Cheque Money Spell

This is something I used even before I started out in Magick, so I don’t know if it can technically be called a spell, but it worked nonetheless.

I printed an empty cheque (just google one) and filled it out with my name and for an amount of 2000 euros. I then said out loud a few times “I will receive 2000 euros shortly” and envisioned myself getting the money. Then I just put the paper away at the bottom of a drawer and didn’t give it anymore thought.

Two months later my father-in-law wrote us a cheque for 2000 euros because his youngest daughter was getting married and the wedding was going to cost 2000 euros more than mine did, and he wanted to keep all things fair…


Nice! and yes Beloved, this can definitely count as a spell. any thing that you use to focus your intent, focus and energy can be considered a spell, cuz, after all, that’s what the ultimate function of a spell is, rite? But cheah, don’t you love it when a ritual comes to fruition?

[I agree 100% with Ptahso - of course its a spell! Sometimes our pride in our formal rituals & ceremonies can tend to make us “look down our nose” at the simpler, more basis tools of magick. But consider this: How easy would it be to do advanced math if you didn’t know and use addition?

Thanks for the feedback! I have a tendency not to think too highly of whatever I have concocted myself, having been raised by two highly dysfunctional parents and a subsequent 30 years of powerlessness. I’m still working on having confidence in my own capabilities and Magick is certainly helping me in that respect.