Working with Prince Sitri

Hi BALG… Starting a couple journals to share my experience with spirits. I’m by no means extremely experienced in evocation, so forgive me there. I have had some success that has surprised me and I was encouraged to share by multiple spirits including Prince Sitri.

I would of course first like to thank Prince Sitri for his guidance, support and lightning fast response. To say that he is fucken awesome would be a huge understatement. Yes you should evoke him and you should do it now. Yes he has a sense of humor and if you request something from him I’d advise keeping it simple and direct.

I started with a simple petition for results using the Winterfield method. I’ve decided to focus on using the fewest physical elements possible and focus on evocation keys and visualization with as intense a feeling as I can pour into the evocation. Of course the petition for results was simple and I was just experimenting so I asked him to give me an aura of sexual power. I said that I’d toast him with some truly fantastic and expensive tequila and that he could experience the joy of that through me. Then I just went about my business.

Holy shit. The next day I walk into a bar that I’m at with friends often. Just for a happy hour drink. Five minutes after being there things started to go a bit sideways. A good friend who is gay starts clearly hitting on me and while I’m dodging the innuendo like the matrix a very good looking woman walks up and says that she is auditioning beards and she’d love to try mine between her legs. The silence around the table was fantastic.

Lesson 1…be specific about gender if it matters to you lol.

Incidentally I found that this state of affairs actually makes life easier beyond pure sex. It never hurts to have a little of that tension with people in general. I renew this request once a month now and the Prince seems happy to help and has a fondness of great booze it seems.

Since then I moved on to the second stage of Winterfield evocation and have heard a voice (laughter etc) and very obviously have messages while I try to focus on a meditation. I’ll sit quietly and simply do my best to connect with his energy. I intend to continue this form for a while and work on my skills so I can progress to the full evocation.

A couple of things I feel I’m supposed to pass on…

Prince Sitri seems to really enjoy the interaction and I approached him with respect from the beginning. He has great power beyond these petty things I’ve worked with him on but it is clear that he is happy to help. Again…be specific and simple in any petition for results, but I highly encourage all to spend some time simply being receptive to what Sitri offers. He’s not your buddy, he’s a Prince and massively powerful, but he is friendly and has a great sense of humor. He will call you out on bullshit but for me it has been a great help. He also seems to respect confidence. Not arrogance, but I get the feeling he’s bored with excessive weakness.

I’ll update as things happen… If you’re thinking about Sitri…evoke him. You’ll be happy you did. Hail Sitri!


I definitely agree with all of this! Prince Sitri has done amazing things for me.


Ok so I read this and have been working with him and I opened my “Demons of magic” copy and it was on his page I don’t even remember the last time I opened it :joy:


Just started working with him too, called on him earlier for the first time. I got a big ass rush to my heart chakra w him, anyone else experience that?

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I haven’t experienced anything specific to a chakra, but I definitely experience a rush and it seems like I’m suddenly very aware of every nerve connected to my skin.

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when i called him for what ever reason it was like…how when you feel wen you are about to have sex the instant heart racing heavy breathing and the my god i need some right now feeling but n an intense way ive never felt before it may just be diffrent for most people but yeah prince sitri


Just an update. I’ve been consistently evoking Prince Sitri. Many times I’ll simply share a drink, thank him for his help and listen. I’m lucky that I’m a pretty happy, confident guy but recently I’ve struggled with some specific relationships. I was considering petitioning a different spirit and kept coming across Sitri’s sigil or enn when I opened a book or YouTube etc. So I evoked the prince first. I always toast him and thank him for coming. I contemplated my issue and finally just said that I didn’t think he was into this kind of thing. I was a bit frustrated that I wasn’t getting much response and literally asked for him to give me something to write about here. Well…I immediately felt every nerve in my body light up and I got a flood of information. I’m still sitting through it. Most surprisingly I felt the strongest support from him. It wasn’t what I was looking for at all but I felt powerful as if this issue was easy and that I had powerful help. It was exactly the boost I needed and the information is not all what I want to hear but it too is powerful and necessary. Thank you Prince for your council and support. My issue is evolving but I’m approaching it with patience and confidence that it will resolve in my favor.

