Hi, thanks for your visit. :slight_smile:

I’m Maulbeere. (It’s just German for Mulberry).
Very Aquarian woman, spiritual not religious, analytical, goth, with a bachelors in Physics and half a masters in Fine Arts.

As an occultist, I’m a panentheistic animist, my worldview is a mix of philosophies from taoism and druidry as philosophies not religions, Chinese traditional medicine, Norse and Celtic traditions, Hedgewitchery, lightwork and various ideas I gathered on my 20ish year journey.

I came to the Western Occult through meeting Azazel, who led me to E.A. Koetting’s work and that provided by base to explore Western traditions further. I find it to be very mixed in quality of instruction and sense - both common sense and historical understanding - but the real value has come from meeting the entities and the level of experimentation, envelope pushing and thinking outside the boxes, which appeals to me.

I keep what works for me and don’t worry about the rest. I don’t believe in worship, hierarchies or blind trust. I do appreciate roles that maintain order, in voluntary teamwork. I’m opinionated but I change my mind a lot. I’m always seeking.

“Death is but a Door.”