Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

This guide is intended to be both simple and easy to translate.

Read it through at least twice to understand all the stages.

If you are using a book, follow the instructions in the book about any prayers or magick words of power, this guide is very basic, and you can add things to it from the book or method you are using.

If you are not sure whether magick is safe, or whether you should take the risk, do not perform an evocation, or you might just become more worried and unhappy.

You will need:

  • the SIGIL of the spirit you want to call. Google or search the spirit’s name + SIGIL

  • the ENN of that spirit, an enn is a short sentence in demonic language that calls this demon. There is a list of enns here: List of Enns

  • a black or red pen

  • a piece of clean paper

  • a notebook to take notes during the ritual

  • a pen to take these notes with

  • time to be alone after sunset. Do not evoke a demon if there is a child, an elderly person, or a sick person in the next room, to be safe.

You may also want to light a candle.


When you evoke a spirit YOU have to give them some energy so they can enter this world.

This means you have to IMAGINE a shape for them to take.

This is like making a house for someone to live in.

This is called visualisation, and you have to visualise things to make magick work.

How to call a spirit:

Draw the spirit’s sigil out on a small piece of paper in black or red ink.

Write their enn in the notebook you are using to record what happens.

Wash or take a bath and put some clean clothes on, or just wear the best clothes you have. Get your notebook ready with a pen. Light any candles.

Turn the lights down, so you are not distracted by bright light.

Simple Evocation:

  1. make sure you have the things listed above, and then relax and find a time and place where you will not be interrupted. It is best to begin after the sun has set

  2. face south. Stand up or sit down, but you may feel safer and less vulnerable if you stand up. Visualise the room growing a bit darker, ready for the magick to begin

  3. reach out your right arm towards where you want the spirit to appear


  1. call 3 times, “(Spirit’s name) come, appear before me, (spirit’s name) come, appear before me, (spirit’s name) come, appear before me.” Do this in the language that feels most natural to you

  2. next, start to repeat the enn of the spirit you are calling

  3. it is helpful to rock backwards and forwards as you repeat the enn

  4. after doing this for a short time, look down at his sigil, and keep looking at this while you repeat his enn

  5. then when you feel ready, look up in front of you

  6. visualise a man standing in front of you, he is wearing a cloak like this and he has horns:

There is no need to visualise many details, keep it simple.

  1. keep repeating the enn and call again, “(Spirit’s name) come, appear before me” 3 more times

  2. keep visualising the spirit standing in front of you

  3. watch whether it seems to move. Even though you are visualising it, you might see the eyes flash, or it might move or make a gesture. You might hear sounds or words in your mind. Write down anything that you see, hear, or feel

  4. speak your request to the spirit 3 times. Speak out loud or inside your thoughts. Speak confidently and politely, like talking to a respected businessman you want to go into business with.

Tell the spirit to not harm anyone, unless you have called them to curse someone. It is better to say this at first, otherwise you might feel worried later

  1. watch again to see whether it moves, or whether you see any symbols, or flashes of light, or anything else. Write down anything you see, hear, or feel

  2. when you feel the time is right, and that you have stated your wish and been heard, raise your right hand once more towards the spirit

  3. say “I thank you, (spirit’s name), now depart in peace” 3 times

  1. clap your hands once, and bow your head

  2. when you look back up, visualise the spirit’s shape turning away and walking away, or going through a door to leave you

  3. clap your hands again and visualise all the energy clearing and the room becoming lighter

  4. blow out any candles, and go and do something very normal like washing clothes or making food or going for a walk

  5. if the room you did this in feels weird afterwards, hold out your right hand, palm-up, and visualise a ball of light on your palm


  1. visualise that ball of light exploding outwards in beautiful white light and clearing out any shadows and weird feeling

  2. if you have any questions after you have done this, post on the forum. :+1:

You can keep the spirit’s sigil inside your notebook, or you can dispose of it.

To dispose of the sigil, hold it in your left hand.

