Introduction - Julian, many questions from a skeptic, but with an open mind

Way too many questions and way too clustered lol maybe stay a while and ask these questions as you go, most of these are currently unimportant if you are new to magick but one is for certain you don’t have to care about the existence or nonexistence of the Christian God in your path if you choose not to.


Hi @DarkestKnight,

Originally, from England. And no, I do not. I edited the post above to answer this, so others do not also have to ask.

As a young child, I vividly remember being followed and interacting with these small creatures, perhaps a mix between fairies and gnomes. Just before I hit puberty, I would often see dark shapes with crimson eyes in room. I could feel their presence too, and I knew I was awake. Later, in my twenties, whilst fully awake but with my eyes closed, I saw faces in the darkness. They were curious, but the more I looked at them, the more their faces became distorted and grotesque. It only ever happened once. On another occasions, I astral voyaged to the highstreet in Newcastle whilst living in Germany. Again, I could never make it occur more than once.

@anon48079295 I know, I apologise. Even general catch all answers would be helpful at this point, but I appreciate the long ass TLDR intro can be offputting.

No need to apologize just you’ll learn and get answers as you go if you choose to dive in


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the forum.

To your questions:

Absolutely, yes.

Many magicians do not see spirits as external forces, but personifications of their own consciousness.

You don’t have to believe in him at all.

It is only religious propaganda that angels and demons can’t get along.

Mainly, because the Lesser Key of Solomon was cobbled together from earlier sources.

Whichever one you intuitively feel would be best suited.

They are as real as anything else. And there is nothing in the universe that exists outside of the consciousness that perceives it.

If you are developed enough, you could see the spirit. Watch one of EA Koetting’s live rituals on YouTube.

You would see the same thing doctors see when doing sleep research, someone rolling around in bed, experiencing a dream. The only evidence it was a sexual encounter would be if you had an orgasm and ejaculated in your sleep.


No, there’s no way to know for certain because there is no way to verify the information.

We’re not hapless, and spirits aid us because it helps them evolve and grow in power.

Yes. You simply have to choose a belief that you feel can empower your experience. As I said above, many magicians don’t believe spirits exist outside of the Self, so you don’t really have to force yourself to have blind faith in anything. Spirits may or may not actually exist, and in the end, it doesn’t actually matter.


Hello, Julian.

I found myself reading this post and sharing a great many deal of things that you have said. I also enjoyed the fact that you are brimming with questions. I am a bit of a “scientist” myself (I study physics) so I understand the mindset you have.

I, too, am new to all this. Although I have some experience with magic. Tried it and it seemed to work, though I am in - almost - exactly in your situation.

I hope you don’t mind if I say I’ll follow your journey in here, however long it may last, so that I may learn somethings myself.

In the future, I’d even enjoy sharing notes, views, beliefs, etc., if you’re up for it.

Hey, DK.

What you just said makes me a bit confused.

EA says on his introduction to the “Mastering Divination: Omniscience” course that he can show you how to “Access To Virtually Any Information You Want”.

Does that not contradict what you say? That it is not certain?

I do not ask to antagonize, just to be clear. Curiosity drives me.


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No, it doesn’t contradict anything. Accessing information isn’t the same thing as verifying that information.

If you were to ask a spirit about the beginnings of the universe, how exactly would you go about verifying that what you were told is true? The spirit could be lying, or just telling you what you want to hear, you really have no way of knowing. That’s why different people get different answers to questions like that.

I could tell you it’s raining outside, but unless you look out your window and check, what I said isn’t certain at all, it’s just opinion.

Hello, DK.

What you say seems fair. However is not omniscience the ability to know everything, as EA himself says?

To build on your example, if I say, “I know it’s raining outside” it means that I know for a fact that it is, indeed, raining outside. Otherwise it’d be, as you said, an opinion or a guess.

If I use the word “know” and then it is proven that it is not actually raining, it’d mean that either I lied or was hallucinating.


Well you gotta do a little marketing my friend. Thats how this works. Even if abstractions were achieveable, that could take thousands of lifetimes, its, OMNIscience after all.

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Yeah me too, that’s why I feel the xtian god is kind of fake, an egregore, and not a very good one.
That doesn’t mean there aren’t spirits and ascended beings you can talk to. That one is a bad example, I feel.

No. Depends on the deity and what level of being it exists in. They’re not human, they have access to way more than just Earth, and I think it’s not very helpful to try to project human emotional on the, or guess what they experience from a human perspective.

Yes. There is nothing in existence that we cannot know. Maybe look into the work of Ingo Swann and remote viewing for this one.

EA Koetting has videos about this on his yt channel as well, since it’s a common question.

You can do magick, but if you doubt your magick will work, you’re likely to kill it your doubt itself is a force working against you, so it’s like trying to light a fire in the pouring rain. Fire is real, rain is real, but they don’t coexist that great.

I don’t know what that is. I suggest baby steps. It will take time to build skills anyway. I’d say work on your communication with your own subconscious, then you’ll be able to feel your own truth from inside,not rely on anything from other people.

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Hello, Vandheer.

Obviously I know that, but considering that they guarantee it, it’s a bit iffy. Maybe it’s a pet peeve of mine.



There are a great many people these days who claim they “know” how things are for certain, that are in reality factually wrong, so just because someone says they know, doesn’t mean they really do.

I do not believe it is possible to actually know everything. However, you can access any information you seek.

I mean be happy you’re on of the few people on the forum to catch that :laughing:


Hello, DK.

Ah, I understand. So we’re actually taught to guess accurately. Makes more sense.

Ah, okay. So you think that part is a lie. Thank you for clarifying.

Hey, Velenos.

A bit hard not to catch it. Some infinite and all-encompassing knowledge would come in handy sometime.


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Sigils and sigilization are great starters. And I’m not talking Seals. I’m talking Sigils.



Thank you very much for the wealth of information in your replies, and your patience in dealing with my many questions, it is much appreciated. I am also very pleasantly relieved by the genuine warmth and level-headedness of all your responses, truth be told, I was expecting a little more… resistance, given my obvious previous skepticism. I am thankful evermore.

By the way, is there a way to multi-quote in this forum? I just lost a substantial amount of time accidentally losing a large reply I had already penned. Alas, I shall pay more attention.

I was under the impression god and the devil were gods of the same pantheon, and more or less depended on each other in other for their existence to make sense? If both are christian constructs, why can we ignore one and follow the other?

Yes, I read this morning even Alistair Crowley described demons as part of your own brain. This is a great question, and gives me much to think about.

Again, as with god, why not? I am trying to understand why it is OK to sort of pick what parts of a mythology or pantheon you want to believe? The gist of it is, if the christian god is supposed to be all powerful does it not make sense to follow him, and avoid eternal damnation? Wouldn’t acknowledging lucifer also acknowledge his creation story, and the consequences of following him?

How can we know what to follow in these circumstances?

How can we tell what the real story is then? What are they, and why are they represented as enemies?

Yes, that makes sense, a common occurrence in historiography.

That also follows.

I mean, of course, when you put it that way :smiley:

What I meant was, how can one verify this? Many things that happen even inside one’s mind can be verified by others.

Yes, I have been forwarded to this video a few times today. I will watch it later tonight.

That makes sense.

But how does this work? How can all deities be real? Does this mean every single pantheon humanity has ever created exists and can be spoken with? What I don’t understand is, if they are all real, what does this mean concerning their respective wishes upon humanity? Shouldn’t we routinely sactifice to the Greco-Roman gods so as to not incur their wrath, or live virtuous lives so that Amit does not eat our hearts upon our deaths? Or follow yawveh so we do not spend an eternity in hell?

How does one differentiate and navigate these issues if they are all equally real?

Yes, that makes sense. Does that mean we cannot take literature such as the Ars Goetia literally when it is said, for example, that demon A never lies, or that demon b knows everything. If I ask a demon that is supposed to tell the truth, or an ancient goddess of knowledge, I shouldn’t have to verify it, correct?

And some things could be verifiable. For example, I can ask a demon where my great grandad buried his treasure, and if he told me a location, I could verify it as true or not, correct?

Yes, I have read a little more about that today.

Thank you for your very honest answer. This is a very good answer, and provides a good lense for me with which to study all of this.

I also really appreciate you taking the time to answer each of my questions, truly I do. Please let me know if my questions become too burdensome or annoying. Alternatively, we can also move this conversation onto PMs so as to not clutter the forum.

Hello JG,

Yes, I would be completely in favour of this. As I said, I have never tried any Magick. Would you be willing to tell us what it was you tried, which seemed to work? What results did you expect, and what results did you observe?

As above, feel free to PM me and we can discuss things further. I am 100% onboard with sharing experiences and notes :smiley:

The bad thing is a big part of me is expecting the same result with other spirits and deities. As a child, I wanted so much to believe. I think I actually did, too. But I never hard back, though sometimes I would get a warm feeling, which I guess was simply my mind talking to itself.

