How to summon satan or lucifer with thier evocation box

i have the Satan and Lucifer Evocation box how do i use them ?

Evocation box?

Honest question…you bought something not knowing how to use it?

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It says it does come with an “Instructional Ritual Card” : did that not give you what you wanted?

That is, if you’re talking about this offering from BALG I linked below … I see it’s sold out I assume you felt drawn to it, and you got in before the opportunity went. Not to worry you’re only been here two weeks, this kit will keep you going for a couple of years or more.

(Jenifer’s stuff is pretty damn good so that’s say this is a good call on this one. I just got her Return to Sender oil for a layered working and that did the job, gently and thoroughly… I’m a fan. :slight_smile: :+1: )

Ok… so this is a kit of various tools you can use during evocation rituals. In the box you should have a paper that tells you how to use everything. However, if you are completely new to magick, and speaking to @crookedpathfinder 's point, you do want to get familiar with what evocation is to use these.

Otherwise it’s a bit like giving you a housewarming toolkit and you never did any DIY before… well you’re in the right place, we’re all here to learn! :smiley:

So the next thing you want to do is threefold:

  1. Work on developing your psychic sense. You can call entities and they will be there. but you can’t communicate without having “the ears to hear and the eyes to see”… so his part is important, and it’s work, but don’t be put off it’s worth it. … USE YOUR FLYING OINTMENT FOR TRANCEWORK PRACTICE HERE… Unofficial Tutorials: Developing Astral / Psychic Senses Collection

  2. Work on your protections. USE THE RITUAL CLEANSING BATH SALTS HERE Unofficial Tutorials: Spiritual Hygiene Basics Collection

  3. With the basics at least understood and being worked on, then you can start ritual work. USE THE SIGIL, CANDLE AND MEDITATION HERE
    Here’s a good post for evocation ritual how tos plus other people’s top tips and ideas.

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thank you,

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but you are right i did felt drawn to it