Point the first 2 fingers of your right hand at the sigil:

Move them 3 times in a circle over the sigil, counter-clockwise:

Say “I release the presence of (spirit’s name).” You can say this out loud or in your thoughts.

Burn the sigil after doing this.

Personal opinions:

I have been doing magick a long time, these are my opinions on things that will help you become a powerful magician:

Don’t make a pact with a spirit until they have helped you a few times.

Don’t make a pact with a spirit if you cannot communicate in some way.

Don’t have sex with a spirit as a beginner. Sex opens up your energy field and you may become obsessed with that spirit, and end up working for them.

Don’t offer your blood to a spirit until they have helped you and you are certain you can trust them. Blood is very important, do not waste it.

These should help you to avoid common problems, later on you will have more experience and can decide what is correct for you.

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Thank you very much, it’s very detailed, I will try and followed everything you stated in this thread, really thank you Eva , love you :heart: Please don’t delete this thread, I will bookmark it and always read back at this I think 1 week times to translate it little by little to Chinese :heart: Tears out, I never know much about magick, I will learn and become a Chinese magician :pray:


You are welcome, and I will not delete it. :+1:


thank you :heart:

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started a little translations by connecting back to my home PC thru my office (was in office working now) using team viewer before i started my work at 8:30am : )
hopefully i didn’t translate it wrong.

Thanks again to Eva.


Great work @Lady_Eva

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Thank for sharing this @Lady_Eva!
I been reading daemons of magick and I have plans on do the ritual two of the books( connective evocation).
But I might try this first.


Great guide, @Lady_Eva & I love your graphics! Did you make them yourself?



Hey now we have a “How To: Evocation” post to direct newbies to.

Use of the Enns is neat.

It’s all very straightforward and well written. Concise.

Nice work @Lady_Eva! Thank you.


Yes, I manipulated some images from Pixabay, I was pleased with the way the 2 demons came out, the 1st is comprised of:

… plus a lot of image editing, and the 2nd, the magician is a conductor with a different shaped hand, and the demon is a normal stock image silhouette turned into demon shape with the blur tool in Photoshop! :smiley:


It was fun making normal pictures into illustrations for this!


Wonderful! :grinning: I bet you were like, “YES!” when you found the conductor clip art! You did a very good job on the demons, too. I thought the 1st was an image you ganked from somewhere, heh.


I SO was! :laughing:

Especially because he reminded me a bit of Geof Gray-Cobb!

(Though afaik he never summoned a “demon”.)

Nope, and all the originals I used are CC0 as well, didn’t want any fuckery down the line if the EU copyright thing gets enforced.


He’s got the beard, yep, I can see the resemblance.

Ahhh, always thinking ahead! I like it. :grinning:

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Lmao i think ive broken about every decent guideline in place set fourth here. I can definetely vouche for this set of guidlines as my life was a fucking mess for a minute.


Lol, I know what you mean. I’ve broken 3 of the 4, doh!


Our mistakes were not made in vain for the new generation shall benefit! Im glad Lady Eva posted this.


Great material, I didn’t realise that we should visualise form for a spirit that it can manifest, so far I was just waiting that image of entity will appear in my mind, this may be cause that my evocations have very low effectiveness :thinking: But when they appear, then Damn! Noting that I can compare with it.
Thank you Lady_Eva :blush:


When you create a basic form they very quickly do begin to adjust it and make distinct movements so you won’t lose out on originality in their appearance or anything, it just gives a biut more energy to the manifestation. :+1:


Education: School of Metaphysical Hard Knocks



That is what i have been doing wrong and completely forgot about visualizing them fuck man, thank you @Lady_Eva i have been trying to figure out what i have been doing wrong for awhile i thought it was just me not being around my old mentor.

But it was me I shut off my own energy to the spirit world after I was attacked…heh, or it was the one spirit I found attached to someone that turned out to he a trap :thinking:

ANYWAYS thank you