Blockages And How to Get Rid Of Them: Removing the "Nothing I Do Works" attitudes

Ahhh blockages, the Bane of our Magical Existence.
In truth the blockages are easy to remove and there are plenty rituals for that on here.

But what the rituals on here do NOT cover is the Mental aspect of being blocked.

All is Mind: Your Mental Attitude

What makes almost anything seem much harder than it is is not the actual task, but the Mental perspective you have to the task. When you are fighting against your own mind, you generate the perception that nothing you do magically works for you.

That is the blockage in and of itself. Nothing else. This very attitude prevents you from manifesting your Will and Desire.

What is the Solution? Use your Will and stop accepting and projecting that attitude outwards and it will stop being reflected back to you in your rituals.

After the Mind Games

This is where you apply your tools in working with energy, spirits, etc in order to bring down psychic walls that have been built around you keeping the spirits communication from reaching you.

I cannot say this enough, Magic is 90% mental in terms of attitude. If you go into this expecting failure, you will experience failure (although that is not an absolute).

Common Blockages

√ Continuous and Persistent Failure

Every rite you do fails no matter if you follow the script correctly or not. Even when literally everything is done right, failure still triumphs.

√ Forced Stagnancy
No matter how hard you work you don’t get results you should be getting.

√ Unable to Divine or Evoke correctly despite knowing what you’re doing and being fully capable
Been there, done that

✓ No meditations you do help you out

This can generate depression and even a hatred for evoking spirits and magic because it’s like, “Why do it if I know I’m gonna fail?”

✓ Unable to solve the problem at it’s core
This in itself is VERY frustrating to go through.

The Remedy

Meditate and go deep beyond the Layer of Energy and Into the Layer of Self. The root of the core lies at the center of your innermost being. Something Ancient, something Primal.

See and feel this core collapse inside you and shrink into nothingness. Feel yourself and feel the still Ness. Become nothing and in that nothingness feel all your Blockages dissolve.

Expand yourself back into your Body and most importantly into your self.

Now feel refreshed and blockage free, ready to go :ok_hand:



It is a problem, many a promising magi has hung up their robes in frustration due to not seeing the expected results, or simply questioning their own power.


Thank you


Thank you. A really interesting and informative post.
I am guilty of this… I may get 9 results out of 10 but I focus on the failed one and ponder my abilities and feel useless.


From what i’ve been told, blockages happen due to a disconnect between your conscious and subconscious minds. Your subconscious mind (Imagination) overrides your conscious (Will) every time during disagreements, because it has far more power.*

Magicians have been told that the Will is primary and absolute, that heaven and earth bow down to the magician’s almighty will. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Will is the most vacillating and easily overcome thing in your mental toolbox. No other part of your mind is as fragile and breakable.

In a practical manner, the way to overcome blockages is to have a well-trained hypnotist guide you into trance somnambulism, then tell your subconscious what you want done. Ask your subconscious how questions, as in how can we accomplish this? How quickly can you do this? How many ways can this be accomplished and which is the best way for me? etc.

That sets your deep mind on a trans-derivational search in the direction of your statements.

A mind where the Imagination is fortified with visionary purpose is powerful. Adding conscious Willpower to this makes your mind very strong, but the strength isn’t found in the Will. The true strength of your mind is a focused subconscious aligned to a strong purpose. The Will is there mostly for decoration.

Realize that not all magick requires you to contact beings in the superconscious mindfield. A lot of magick is in reprogramming your own mental thoughts and emotions, and this magick requires no spirit contact at all. Instead, you conjure your own subconscious mind and change its presets.

This is a great thread btw.

*Hypnotist Emile Coué stated that the Will 'always yields to the imagination. This is an absolute rule that admits of no exception.” Hypnotists have been proving this axiom to be true for centuries.


Yesterday i was told to check out Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code site and book to uncover and remove self-sabotaging blocks, related to what Dr. Nelson calls the Heart Wall.

I had not known about this work before, but it makes a lot of sense and i’m going to do this work myself to open up my own psychic centres.

Leaving this here in case anyone else finds it useful


Thanks @emperor

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How any ritual, mantra, meditation, please shed some light on it. Thank you

Damien Echols suggests learning and using the LBRP, or lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram when you first start practicing magic. There are numerous benefits to this such as strengthening your aura, aligning your energies. I personally find it important that me to use that and the Kabbalistic cross in order to open up any ritual to magical influence. Otherwise I find that my own rational mind, or even other peoples attitudes and problems may dominate and even make it harder to manifest. Of course use any tradition that suits you.


@4tunefavorsdabrave, Thank you, as a noob please bear with me, could you please suggest any lesser banishing ritual for noobs like me.

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Member has left the forum a long time ago.


anyway, can I ask the same question to you, if you don’t mind?
could you please suggest any lesser banishing ritual for noobs like me?

@Lady_Eva, could you please tell me any ritual, mantra which will help me to release negative emotional energies trapped in me and how can I check whether I am the suspect or not? Thank you

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Thanks, i am start reading it right away try to grasp and absorb it before do that ritual. Thanks again :metal:

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Try playing with this as well:

You can ask the whiteboard to show you things, not as reliable as scrying spirits or divination, but is likely to be more useful than black mirror etc for showing personal imagery and internal ideas.


great, let me try to absorb the content. Thank you :metal:

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Trying to overcome that now because I have an ugly fuck fucking with me and every time I try sonething it gets cut short or fucking thwarted. Thank you for this.

I love Foolish Fish’s “Full LBRP tutorial” on Youtube. He is an armchair occultist but I love how he goes into detail on it straight from the books.

Also Damien Echols “L.B.R.P. : The Qabalistic Cross” on Youtube.

Benefits from my notes include:
strenthening your aura
makes it harder for outside energies to penetrate
trains yourself to take energy through breathing and use outside energies
brings harmony/balance
speeds progress

Personally I find that opening with this ritual opens myself to dealing with outside energies. It also kind of makes my intent louder and stronger. These are very subtle things but I think the power in magic lies in being able to effectively perceive and manipulate your own and outside subtle thoughts, emotions and energies.


It’s the first time I see this topic, thanks so much! :slight_smile: Also recently I’ve read the thread wondering whether the Higher Self may cause blocks; although it was denied, sometimes I considered that as one of the options, due to ending up clueless and frustrated.
At least something is changed (certain workings must have definitely succeed) because I resumed doing online purchases and this was enough to reach part of my “goals”.