E.V.P. thread

Post your favorite EVP Clips here. They can be ones that you’ve recorded, or ones that you thought were particularly awesome, or ones that terrified the s*** out of you.

I’ll go first, this is my old team, back whenever I was still playing around with the idea of Juggalos, and clowns that happened to be mentally challenged. We’re no longer together, and I have since moved out at all that silliness, but for the short time that my team was together, this was one of the best EVPs that we ever captured.

In case anybody wonders why I put this under divination, I feel that EVPs can potentially be used as a source.


That was amazing !

Most of it very clear especially the “Oh Shit” EVP… last one was also obvious positive capture.

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this is the final run that my team made prior to me moving to Arizona. This one has a lot of stuff in it, some of it can easily be debunked, but overall the entire thing is pretty interesting.


This is the part of my recording where Satan mentions his name, I couldn’t share the rest of the session so this part is only few seconds long, sorry for that.

I reduced background noise 20% on Wavepad to make it more clear without adjusting the audio itself…

Little warning… the audio is loud so please use lower volume to hear it better

I was holding the recorder and looking up, like I’m talking to God, it was intense session and he may sound little angry…

What it says - as I heard it - “Get up here, Yeah I’m Satan” He was talking about the upper corner of the room where I was standing and looking at, but I wasn’t sure where he was so I kept looking elsewhere and speaking to him, I was also asking him if he was really Satan himself because I couldn’t believe it was him !


Wow…!!! Ok it was way too loud at first so scared the crap out of me, but WOW…!


Sorry about that it was recorded on my phone probably that’s why… Glad you could hear it too :blush:


The “yeah I’m Satan” part is clear as day! I’m fangirling probably a bit too much right now! :joy:


It pops up in my head every time I remember him, I will never forget it all my life
Really happy that I had to share it and you could hear it as well :blush::love_you_gesture:

Thanks so much,

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Noooo thank you that you shared this treasure!

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You’re most welcome, really happy to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

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this is actually so cool, like wow, i’m at a loss for words


I know that feeling, the first time I heard it I couldn’t sleep for days !

Happy you could hear it and glad you like it :blush:

How did you evoke him for the first time?

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I called him and asked for his presence, it wasn’t a ritual but It was very intense call because I needed his help with something extremely important for many people

I was alone in the room and didn’t use anything except my recorder, a sensitive audio recording software for android.I talked to him, then was checking the audio every few minutes to listen to what he was saying



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Thank you :slight_smile:

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How would you suggest i do the same thing, but i have an IOS device?

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Unfortunately I’m only using android, It’s more flexible for my work. I suggest you get a cheap android device and use it only for EVP sessions. That’s what I did when I started.

The app I used in that session is called “Field Recorder”. You can also use another app called “EVP Analyzer” it’s more simple and easier to use and would get you the same result. Maybe they’re available for IOS I’m not sure about that.

You can also get Olympus recorders, older versions. I use VN-7200 most of the time and it works great. But you’ll need couple of cables to transfer your audio to your computer.

Hope that helps,


Yes absolutely !