Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

Thank you Raziel and Zaphkiel for next day service!


Sephiroth Express
Next day delivery or … well… next day delivery! xD


Thank you Raphael! I evoked you because I had pink eye and I wanted you to heal it. You spent probably a half an hour or more with your hand over my eye. And when I went to check in the mirror, it was gone!


Thank you Michael, after my mom lost her job I entrusted her to your care, knowing that if anyone could lead her properly, it would be you. And now, less than two weeks later, she already has a job and a well paying one at that. Thank you.


thank you Lucifuge! ! hail Lucifuge! !


King Bael came through for me in a BIG way. I had a terrible week at work, with a lot of stress and I really could not handle everything anymore, so on Friday morning I had a sincere need to just be invisible and to be concealed at work. I went on my knees and I just focused on Bael and then I prayed and just asked if he could please conceal me at work for that specific day. After I prayed I forgot about it and went to work. The results that I got that day was amazing. Every single person in my directorate at work, left for a meeting, it was extremely quite. I took a long lunch and even my cellphone hardly even rang at the office and even when they came back to work after their meeting nobody really interacted with me. They just left me alone. Even my boss came down the passage with his bags and left the office early.

hail King Bael!


Thank you Haagenti, Barbatos and Furcas for challenging me and pushing me out of my shell. I can finally embrace the magic within me without fear or shame. Thank you King Paimon for the best advice!


Since i started business like late last year, No bank Will give me Any loan to expand
Since My personal income was like 8k usd last year (lived at home worked part time etc) eaven though Im pushing massive amount and profit for several months
the bank wants security. Since i pay suppliers in China and advertising first the profit comes Always 7 days later, wich makes it hard to scale big and fast,
did a ritual with him 3 days ago and was really desperate for a solution and today Haha “checked My mail” it looked wierd turns out it was a bank in
another country that has offered me Big credit to scale, and bune showed me a bank that would allow payouts from sales to roll in the account within 24 hours!!
Now i can literally scale to the moon and prepare for christmas sales!!!
thanks Bune!!!


Thanks to King Paimon for showing up last night and talking over some tea.

Really drilled it into me that I need to mediate more lol.


Thankyou King Paimon, Belial, Eligos, Astaroth, Lucifer, Beleth, Balam, Vine, Purson, Zagan, Asmoday, Baal/ Enlil & Ganesh, Oggun, Cernunnos, My spirit guids. I am very greatful everything. Shiva osiris horus thor and odin too.:slight_smile::star2:Hecate


Thank you Lucifer for giving me my magical name and showing me how to use my astral sword. Although I dont understand the left hand path I trust you and all of your aspects even though Samael’s severity scares me.


I’ll give my thanks for Sitri for intruducing me to an interesting girl. It wasn’t actually my specific command, but Sitri might have seen what I needed the most. Excitement and felling youthful passion again.

Whatever shal happen between me and this exciting girl, I’m grateful Sitri for giving me the experience to fell something again. My previous relationship with a girl ended in chaos, so I secluded my emotions to protect myself.


It’s scary though, all these emotions I secluded. I fell so very deeply right now.


thank you Belial for show me the importance of self trust in all that we do


Dear my beloved BALG Community,

Finally, i can post to this thread and im very happy!

After a year on, researching and experimenting on occult, finally i got manifestation or a success. From doing spells to evocation (though, im still in beginner mode and more learnings and obstacles to come).

I thank BALG members for helping me in my ascent especially those people i contacted… im very grateful and happy that you are here to help those fellow members that in need of direction, help and are still newbie in the arts especially in evocation.

Also, Shout out to King Paimon for helping me in my requests, finally i proved to believe now in my self that you indeed are here (spirits)to help those in need! Thank you!

Hail King Paimon!

And a BIG Thank you Balg and Balg members!


Thank you, Lucifuge!! Your help is always appreciated! !


Thank you Lilith for giving me the best girlfriend ever :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks to Belial. When all others have given up he stuck with me, as he has a much bigger vision than the rest and he could see the true light at the end of the tunnel, and so he taught me the fine details of holding onto my dream and always Dreaming Bigger, and to not give a fuck what impedes me =) I know this is common sense, but he pretty much pointed out the various types of parasites that will try to hold you back, and that it is only through his divine grace and ruthless instinct could he grant me power beyond a single human to take the next step to bigger things. There is much work to be done.


I haven’t paid my phone bills for a while and it was nearly £300 I owed and now I don’t have to pay back and they said we’ll put you on pay as you go and clear the debt and I can keep the number I have.
Not sure what spirit was responsible so shout out to the following that I did money spells with;
Pendralion, Iadon, king Paimon, Lilith, Gremory.


The hardest part is keeping the relationship with her, work hard on this too.

Thank you, whoever you are, to make things better than I wished.
I’ll start a close relation with you (I have an idea of who this “guardian” is) very soon