidence’ almost all of the time.

I probably would have already done that in some way, but yeah, I would do that now along with an offering.

Congrats, it sounds like you are using magick to get what you want out of life.

I will thank the ones who have undeniably worked and give offerings. What do i do with Bune then? I definitely got £600 cash out of nowhere. Maybe he only got part of the petition and not the full amount?

And thanks! This magick stuff is crazy. I cant talk about it to people around me but i think its so amazing

i would call her up again and thank her for what shes done so far, but ask for more…be greedy. And state that you want this to truly be extra cash…not money that you already knew you would be receiving

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Yep, I would consider all this a success. Congratulations!

I would say just follow your intuition, thank them whenever you feel like you should thank them.

I came home from work and passed out. I just woke up from a lucid dream!

This is something i asked Andrealphus for. To give me lucid dreams. Funny how i finally have one the same day i am discussing whether the spirits have followed through with their jobs and if i should reward them.

The dream was so goddamned intense. It involved meeting death, meeting Archangel michael for the first time ever, and sitting down and talking to and listening to my subconscious.

I am happy to discuss in detail if yous want

Btw i am using Gordon winterfields Demons of Magick to work these rituals.
I am evoking certain demons for certain results because of their listed powers in the book.

Yet other books will describe demons differently. Which is correct?


i had a feeling you were using this book!

are you using ritual one or ritual 3, because ritual 1 is invocation, which is what ive been using

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Its an excellent book! :slight_smile:
I am using ritual 1.
I am not doing ritual 3 anytime soon.
I am not ready for face to face visual appearance of a demon staring me in the face just yet haha

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yeah i hear ya lol. its odd to me though…ive seen this book pop up often around here lately. what made you use the book?

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I have read countless books online and pirated so many. Goetia. Angels. Chaos magick. Many authors from recent and distant history. Never really used anything though. I pirate for research and then buy for practise if i like it or can afford it.

I finally decided to buy some books/systems to start with.

I decided on Gordons DoM book because it uses barely any tools. Simple but clearly effective. No particular time/day needed for evocations, i can do rituals whenever i feel like it. I only need a pen, some paper, a candle/matches and the book itself. It seems to work fine so i am very happy with it.

I also have chaos and sorcery by nick hall and Chaos magick by adam blackthorne. These 2 seem to compliment eachother. I have had results with these.

And seven spheres by rufus opus. This requires stockpiling materials and working with planetary days/hours. I have been preparing for a few months. I may start this next thursday.