Wards ands Shields - List your Favorite Types!

Circle: White light circle drawn clockwise
Pheonix Suit, making use of the four elements and spirit.
Vine suit - earth
Whirlwind eye - Air
Tidal Wave - Water
Fire - Fire
Rebirth - Spirit

Mirror Suit
Blue Light Bubble
Aery Bubble


This feel like one of those threads that would pop up on witchcraft forums in the early 2000’s. I just got one hell of a nostalgia blast lol.

But I use some pretty theatric visuals. One of my usual wards is a thick trellis of briars with a venom dripping from the thorns. Usually with carnivorous plants like Venus Fly traps thrown in just because I love them and are native only to my birthplace.

My shields vary depending on their secondary purpose. One I have called the “Form of the Sidhe” is like a glamour effect that surrounds me like a mist for moving unseen.

Another I use is more for pure spiritual defensive purposes, and it uses my Amanita sigil. I visualize it on my forehead, and from it going through my whole body I feel the mycelium spreading inside from head to toe, and from my body grows giant mushroom caps that act as a shield, with the mycelium acting as added structural support.


I’m an Earthy type, I make everything myself in a very organic way. Most of this traces back to basic witchcraft x psionics x thoughtform work.

Iron horseshoes above the lintels of entrances
Ashes and warding herbs strewn in a circle outside around the house

Mirror, mesh,
Lamasu, “Weeping angels”, and other thoughtforms in my fields (I make these up, create to suit).
Black, thick metal/stone-like temporary barrier

Spirit bottles and water bowls
Vessels can contain the spirits of your enemy to immobilize them, a form of binding

Personal protection/backup when fighting:
Thoughtforms like Hell hounds, shapeshifting into a ‘stronger’ form.


I consider myself a traditionalist, but I only use it for “heavy” works:

For Ward/Shield/Trap:
The circle of black powder with its variations.


An Angel with a perpetually flaming sword.


I use chalk to draw protection runes around my house on the outside. I use salt and incense too for extra oomph, my house is super weird. I am going to make some guard dogs that run on solar and star light, but I want the full moon to make them supercharged every month.

I use a black light shield that directs energies into the ground to purified, and sometimes when I go somewhere I’ll make my energy body for slippery and light so other peoples’ energies go through me like I’m a ghost.