Some basics: banishing,protection, and foundation

So didn’t find an individual topic with this kind of list so gonna use it for compiling some things new people can jump right into that kinda gets overlooked. Mainly RELYING ON ONES OWN POWER FIRST :alien:

First learn some basics practices for devlopment. Most systems with any real value have some type of foundational exercises in them.

Here are 2 posts that make for a good starting point that lead into alot of other work.

This second one covers alot of subjects and is definetly worth a read.

Next after you have a decent foundation your gonna wanna know how to use your own power to protect and cleanse yourself instead of relying on outside forces to do ao starting out. These posts have alot that align with this as it has many benifits. It allows you to express your own power and slowly realize then push your limits and some of them give you various methods of energy work which is where some of the punch that powers rituals comes from.

This also comes in handy later as you start evoking spirits at you will already be able to tell when there are shifts in energy after working with various kinds. I would recommend picking one that you feel drawn too and stick with it for a few weeks to 3 months. Preformed regularly you will noticed a difference :alien:

These will give ya some basics that can be expanded on into sigil, candle, elemental, planetary, and sympathetic magick these are some of the various kinds of magick that can be done using your own power and raw energies that make up the various forces in reality that can be used to manifest the life you desire. The main difference between this kind of manifestaion and those brought about by evocation of spirits is they may have their own ideas,visons and interpretations of what you ask for. An example of this is in the book of azazel.

"The tower crumbled, and then was rebuilt. I was looking for a way to pay the bills. Azazel had greater plans for me, though. He would not allow me to make a simple living, but insisted that I
elevate myself in every manner, especially financially.

I assumed that this was the fullness of Azazel’s work in that respect to the Pact. The money that I was making, and that would continue to multiply, seemed grand indeed. I was content. I am contented by such simple things . Azazel’s vision of an Empire differed greatly from mine.Before Azazel would release me from his service, he would ensure that I would not carry his name without being a fit representative of what real power looked like."

Once a person has a good grasp on these evocation of spirits can result in the knowledge to create rituals that combine their energies with these methods for powerful and versatile rituals.