Sastan For Psychic Development

Hello I have heard some things about Sastan though I really need to know what invocation or calling I can make to start the ball rolling with him and if I should start with either the mirror or water bowl for learning from him on how to properly do scrying and to develop stuff like clairvoyance ?

It’s got nothing to do with “sastan”. It has everything to do with your own work, and nobody can do it for you.

So you’re in a catch 22, you need these skills to talk to an entity but you want the entity to teach you when you can’t hear it.

The key is to pick something, it matter less what and more that you keep practicing, just keep it up and like a muscle it’ll develop over time.

We have some ideas here:

And before you work with any entity I highly recommend making sure your protections are on point, or you’re a sitting duck for parasites pretending to be anything to get at you.

That will get you started and safely, it seems slow but you’ll lose less time when you stay in full awareness and don’t become the target of impostors.


I have decided to do an blood pact with Sastan
for the allocation of one month and then renew it with an drop of blood if I make good progress with his help as I do my attempts at scrying and divination calling/invocations

If anyone wants to help me with tips on getting the best support from him then please let me know. Next week I start the show for working with him to develop the clair senses I am affter :slight_smile:

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Nice work @Miles keep us updated with your progress.

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I think i am making good progress, I dont mind giving an drop of blood next week on the paper where I have drawn the sigil, I am just now looking into the right divinative and evocational techniques to choose and then do an big effort every day until I can make real contact with Sastan :slight_smile:

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