I would love to learn how to use Magick i really i am interesting to learn. I want Lilith to show me how i still want to work with her.

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based on your other posts, you’re already doing that.

You asked if she ever gave up on you, and everybody said “only of you’re a dick”, which you’re not, so…

And then you had a dream that seems like either an invitation or your thinking about Lilith, which means you’re working…

And I’m sure you’ve seen our getting started guides and free tutorials:

So… what are you missing? Do you want a more “do this first” kind of thing?

if so, before you do any evocation I would strong recommend you first put up your protections and learn how to cleanse yourself and your space, in case what you call isn’t Lilith but a parasite: you want to be able to recognise and get rid of those pronto.

Get the book in the first post here and work through it, that will both build your confidence, you skills, your awareness and your ability to protect yourself.

After that, use the sigil tutorial linked in the Official Tutorials by E.A. above and call Lilith, and ask her “will you work with me, I ask that you guide me to material that helps me understand you” and listen inside the quiet place in your heart for an answer.

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@VampirKing666 I’ve noticed you have not bothered to do a proper introduction despite being asked to do so multiple times.

Please go here and answer the questions I asked you last month to complete an intro as is required. Failure to do so will result in the removal of any subsequent posts you make until our rule is respected.