For Those Who Lack Their Energy Or For Those Whose Energy Is Tainted

Who is this for.

This is for those individuals that have a low supply of personal energy. This is also for people who are subconsciously vampirising people and begin taking on their gunk and are in a bad energtic and physical state. Some of you may even just may need a “fix up” of your energy and supply of power.

What are symptoms of these energetic problems.

  1. Mental Health - Many of us who may be feeding of other without knowing can sometimes take on people’s depression, stress, anxiety etc which in turn can be poisonous for your own psyche.

  2. Physically Drained - You might have aches and pains in your muscles, bones, joints etc.
    You may be not wanting to get of bed, or have noticed that your physically worn out recently.

  3. Spiritual Difficulties - Maybe your spells ain’t producing results or power. Maybe the spirits aren’t showing up, maybe your rites arent just what they used to be etc.

  4. Emotional Chaos - Perhaps your emotions are everywhere, individuals who are empaths sometimes get so immersed in other people’s suffering they actually take on those emotions thereby taking on toxic energies.

  5. Spiritual attack - maybe you’re under attack, cursed, have entities fucking with your energy, maybe your a victim of a psychic vampire draining you too much.

  6. Power Rips - Power rips are basically you did some major powerful rite, or having been working with really intense energies and powers and your energy system or astral matrix has taken a toll from that.

These are just some things symptoms not all but the major ones.

What can be done.

Okay look you can do spiritual methods to sort this all out, however that isn’t enough.
Physical action must also be taken.

Spiritual Maintenance First.

  1. Spiritual Bath - Begin taking spiritual baths, it can be as simple as warm water and salt in the tub.
    Focus on white light be funneled into the water, if you haven’t got the energy for that.

Then run a normal bath, take a bowl get a few gemstones and crystals with healing properties.
Place the gems in the water and meditate and visualise the energies in the gems charge the water. You can also charge the water in the rays of the sun.

Take the gems and crystals out of the bowl, add salt into the chargered water.

Say a verbal command over the water like.

" May the water before me, awaken and rise I call on your powers of healing to use for myself ".

You can say something like that, or vibrate the mantra OM over it or even recite the incantation of summoning all magickal powers.

Pour the water into the regular bath water, light a white candle. Sit in the water and just visualise a beam of white light come from the flame into the waters. Use your breath to pull that helping powers of water into your being and exhale out all you gunk.

For you adepts of course you can implent Tibetan singing bowls over the water, over even place herbs inside the bath which energies are healing.

  1. Invocation of a healing spirit.

Call on healing spirits like Marbas, Raphael, Freya etc. Once theres a huge mass of the spirit inside yourself ask or tell or give a verbal command for the healing powers of that entity to enter you.

Feel the energy or even visualise it healing your energy matrix, your energy body even helping your physical being.

  1. Normal meditation.

Breath is potent remember that, create a scared clean space even perform a exorcism or banishing in that area. Light candles, lay around you some gems to create a crystal matrix.

Light incense and play some music, inhale prana and life into your being and use something like and apple In your left hand. As you exhale push the gunk into the apple.

  1. Sigils.

You can just rest with a open charged sigil of a healing spirit under your pillow while sleeping.
Something that simple.

There are loads spiritual healings you can do even yoga etc.

Physical Maintenance.

  1. Water - Drink plenty of water, I don’t care if it’s charged/blessed water even normal water is great. Just for a few days up your water intake.

  2. Juice Fasting - Juice Fasting has great benefits for helping getting your energy as well as your physical health come back to its prime.

  3. Isolatation - Have a few days to just sleep, have rest, eat and drink plenty just like your trying to get better from a physical sickness.

  4. Vitamins - Take some vitamins or go on a diet and up your vitamin intake.
    Eat fruit, meats, vegetables, etc.

  5. Yoga/stretches/exercise.

Yogic asanas, stretching the physical body in order to get the energy to flow better.

You can even do a intense workout because if you get a real sweat going then you’ll actually sweat out all the energetic toxins.

Mundane Healing.

Try and go meditate in the nature, go out after your isolation period.

Learn how to shield your aura from toxic people get some protection on yourself even wear a talisman to absorb dangerous energies around you.

These are just a few tips for many of you who might be going through this, as many of people who I help have come to me with these problems.




Thank you man, book marked

I feel energy draining from my body especially heart
I have some mental health problems
And emotional chaos
I will do these.


I would like to add, I highly recommend high doses of Vitamin C for a while as well. Lemon water, orange juice, etc.


I have old customers who have salt pools and they swear it helps with their skin and body pain.

I’ve heard of taking a salt bath to cleanse the body;but never thought of the idea of swimming in a salt pool everyday.


Use sea salt…


Thanks! I have been feeling frustrated and anxious all week…

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Your welcome.

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Thank you I’ve been feeling this way lately. Oddly it’s after I stopped shielding so I guess I’m gonna start again.

Feeling much better thank you


Glad it helped brother


I was feeling a bit of a cold coming on yesterday afternoon. I took salt bath and it did help boost me. I do salt bath at least once a week.


Yeah I did that a lot I just do herb baths now.

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I do herbs at times. I have teabags I can customize and my pharma is extensive. But salts are a must.

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I fast, eat lots of vitamin C containing things when I’m done fasting, and make sure to drink at least 1 liter of water a day.


Check this out as well: Experiment Report : Sugar Loading Prior To Major Work

The tl;dr is, eat a combination of simple sugars, complex carbs and fat before major magickal work (whatever that is to your personal path, paradigm, etc) then replenish your brain (literally, physical brain, not “mind”) with coconut oil, around 5g to start with, too much will go straight through you (don’t ask how I know this :blush:).

Depending on what you were addicted to, and for how long, you may have screwy brain metabolism and coconut oil may assist you:

Until I read “Coconut Ketones: A New Approach to Alcoholism” by Bruce Fife, N.D. in December’s Well Being Journal, I had no idea that the craving for alcohol was not only emotional (a coping mechanism for daily and sometimes deep seated distress), but a survival mechanism–an attempt to keep the cells of the brain alive!

Let me summarize this eye-opening article. Recovering alcoholics who have given up the bottle but still exhibit the behaviors that drove them to drink in the first place are sometimes referred to as being a “dry drunk”. Dry drunk symptoms are real and overwhelming. They include depression, anxiety, irrational thinking, irritability and a craving for alcohol–because the brain cells of a chronically heavy drinker can no longer get the energy they need from glucose.

Why not? Because alcohol triggers oxidative stress and inflammation leading eventually to insulin resistance. And without insulin, the brain cells cannot absorb glucose (their natural fuel) effectively from other sources. Eventually the cells starve to death–unless they get acetic acid for fuel from yet another drink.

Although alcohol itself is toxic to the brain, the acetic acid derived from it does not need insulin for absorption. So when the alcoholic takes another drink, the brain cells then get the fuel they need to survive. But at what price?

Roger Hershline, PhD, MD to the rescue. Suffering from dry drunk syndrome himself, he studied brain metabolism and eventually discovered coconut oil (which can be absorbed by the brain cells without insulin) as the best food to nourish and heal the brain. He wrote The Coconut Oil Miracle, giving other sufferers the benefit of his experience. Scientific research has shown that the brain can indeed generate new cells: “neurogenesis”. So overcoming alcoholism is now a real possibility. One does not have to be a “recovering” alcoholic forever.*

More links:

Given that symptoms of low blood sugar are pretty far-ranging and also painful, even opiate addiction may be assisted by using coconut oil, it’s a “suck it and see” situation.

There are a few topics on this forum about addiction and depression, use the search fucntion to find them. :+1:

Lots of magicians get addicted to things, and/or have depression or other symptoms of friction between the world inside us and the ridiculous gang-fuck of mass-observed manifest reality.


As someone who used to be addicted to opiates - I agree with this 100%. I used coconut oil, cannabis, and vitamin C to get over my withdrawal systems and a LOT of meditation. It’s actually how I ended up on a path to begin with.


Hats off to you, seriously, for finding your own way out in an asylum-world where “surrender to a higher power” and big-pharma drugs that are as addictive (and far less fun) via the old script sheet are the default methods of dealing with people like us.


And thanks also to @C.Kendall whose awesome topic made me have to jump in and start this: Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍

You’re on fire recently! :astonished: :+1:


I locked myself in a room for 3 weeks and watched a lot of Ninja Turtles… lol.


Thanks very much.