Why I recently cursed someone

So Friday after work I was hanging out with one of my friends who helped me through one of the roughest times of my life where she saved me from attempting suicide for 2nd or 3rd time during my junior year in high school . Now acting down than usual and I asked her what was wrong and was she alright and she told me nothing.I asked was she sure then she said yes and continue to smoke with me. As simple minded as I can be sometimes I didn’t bother forcing her to express herself a 3rd time. So we continued hanging out. Around 6:45pm I was on my Instagram after watching stranger things then I saw she made a new story titled (can’t handle the pain) so I dmd her to check in her and I asked her what was wrong then she said her ex joseph(blank) was lying,sending death threats to her family, stalking her, spreading rumors on her jumped her little disabled brother who was only 11 and that she wanted to die. I was furious but yet cautious so I told her would be there around 845.So me still under the influence meditated in the Lords prayer backwards looped revised bythe secrets of the gods(YouTube dark Magick meditation channel check it out) was filled with so much dark energy, power and infernal rage afterwards I lost control of myself and just started writing a random spell using random ingredients even going outside going to get a bug.40.minutes later I fully regained my senses only realizind I casting a spell on Joseph and I realized what it was before burning the paper with his full name on it. (on the last post).
Being tired as I was I was in no state to drive so I had my neighbor drive me to my friend’s house. I called her to let her know I was over there and she was so happy to see and broke down crying. She asked me to stay for the night out of fear for herself and her son wn safety due to her emotional state and I said okay. So around 10pm we found out Joseph lost his job, and some of his friends and was going to be homeless which cheered my friend up a little and me too. Later today I found out he was homeless, gotten beat up numerous times and has a molly addiction and lost 3 pounds already. And my friend and her brother is better than ever. That’s why I cursed Joseph not only out of revenge but to average as well magick is tool as well as a way of life. It should be used for justice and to be the law when no one else is but most importantly not become the corrupt netherless destroy the corrupt.


Pixel Baphomet approves.:ok_hand: