The song i was listening to summons spirits pls help

I am a metal listener and got recommended this song a while back. Been listening to it suspected nothing, never looked at the lyrics until now. Saw some “latin” text at the bottom and decided to look up what it means. My search has gotten me to this place when i googled what does “Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas” mean. You can imagine my surprise when i learned that my song with a cool piano intro is summoning DEMONS. I read some more threads and coupled with what i already heard about this stuff find it really interesting.
My question is what exactly does this incantation do???

Venom mist - Condra

Present, strong and cunning in the face of the depths
frozen depths of a lost dawn
souls fly from spectral hills
Silence bestows as the winged ascend

dead advance in a march to the right
the silence i will be in this left handed night
we are the graves of the unborn in light
I will raise the scythe in your cries

destroyer of causal thinking reflection
I am the shadow of the ancient powers
forging mist decks of no-redemption
I am the twilight of the blackest tower

from the tower I vomit in mercy
nefarious feelings of sefirotic greed

as the rain falls my feathers shake the liar
the wind caresses my funeral pyres
manipulating the demiurge to the top, higher
the next impaled will be your entire empire

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas

Thaminel - Akzarel - Uazarel - Mibdalahel - Ianahel -
Abadel - Labbahel - Liftoach shaari ha Thaumiel
B’Shem ha- Satan va-Molok!

Satan va-Molok!
Saran va-Molok!

Absolutely nothing unless you trained and put serious intention and effort into doing the work to summon the entities. It’s not actually that easy.

Also it was by Crowley who was a syphilitic, drug and sex addict largely full of complete shit. In my not very humble opinion, obvs. Sorry of he’s anybody’s sacred cow but honestly read up on his actual history.

There should be a disclaimer on the cover: "Actual demons not included " :joy:

Demon summoning kit: "Just add demons!"

No it isn’t. Read some more:

Also please make an introduction here if you didn’t yet:

Getting started Guide is in here:

What I do suggest, if that since you have now wound yourself up you have negative energy that can attract unwanted energy under the law “like attracts like”, and it’s worth cleansing your space to clear that.

The easiest way to do this is with smudging, for which you can use incense or saltwater. Tutorial here: