I'd like to thank Andras

I’m thanking Andras for helping me get something taken care of.

A bit of background.

Basically, my neighbor across the hall and her son are constantly arguing and yelling and slamming at random hours of the day and night. They’ve driven more than one tenant out of the building, as well as numerous other issues such as spreading rumors about all the other tenants, stealing packages, leaving the doors all unlocked/open, having dogs and other animals in their apartment even though it’s not allowed in the rental agreement, and so many other things.

Her son is ‘special needs’ but she doesn’t get him the help he actually needs, instead letting him be a delinquent. He’s 14 and I’ve seen him smoking pot and cigarettes, he’s shot other people’s pets with bb guns, he’s taken his mother’s car on several joyrides, and she just lets him do this stuff.

She is a pathological liar and the kind of person who constantly has to stir up drama and bullshit. I’ve had to call the police on them arguing several times, and she’s always lied and told them shit like how apparently I want my friend (I don’t have friends) to move in, or that I have a problem with her son, or any other number of bullshit things.

I asked Andras to deal with them in a way that just gets them out of my life, not really wanting either of them to die, but just wanting them gone. I haven’t seen her car in the last few weeks, and I just got a text saying she was given a notice to be moved out by the end of the month from my landlord.

So thank you Andras for allowing me to not have to deal with being woken up at 3 AM to the neighbors screaming and slamming shit, not have to deal with nasty rumors and lies being spread about me, and not having to worry if my neighbor is gonna steal my packages.


Damn, that’s a lot, man. The noise alone would have driven me crazy.

Anyway, congratulations in this success. Cheers!

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Yeah, the landlord couldn’t just get rid of them because her son is ‘disabled’ so he couldn’t just kick them out. At least not until today apparently, maybe the police actually did a proper report the last time I called them instead of being useless like the other times.

Thanks man.


Andras is awesome. <3

He seems to be pretty sadistic when sadism is necessary. I’m glad to have him in my cadre of spirits.


congrats. i hope andras can just kill the bastard noisy neighbor for me. That’s the best route so he can’t cause trouble for anyone. Management isn’t doing shit about it even though it’s obviously done on purpose. No sane person would karaoke and blast music for hours. thats’ all he does when he’s home. He thinks yelling louder is singing. Some people just have a hearing problem.

I’m sure the manager knows as he can hear noise outside his door… he’s just avoiding responsibility and pretending it don’t exist. You know some people. They think if you ignore it, things will work out itself. These days we get new young lazy managers who can’t communicate cuz they brainwash with technology of social media. No social skills/communication skills. Also lack of work ethics. The world is going crazy when u get lazy people.

I was told by another member on here that it’s best to work with Andras when there’s great distance between you and the target. I mentioned the target (I was referring to at the time) lived in the same city as me, about 10 miles away. The member said I had to be careful because I too could be affected by Andras’s wrath due to his immense power. But here you are, getting rid of your neighbor with his help. Congratulations by the way! :slight_smile:


Good job .

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Great! I’m a bit nervous about working with Andras, myself. So far I seem only to do petitions (was working through Quareia, but was basically told all my senses were probably permanently shut down. I don’t know how reliable that person was, though), but I’m still a bit nervous about writing one to him. Congrats!

@DungeonMaster to be honest Andras isn’t that bad. I was like you…scared at first to talk to him, but I learned as long as your being your truest self and respectful towards him you’ll be fine! Good luck! :+1:


just follow the instructions of petition/ invoke or evoke , which ever. on your doing. I don’t have high enough senses to communicate directly to them. I just do the process steps and hope my magick works. Clear mind, look at sigil , say his names many times. even ask for angels to come for protection as instructed, keep saying name looking at sigil until i think hes’ here which usually isn’t more than few minutes. make request . tell him what gift i will give and send them away and that’s it. All spells are the same process other than the request and name of demon and angels. It’s like a formula.

I have no favorites with demons. I just think of them as demon beings that can help me. Just like humans, i try to treat people like humans and then individually base on them. If your don’t put too much meaning to demons than it is you being objective and that shows respect. Treat demons as equal shows respect.

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