Unofficial Tutorials: Spiritual Hygiene & Defense Collection

Assumed to be so basic no one talks about it until beginners get a problem and wonder why, and six people say “cleanse and banish, set up wards, take care of your spiritual hygiene”.

This megathread collects our favourite cleaning, banishing and self protection preventative techniques.
Some are fix and forget/maintain occasionally, like wards, some are for on the spot emergency use.

My top book recommendation for this work has to be Robert Bruce’s The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide. (This one is a basic that is worth knowing for all mages, really)… click the image for it’s Amazon listing:


Please feel free to link other forum posts that helped you! :slight_smile:


Some discussions from people looking for help that had good advice…

Adjacent issue:


For tutorials and discussions on removing parasites, there’s a whole megathread for that:


Instructions for a basic and easy “smudging” to clear unwanted energy from your room or house.

Use wormwood if in the UK or most parts of Europe as it’s native there, Or white sage if you’re in North America as that’s what’s native there. You can also use Mugwort, sandalwood or patchouli… or something similar that repels negativity, there are options.

What you do, is:

  • carry the burning incense around the house.
  • Open your heart and feel love, then from your heart, send out that love as white light with the incense smoke as you waft it into every corner of the house.
  • With each wave of your hand you see all unwanted energy from every nook and cranny leaving your house, including this entity.
  • Do this over your entire house for each corner of each room, in cupboards and under the stairs.
  • When finished, love your house and how clean it is, thank it for it’s service protecting you and tell it you are taking care of it. Ask the house itself to get and keep unhealthy entities out.

Discussion of various types of wards and shields:

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I updated the title from “Unofficial Tutorials: Spiritual Hygiene & Defense Collection” to add “Defense” as they go hand in hand and we don’t have a collection just for general psychic defense. Setting up preventative defenses like wards are in here already so I think that fits :smiley:

Speaking of which, in the Book of Azazel by this forum’s cofounder E.A. Koetting, there is a wonderful entity to help teach you personal defense. Your very own Gunny… Lae’ti’kohl.

I have worked with her for basic defense with great success, as I’m very straightforward and not great at cunning plans.

I like her a lot, finding her clear of heart and analytical, no grandiosity or false bravado, she winkles our what’s important, points out weaknesses, lines up strategic moves and can go stealth or surgical or wide area of effect, but if you need to be undetected, avoid backlash, you’re in a watch war, or just need something more complicated than “Andras smash!”, she can advise.


LBRP aka Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram resource:


Simple shielding:

common sage incense sticks also help sage cleans negativity and parasitic entities feed on negativity
they are like walking trash cans and when you clean yourself with sage it’s like you’re cleaning them too, which they won’t like
also some amulet against negative energy

this one works fine

plus a video so you can understand how to get rid of them