Public thanks to the great andromalius!

I’m Writting this Post to Publicly Thanks the Great Andromalius,
My sister get her cellphone stolen by a Guys while she was Working, At 3 pm this Afternoon, So when i learn that, i Evoked the Great Andromalius so she can get her cell back,

At 5 pm She was Home with Her cellphone, The Thief have somehow Droped Her cellphone on the Ground

It took only Two Hours for Andromalius to get her cellphone Back

Thanks Andromalius, You are Great!



Hail Andromalius!

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I’m wanting to work with Number 72.

Hi do you have sigil for andromalius if care to shr please? and can he help if our money has stuck with some one? What other spirits can help in reversing that money bck to me Please if anyone can help and spirits who are friendly for a very begginer person I will really appreciate any help guidence :slight_smile:

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The seal for Andromalius is found in the Goetia. You can also most likely find it with a Google search.


Check out this link:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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I am new to this forum and not sure if I am doing this right. I want to publicly proclaim the great and timely help I received from Earl Andromalius.
I have had such interesting and strange experiences from this Ancient God. When I first read about him and what he helps with, I dismissed it lightly thinking that since I had not lost anything, there was no need for me to connect with him.

And interestingly the next morning I lost my purse with money in it!!!. Despite my ransacking my whole place I could not find it. So out of desperation last Tuesday at the Mars hour, I lit a red candle, made simple offerings and chanted his enn. I requested him to please help me find the money. I promised to publicly thank him for his help.

Today morning, exactly a week later, which is also a Tuesday, I found my purse with the money. It was in a folder hidden deep inside. Surprisingly although both myself and my husband had checked the folder we did not find it. It beats all logic how it suddenly showed up there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Earl Andromalius. I respect and honor you.

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