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He will give you what you NEED, versus what you WANT. And frankly…he kind of just springs it on you. BAM


Prince Sitri is incredibl! i’ve veen working with him for the past few weeks and I must say the results have been mind blowing. I asked him to enflame someone with passion for me, this person was far awayfrom me, I asked him for a message to let me know he carried out the request. My friend is pretty psychic, so he went to HIS house and while my friend was having sex with his boyfriend he saw a bright light on the ceiling fan and the more he focused on it the more intense his sex was. The next day he told me what happened and it clicked that it was Prince Sitri. He used my friend to give me the message I needed. I will continue using Sitri till I get what I want. A very warm and friendly presence, I didn’t feel anything mean or malicious like some people say. Like I was being hugged from the inside is the best way to describe it. For anyone curious, I used the Demons of Magick book as it is very easy and very safe.


Damn right he has a sense of humor… He made an interesting pact with me when I made a spontaneous evocation with him.

Told me he required me to “Screen girls (I use the GLL method) both in person and online and I’ll have you swimming in strippers and porn girls to the point it’ll hinder your progress.” (Paraphrased, yet it’s spot on.)

So I did.

I also called on Asmodai to get 3 new close attractive FBs and everything hit at the same time.

Not to be “that guy” on the internet but I do take the word douchebag as a compliment… I went all in on my online dating and started chatting up girls everywhere I went. Last October I was talking with one of my friends and one of us pointed out that my sex life had become like a part time job and I was too exhausted to get anything else done. It was messing with my gym routine (one hip had gotten notably stronger than the other and my deadlift routine suffered. Had to switch from Sumo to conventional.)

4 girls were coming over as often as they could and then I made some new friends (because one Skyped them during a threeway. No idea why, we were higher than I’ve ever been before) in another town that all worked together. At the same strip club. 20 or so strippers and maybe 5 dudes at a big party where the host took me to this waystation place and showed me a giant box of condoms with a bunch of brands.

I walk into the place and one goes “It’s naked guitar man!” They’d all seen the video of me nailing their cute friend like I was trying to kill her with my dick and we’re very intrigued …can you see where this is going? (Some of them are cam girls too, he delivers!)

I’ve done a lot of working for my dating life but, yes, yes, yes, Sitri is fucking incredible when it comes to your mojo. He got me laid so much I almost dreaded having a cute 19 yearold come over again because it was getting to be too much to keep performing again and again. I actually started using stuff like maca and L-Arginine just so I could get wood again. You relate to being in Jr high and seeing how many times you could jack it in one day? Felt just like that except there was a girl with a tight body and an outrageous sex drive pushing for it the whole time. 4 of them. I was training to put on size but I was doing so much sideways cardio I actually lost weight.

I know this sounds douchy as all hell but I’m on fantastic terms with all these girls still and every word of this post is true. I’m not some Captain America looking dude either. I’m in decent shape yet I had to rebuild myself over and over again just so I wouldn’t be completely Invisible to women my whole life. Then this happens

Not my only golden era but it’s the first one I called on a Goetic spirit for and they delivered. Damn they delivered…

Just make sure you actually talk to girls with the intent of exchanging orgasms with them. I had talked to a lot more than them but he sort of pushed an army of nymohos my way and I just had to seal the deal when they gave me the “fuck me” eyes.

Oh, fun fact: I was in a bizarre love triangle with the Utah Jazz Bear mascot. One was sleeping with him and the dude got fired because they got caught in the locker room during the playoffs. Sitri is hilarious.

Think I might do another working soon…
Definitely call on him, especially if this post upsets you


Something is about to happen. I’ve been evoking/meditating/sharing a drink with Prince Sitri weekly. I’ve gained insights that you’d expect to gain from a spirit of lust and quite a few about developing personal power. Regardless, yesterday I was evoking a different spirit and had that enn playing on my laptop quietly. About a 3rd of the way through evocation, the laptop starts playing Sitri’s enn. I paused, went over and changed the laptop back to the original enn. I settled back down and began again. Immediately Sitri’s enn came back on. These were 45 minute loops that I’ve created. No playlist. Just a single file playing and then a completely different file playing. I had enough time to do a small evocation today but got no information other than a nearly overwhelming feeling of energy and lust. I can’t wait to see what happens next…


My relationship and live have improved a lot because of Sitri, thank you prince Sitri