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I’m sure some of you remember me as the annoying little cry baby who wanted help so desperately I probably sounded like a nag at the time begging and asking people to assist me well here goes a story for those of you that don’t know or remember me…
I came on this group a year ago prior to that I would sit online basically the whole night reading about stories and evocations, spells, and the works I tried so many things to be honest I don’t even remember some of what I’ve done but in summary… I’ve been hurt a thousand times and for some reason I kept putting myself in a situation to keep getting hurt cause I fall deeply I had a guy who I was madly inlove with gave him all my time and the works been faithful and loyal to him only for him to fuck me over and leave me in the lurch when I needed him the most I ownt get into details cause I don’t want to bore yourll but know this I was so broken I had given up on God and turned to the left hand path.
I gave worship to lord Lucifer I would pray day in day out crying to him to help me begging and pleading asking people who’s able to speak to him to ask him to please help me I’ve done love jars, scripted spells, I’ve tried to sacrifice my blood calling out to them tried many times doing evocations but the only thing I got was a sense I think they knew I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing them cause they figured I was still weak I called out to Who ever I thought at the time could help me sigil work etc in the end I was upset and thought I was abandoned by them also cause they didn’t want to help me I felt like they played a deaf ear to me I completely gave up, I accepted the fact that my love and I were over and we would never get back again even though I did so much for him and loved him so hard it wasn’t enough to get him or keep him so I let go, I still prayed to him from time to time but I didn’t evoke him or touch any sigil basically I thought they were upset cause if me calling out to them and that they were just ignoring me so I just wanted to give it a break whilst still praying to them and asking for guidance and hoping to mend what I thought I had broken and BOOOOOOOM… 9 MONTHS Later out of the blue the man calls me for a stupid most ridiculous reason and tells me he missed me and there were days he thought of me blah blah blah deep down inside I still love him and care about him but I’ve moved on and here he comes back I’m currently engaged to someone else who treats me like a queen I’m like his world and I never expected this but my ex comes back and wants to work things out again all I can say is although I don’t want him back and I know things will never be the same it took 9 months for my miracle workers to get things done and its done in the end they brought him back it took time yes and alot of patience which I didn’t have but I can’t proudly say that I love them and all the positive things happening in my life right now is only cause of them so I would like to give thanks many many thanks to my miracle workers my dark angels LORD LUCIFER, DUKE DANTALION, PRINCE SITRI, KING BELIAL, GODDESS AFRODITE, DUKE SALLOS, KING PAIMON, AMOS, VINE, HECATE, ASTARTE, ALL THE ANGELS AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT HELPED AND ASSISTED ME THANK YOU, YOU HAVE SHOWED ME THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I’m glad to have chosen yourll for help I’m sorry for the doubts etc I was a blind child seeking help and yourll have opened my eyes if I didn’t mention your name my humble apologies but in my heart and from the bottom of my heart thanks you all… Guys don’t give up with that little hope and faith you have be strong and they will come through better late than never there’s always a reason for everything even the wait period who knows what could have happened I’m just glad things are looking good got me and I will give praise to them till my last breath I lvoe yourll thank you again


Hey I would advise that you edit this with some paragraphs added…because its difficult to read otherwise


Wow great to hear this @Nervasha_Singh, good for you.
I believe there is a thread were members can post their success stories.

This thread you linked is only for stories I select to be added to the list. The correct thread for posting your success stories is this one below:


I see…, Thanks for clarifying that @Verdo
Your input is appreciated as always, my friend

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