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They help your mind be able to learn, so you ask you ask in ritual, and then you get back to studying.

For this there’s the “Ars Notoria”, but that’s a 2 months ritual and then you’re supposed to be able to absorb knowledge just flipping pages, but I haven’t tried it myself. Dr Skinner wrote a very good translation of the Ars Notoria available on Amazon, but make sure you get the instruction book not the scholarly historical analysis of it.


What if I tell her the name of a programming language and then say that I want to learn it professionally in 1 month?

Will the spirit work for me to learn this in 1 month?

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It will just open your mind o make learning easier, you still have to do the work.


this is the book you are talking about


Well, how about some mundane suggestions to go along with this, because I know I’ve done a ritual for you in my Xmas thread so… eh sometimes you can add too much magic into the pot.

I don’t want to add any more magic to the list for fear you’ll try to cram every single suggestion in. :rofl:

Are you sleeping enough? Your brain stores everything it learns when you go to bed and sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep your brain doesn’t store information as well.

I’ve found cat naps, of 2-4 hours after input of the information also work really well for me. Telling myself I will remember all that I learned easier when I wake up, also seems to help.

How is your diet? Your brain actually needs a lot fat, but not the kinds of fats we usually find in our diets. We tend to fill up with the bad sugars and bad fats and our brains suffer for it, those fats and sugars turn into body fat while our brains are left starving.

Cheese, yogurt and milk are examples of fats your brain uses.

Stress my friend. You are stressing the fuck out about this.

I know you are over worrying from how you’ve asked for help in ritual and now you’re looking for more magic help and you are on a time line.

Calm down, take deep breaths, google how can I better learn the program, google tips for the program you are trying to learn, look for resources that you can read or pay attention to that supplement or replace what you are using.

If you can use the program and practice with it, you can tell yourself that every moment you practice the actions become more familiar, or something similar to use the energy you are generating with the learning to actually facilitate your intent to remember it, too.

That’s energy work, so guess I do have a magical suggestion. Oops, just couldn’t help myself apparently lol!

I may have more calm down thoughts, but honestly that’s what I think you need to do the most. Calm down, being worried doesn’t make it more likely to remember your shit, it stresses you out and makes it harder :slight_smile:


Keteriya is absolutely right about this. Get plenty of sleep. Eight hours is enough. Eat plenty of fish. It is actually good for your brain. Cheese, yogurt, and milk have calcium in common. If you’re lactose intolerant, get a multivitamin supplement. Or get calcium and fish oil/CoQ10 supplements.

As far as studying is concerned, take notes, watch the tutorial, practice the coding for about 30-45 minutes, then take a break for 20 minutes. The idea is that the brain’s memory actually improves while you’re learning, but it needs breaks for the new information to sink in. I think that it needs time for the subconscious to work on it. After the 20 minutes, then go back to taking notes, watching the tutorial, practicing, etc. This actually works!

There is more info in the bottom links:

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The post I shared suggests demons who can help you absorb more information in a short amount of time.

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Splug gave an excellent link above.

I also recommend the spirit, Namru from the *Simon’s Necronomicon


“Dispenses wisdom and knowledge in all things. Giveth excellent counsel and teaches the science of metals. His Word is BAKAKALAMU.”

"One reader writes to us and says, “Although I am excellent in most of my subjects at (a college on the East Coast), I am a general failure at science. It was then that I got a copy of your NECRONOMICON and my eyes fell on the seal of NAMRU. I prayed the night before an important Chemistry midterm exam to NAMRU and carried his seal into the classroom. I passed a test I thought I would never get a 35 in with an astonishing 85. Suddenly, it just seemed that I understood the subject for the first time in my life.”

I can testify to Namru’s help. He helped me get a technical certification years ago.


Here in my first response I can tell my little experience with the King, the King Paimon: with my almost no experience, I tried to call upon him, the sigil was vanishing but couldn’t feel any changes in the air but somehow I “knew” He was here because the sigil was also assuming strange funny immages, I swear it’s true, or it was just my imagination (once I had to stop the calling because I couldn’t stop laughing… is this some sort of Demon humor?)
I called Him to help me in my studies, I’m a college student (university actually) and the morning after I called Him, I remember I woke up very fast, full of energy, full of motivation to do the homeworks, to study ecc… that was the proof the King was listening
But somehow I managed to ruin everything… the potential was extremely high but I didn’t do my part so the end wasn’t the happiest one


I was interested in teaching vapules,but i made my soul list for computer languages,I want to learn something different from Vapula.

love spells are a different art for me, every magician can’t do it, you need to be able to manage emotions, to be able to manipulate people,can vapula teach me how to do this art and more effective love or bonding spells?

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Mind telling me what went wrong? And why? Regards musty

My little experience says that demons, or spirits in generally, help you but don’t do the work for you
In my case, the King helped my filling me with motivation but I didn’t put enough effort to make the help worth
It was my faulth


I think there was a thread titled “students to pass their test” or something like that. Several demons are listed. I used it back then when I was still at the University and it worked.

Though later I discovered the key to success if you’re still at school/college is not doing too much magic but few things that work and stick with them.

My advice to students do magick to improve memory, fast understanding while learning, discovering new ideas while learning as programing it involves calculations there are genius like butatar who helps in mathematics and calculations.

Apart from general magick of easier learning, understanding and sharp memory finding a demon/angel/spirit that is associated with your field it is even better.

Another tip, spirits to influence whether bringing people who can support you/a teacher to favour while marking etc. /Even people who will like the work that you will present.

But the important thing even after all the magick you still have to study and use real work methods on how a student should do to pass the exams/get success on whatever it is that you are coding.

The greater work you will do in real life the easier for magick to support your efforts.

I wish you the best,


If you find the thread, you should comment it here.

Maybe you are thinking of the thread I linked here 6 days ago.

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Thanks alot for your nice feedback.
Amonth ago experienced person did the king paim ritual on my behalf.
My question is, how often did you summon the king when you wanted some enlightenment on certain subject/unit? Regards musty

Thanks for the update.

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I don’t have a very strict rule on how many times one should call a spirit, but I know (by reading here in the forum) that the King is very patient
I do not have my astral senses open yet so I will be calling him at least once a week not by ritual but just opening his sigil
I only had experiences by this method of working

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I’m also IT guy and sometime I face the same issue a lot of material to study and master. I think Asmodai, Crocell and Vapula can help with speed up the learning curve and process in specific study area. But I think they will improve our abilities to learn and retain the knowledge. But still, we should create learning routine and the motivation. I made a ritual for this three and I note the difference in my understanding and retention for what I’m reading and studying.

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