Let’s see if it is different with other alternatives.

Interesting. Thank you for your answer, I will be mindful of that in the future.

Thanks, I will check it out later this evening!

Yep, I have already bookmarked it and opened it as a tab, so I will binge it later tonight too.

Yes, I feared as much. I can give more context in my reply below.

Essentially, it is a room or state of mind where you suspend disbelief. Like when you are watching a movie, and you see truly stupid or nonsensical things, but you consciously choose to ignore them because you are enjoying the ride, or they are minor things.

I believe I will have to do something similar during rituals or trying to practive Magick - to open my mind and accept anything. I can start with a lot of meditation which I think will help a lot.

Thank you for this resource. Do you have any links to any particular works or readings you would recommend?

Once again, thank you all for your patience and goodwill thus far, I am very grateful for it.

Hello, Julian.

Of course. The first thing I ever officially tried is a Left Hand pathworking. I say officially because I tried some other things but I felt ridiculous and barely even knew what I was doing.

As I was saying, the situation behind my magick was the following: a friend of mine was having a hard time in school, because a teacher of theirs targeted them and was finding every excuse to fail them. The whole conundrum was a heavy burden to deal with and my friend isn’t the best at dealing with stress. It often happened that, during exams, they’d freak out and screw up.

So, without saying anything, one evening I went out and done a pathworking in which I asked Semeot to enable my friend to be able to handle nerves and keep calm during high-stress situations.

I didn’t tell my friend anything for two reasons: one, I wanted to avoid any placebo effect. It was my first time actually doing magick, so I needed to know it worked. I didn’t want to rely on self-fulfilling stuff. Second of all, they were afraid that they’d get cursed or haunted if I screwed up during the ritual, having to do with demons and all.

Fast forward to test day, my friend comes to me after and tells me how it went. They told me that they started panicking a few minutes into the test but that after a few seconds a sudden calm overcame them. Everything went breezy after that.

I’m still trying to successly work with other types of magick and I think I’m close, thanks to someone’s help I’ve received recently.

I’m still a new user, so I can’t PM anyone yet, but I definitely will in the future.


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Never swallow wholeheartedly anything a spirit says. They can, and do, lie and exaggerate if it suits their agenda.

Yes. You would either find treasure or you wouldn’t.

Why do you assume you have to follow either of them?

Many people do. They take what is useful, and discard what is not (however, some people also just like ignoring anything that doesn’t fit their preconceived ideas). Remember, the mythology is a story told by humans.

Sure, of you believe in that particular mythology.

Again, only if you choose to believe that story.

As I said before, it’s your choice, always and forever.

Work with them. There are many false assumptions about both angels and demons made by people of all paths.

Because every story needs a hero and a villain.

You cannot objectively verify the reality of spirits. You either just choose to believe they’re real, or not.

Yes. Why would you suppose one would have more validity than another? Just because the dominant cultural paradigm says so, doesn’t mean it really is.

Are you Greek? Pantheons, and the stories regarding them, are culturally specific and do not apply to all.

Again, it is always your choice. The stories were created by humans, the Church was created by humans, so you always have the option of ignoring what other people tell you.

I told you. Choice. Even the Christian Bible says we were given free will to choose our own fate, regardless what the Church control apparatus tries to claim.

Take nothing literal.


The christian God was never originally meant to be all powerful, research his past, he was a minor war and sky God from the Canaanite Pantheon, only a small group later on chose to make him all powerful as he became their main and only God. So that’s why you aren’t obligated to believe in him or use him in your path.


It is, yeah. People have different views on what these spirits are. Some say they are real forms of consciousness that exist outside of ourselves…while others believe it is part of our own subconscious mind. The answer isn’t all that important as a beginner. What matters is the results. I wouldn’t be here at all if this was just people randomly worshiping one god over another. Ain’t got time for that bullshit. The key to making magick work is not so much belief in the existence of spirits, but your emotion while in the ritual. As long as you can muster that, you can get results too.

A good book for you to start with would be The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne. Chaos magick puts less focus on spirits and more focus on your own emotional states. That book is a great foundational place to begin, and its a fairly quick read. I’ll also link below my thread where I’ve compiled the success stories of other users on here which you may be curious enough to read through at some point


I would look at it more like learning a new skill and setting aside fear of failure. You don’t know how it will work out, but other people can do it and so can you. You won’t be e virtuoso overnight, you might never be a Mozart, but your fingers work and you can learn to play the Moonlight Sonata just fine. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

I think if you really didn’t believe, you wouldn’t be on this site in the first place.

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