Legal magick advise needed

Hi everyone I haven’t had a chance to post since I first join the forum. However I find myself in a really difficult legal situation and need advise on what spirits to work with to get out of this. I have talked to a lawyer but its a funky situation and need a spell or how to petition a demon for help, something. I believe EA has once said in a video Viné can be used for legal stuff. But I wanted further information of what to do. Willing to share if more info is needed. Thank you all.

I would recommend searching the forum using the :mag: icon in the top right of the screen. There are a lot of threads about this so you should find some great advice. Good luck!

Thank you Veil. I will search now

Go through here, and search through the mind control section. You will find several success stories concerning legal matters which you can gain information from. Some quick advice though, Belial is better known for his prowess fixing legal matters than Vine is, so I’d go with him personally


Verdo, you rock! Thank you so much! I appreciate any advice I can get.

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I have used the rune Tiwaz visualised above the heads of judicial officers. About 60 centimetres/ 2 feet high - flames, some smoke. Did it with juries too. Always worked. Only used sparingly when I felt the need to.



Hi Uncle-Al, thanks I never thought about rune work with this situation. Can you elaborate a bit more? Should I do what you suggest before the first court date or after? I have a little time (feb 23) to get this all done.

Tiwaz. Tyr. The Fenris Wolf.

Because you’re so concentrated upon this legal issue, that concentration will truly help you.
Start visualising Tiwaz. It’s not that hard. The more practice you put in, the sooner you’ll see the vision of that burning rune. Just keep at it. You have more than enough time.

Once Tiwaz is visualised you can project your power into it - either the strength of your will or the fears of your apprehensions. The power of your will is best, but you can make do with what you’ve got to hand. Above judicial officers or above juries.

If dealing with documents, make sure to visualise Tiwaz impressed upon the documents and bold too. Fuck 'em!

Make up your own evocation:
O! Fenris-bitten God of justice; brave Tyr hear me! I call upon you…
Whatever spiritual entities you care to use, the rune Tiwaz has its own, distinct force, when charged.

You have no idea how long it took me to be able to just trot off on-the-ball advice like that! And I’m giving it away…I feel ashamed.



Uncle-Al, I am eternally grateful for your advice! I will use your advice 10000% and when this is over with and I have this case dismissed for something I’m not guilty of I will find a way to repay your favor for the advice you have given me. Thank you thank you thank you!


Don’t worry. Just promise that you’ll help lhp practitioners . There’s so few of us and so many of them.
Glad I could help.



Thank you again! I will do my best to help other practitioners for the rest of my life as I grow and learn more in my magical practice.

I second what @Verdo said. Belial can help out immensely. He has power over all dominions. All dominions. Call on him. Find his seal, activate it. Use some of your blood.
Tell him about your legal problems. Ask him to help you, and feel and visualize your life after having all these problems gone.


And can I just add, when you respectfully and sincerely call upon lhp spiritual entities - they always come. Always! The fact you don’t know that isn’t their fault, is it? I don’t see spiritual entities. I feel 'em. Arm hairs stand to attention and I start massively sweating. I’m talking dripping off of me and hair all plastered.

Be great if you knew a banishing to clear the atmosphere, before you evoke. And for one or two other reasons.


Thank you I was reading on a post here and someone said never use blood right away because it creates a bond with that spirit right away. But I kinda want to do similar to JS Garrett when he said in a video on YouTube that he was going through some legal stuff and he gave himself a living sacrifice if I remember correctly. So I am good using blood to activate Belial sigil? I honestly don’t mind a bond or pact with Belial off the bat.

The voice. The delivery.

I tend to use spit and blood mostly. Chew the end of a safety match until it becomes a brush.


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Yeah, in my pathworking with Belial over the past year or so, blood was really the only thing I used. Belial and his dominions are good at manipulating systems of order and breaking them.
This legal problem can be seen as an obstacle to your ascent, and thus Belial will be happy to help you (as long as you treat him as you would someone you respect.)
Your blood is YOUR blood, not another animal’s. It came from you, so the sacrifice is more personal, and it goes way deeper than that.
Belial is definitely a dope person to have in your court for sure.
Call him up.
I called him up with another friend of mine who is going through some divorce shit. I went to his house and showed him how to contact Belial through his sigil and blood. I walked him through activation of the sigil and transference of will. He had never done something like this before, so it was cool to do with him.
Within a week, the legal situation had worked out favorably for him with his ex wife not fighting anything.
Hail Belial!


Vine and Seere… even tho i still need confirmation to the specific thing what i asked Prince Seere. But Vine have definitely helped.

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If you are uncertain as to what you should do, would you consider hiring someone to do the ritual for you? I’m sure if you click on “Ritual for hire” on the site you may find one of those options ideal. Just my thought anyway.

Damn thats whats up! Hail Belial! I broke what everyone seems to say on here about evoking him before invocation of him. I invoked him a few days before and fuck he’s got some power! Literally thought he physically teleported my body into a different reality all together. The evoking was a little harder for me. I did see a glimpse of his eyes, well one eye. But not much. Any tips of how to make it stronger when I evoke him again?? I want to evoke him again to build a relationship being that I already made a deal about the court stuff.

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I did consider that honestly being that this is a big fucking case! But unfortunately dont really have money to have one of the elite on BALG to do a ritual for me…thanks covid :roll_eyes:. I feel like I can do it just wanted so advice you know.