Stressed student? Having exam trouble? Look here


Hello again,

I need some help guys.

Well, since I’m new to all of this Magick I’ve kept my practices pretty safe this whole time. I only went for some petitions and meditations, but only this. I’ve petitioned Orias and he helped me, as stated above.

But now, I need some help. I’m a person who is willing to study and keep a daily program on studying and put some serious work on it.
So, I need someone to work with for the next couple of months.
I need someone who will help me absorb easily what I study, make me smarter and of course make me pass the exams effectively, without any anxiety. I have many subjects to study so the pressure this semester is really high.

So, do I need to evoke/invoke someone? What should I do?
I’m sensing that I need someone by my side, watching over me or something, haha.


Do i have to invoke/evoke them or could I petition or would both work?

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I did a simple petition to Vapula, though I think invocation or evocation should also be effective. I was never a straight A student until I went back to school late summer/fall 2021 and I petitioned Vapula for the first time during midterm exams. I’ve also invoked Azazel for school, and this semester I tried this rite for mental faculties I think I already shared earlier in this thread, which involves Asmodeus, Flereous/Haures, Balam, and Phenex.
What I didn’t expect was knowing the answers to problems I didn’t study like I would just happen to guess right on a few multiple choice questions. Also during the exams, I felt like this urge to recheck certain problems that I then corrected and got them right. There were other times if I was blanking but had a feeling I’d read about it somewhere and forgot, I’d get a hint like a random image pops up in my head and then I remembered what it was. Last Wednesday, I had a chemistry test and while on the train to class, I decided to watch some YouTube videos to refresh what I’d studied. I “just happened to” be recommended a video that almost exactly described one of the questions on the test, which I got 100% on.
I was starting to get overwhelmed recently and I have a disability that I never thought to apply for accommodations, so I did and it was approved within a few days. Now I have extra time on exams and 2 extensions per class, which should help a lot.
I still have a 4.0 today and that blows my mind🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess I have the academic dream team to help me though


Gonna save this. Really what i need to help pass but ii think i may need help. But maybe Im missing something. How did i use these symbols and spirits?

If you are replying to the OP, then you would not get a response back. Anon follow by 8 digits means that the person requested closure and anonymization of their account.

These are Seals/Sigils of spirits in this case demons, you can use these seals to make contact with those beings by using this technique.

This will be the main ritual made by our former moderator @Lady_Eva


A protection servitor made by my friend @Keteriya

Seal of Manifestation by former member @Micah

Evocation/Invocation Triangle by @SITHISIT


I think i was just asking anyone. But i didnt realize the original poster was no longer here. Thanks for telling me.

This stuff is so rad! I cant believe ive been missing out on all of this. Im scared to do it though. What if the spirits dont like me or i offend them?


Why are you scared? Do you base that feeling on an experience that you personally had with these specific beings?

These spirits want to work with humans as it can increase their influence on this 3D plane.

How? Are you saying that you going to summon them, just to be able to insult them? If you just behave normal, like how humans socialize. I don’t see a reason why they would be offended.


Maybe its just because everyone says its bad.

Well, thats good to know. I guess i just jump in and see for myself.

I really want to make better grades this time. I did alright before , i passed but i want to do better.

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Who is everyone?
Magichians who actually interact with spirits? Or the normie’s that don’t know what they are talking about, and just repeating what Hollywood and what their Pope says?

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I guess the normies that dont know what they are talking about. i just dont know anyone who does this to hear anything else.

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I rest my case.

Stick around, this will soon change and you will make some great allies here on this forum.:slightly_smiling_face:


I really hope so. I want to learn as much as i possibly can! making some friends along the way would be so way cool !!


Is there a spirit that would be geared more specifically towards medical studies? Or does it matter?


Let me check my library for you.


The archangel Raphael.


This whats I got:

  1. Vehuiah and Bael
    To expand consciousness, especially in the sciences.

    To empower you to learn about science.

Understand science. If you’re studying science, this power has immediate and obvious value.

    To cause breakthroughs in areas of research, design, and science.

Quantum leaps. If you work in any area of science or design, use this power when you feel your work has become uninspired or when your
development is blocked. It will create a sudden leap of intuition that enables your work to progress.

    To assist with the study of science or architecture.

Clarify the science of connections. If you work in science, architecture, or any other area where connections are important, this power can be used to clarify and even inspire your thoughts. If this sounds abstract to you, it
probably doesn’t apply, but if you know that you work with the science of connections (and that can even apply in marketing or in the arts) then you can improve your understanding of those connections with this power.

  1. Damabiah and Andrealphus
    To improve the ability to learn and understand science and mathematics.

I wasn’t sure about the Mighty and Powerful Arch Angel Raphael, but in that case Marbas could probably also help you.


Can you work with him like with the spirits mentioned in the posts and videos? Does he have a sigil to use?

I guess I need to do a search. I think i would like to connect with him. My goal is Nurse Practitioner but I still have so much school to go!

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I can find what i need about these spirits on the forum?

This is alot of help and so many choices! I dont know where to start.

Thank you. You are a life saver. If i can do it. How do you know if its worked? Like you made the connection and they are helpinging you? I guess the grades would be the big sign.

But can you have validation right away?


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