List of Enns

Came across these efficient enns about a week ago(forgot to post). I know you guys could put them to use, enjoy!

Abbadon – Es na ayer Abbadon avage
Abigor – Aylan Abigor tasa uan on ca
Agaliarept – On ca Agaliarept agna
Agares – Rean ganen ayar da Agares
Agares – Rean ganen ayar da Agares
Aim – Ayer avage secore Aim
Alloces – Typan efna Alloces met tasa
Amducious – Denyen valocur avage secore Amducious
Amdusias (also Amdukias) – Denyen valocur avage secore Amdusias
Ammon – Avage Secore Ammon ninan
Amon – Avage Secore Amon ninan
Amy (also Avnas) – Tu Fubin Amy secore
Andras – Entey ama Andras anay
Andrealphus – Mena Andrealphus tasa ramec ayer
Andromalius – Tasa fubin Andromalius on ca
Asafoetida – Asana nanay on ca Asafoetida
Ashtaroth – Tasa Alora foren Ashtaroth
Asmoday – Ayer avage Aloren Asmoday aken
Asmodeus – Ayer avage Aloren Asmodeus aken
Astarot – Serena Alora Astartot Aken
Astaroth – Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth
Astarte – Serena Alora Astarte Aken
Azazel – Eya on ca Azazel aken
Babeal – Alan Secore on ca Babeal
Bael – Ayer Secore On Ca Ba’al
Balam – Lirach tasa vefa wehl Balam
Balberith – Avage Secoré on ca Baalberith
Barbatos – Eveta fubin Barbatos
Bathin – Dyen Pretore on ca Bathin
Beelzebuth (also Beelzebub) – Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth
Beleth – Lirach tasa vefa wehl Beleth
Belial – Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial
Belphegore – Lyan Ramec Catya Ganen Belphegore
Berith – Hoath redar ganabal Berith
Bifrons – Avage secore Bifrons remie tasa
Botis – Jedan hoesta noc ra Botis
Buer – Erato on ca Buer anon
Bune (also Bime) – Wehl melan avage Bune Tasa
Camio (also Caim) – Tasa on ca Caim renich
Cimejes (also Cimeies or Kimaris) – Ayer avage secore Cimejes
Crocell – Jedan tasa Crocell on ca
Dantalion – Avage ayer Dantalion on ca
Decarabia – Hoesta noc ra Decarabia secore
Delepitoré – Deyen pretore ramec Delepitore on ca
Eligos – Jedan on ca Eligos inan
Eurynomous – Ayar Secore on ca Eurynomous
Flereous (also Haures – see below) – Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous
Focalor – En Jedan on ca Focalor
Foras – Kaymen vefa Foras
Forneus – Senan okat ena Forneus ayer
Furcas – Secore on ca Furcas remie
Furfur – Ganen menach tasa Furfur
Gaap – Deyan Anay Tasa Gaap
Glasya-Labolas – Elan tepar secore on ca Glasya-Lobolas
Gremory (also Gemory or Gamori) – An tasa shi Gremory on ca
Gusion – Secore vesa anet Gusion
Haagenti – Haaventi on ca Lirach
Halphas – Erato Halphas on ca secore
Haures (also Flauros, Flereous, Haurus, or Havres) – Ganic tasa fubin Flauros
Ipos – Desa an Ipos Ayer
Leraje (also Leraikha) – Caymen vefa Leraje
Leviathan – Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan
Lillith – Renich viasa avage lillith lirach
Lucifage – Eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale
Lucifer – Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer
Luithian – Advisor : Deyan anay tasa Luithian
Malphas – Lirach tasa Malphas ayer
Mammon – Tasa Mammon on ca lirach
Marax (also Narax) – Kaymen Vefa Marax
Marbas – Renach tasa uberace biasa icar Marbas
Marchosias – Es na ayer Marchosias Secore
Mesphito – Mesphito ramec viasa on ca
Murmur (also Murmus) – Vefa mena Murmur ayer
Naberius – Eyan tasa volocur Naberius
Oriax (also Orias) – Lirach mena Orias Anay na
Orobas – Jedan tasa hoet naca Orobas
Ose (also Voso or Oso) – Ayer serpente Ose
Paimon – Linan tasa jedan Paimon
Phenex (also Pheynix) – Ef enay Phenex ayer
Purson – Ana jecore on ca Purson
Rashoon – Taran Rashoon nanay
Raum – Furca na alle laris Raum
Ronove – Kaymen vefa ronove
Ronwe – Kaymen Vefa Ronwe
Rosier – Serena Alora Rosier Aken
Sabnock – Tasa Sabnock on ca Lirach
Sallos (also Saleos) – Serena Alora Sallos Aken
Samigina (also Gamigin) – Esta ta et tasa Gamigin
Satan – Tasa reme laris Satan – Ave Satanis
Satanchia – Furca na alle laris Satanchia
Seere (also Sear or Seir) – Jeden et Renich Seere tu tasa
Shax – Ayer Avage Shax aken
Sitri – Lirach Alora vefa Sitri
Sonnelion – Ayer Serpente Sonnillion
Stolas (also Stolos) – Stolos Ramec viasa on ca
Svengali – Desa on Svengali ayer
Taroon – Taroon an ca nanay
Tezrian – Ezyr ramec ganen Tezrian
Unsere – Unsere tasa lirach on ca ayar
Uvall (also Vual or Voval) – As ana nany on ca Uvall
Valefor – Keyman vefa tasa Valefor
Vapula (also Naphula) – Renich secore Vapula typan
Vassago – Keyan vefa jedan tasa Vassago
Vepar – On ca Vepar Ag Na
Verrier – Elit Rayesta Verrier
Verrine – Elan Typan Verrine
Vine – Eyesta nas Vine ca laris
Volac (also Valak, Valac, or Valu) – Avage Secore on ca Volac
Zagan – Anay on ca secore Zagan tasa
Zepar – Lyan Ramec catya Zepar


OMG this is super helpful!!! Thank you so much!!!
Satan bless you!


You do know we have multiple threads that already list the known demonic enns, right? A simple use of the search function would have brought them up.


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Are these mostly from S. Connolly’s works/ books?

Demonolatry is a treasure trove for this stuff.


Yup. And their effective. I just recently used Lucifers


Thank you for this list! It is going to be really helpful during my studies.

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Thanks for the mention of this author. I will have to check out this person’s works.


Nice,Thank you so much!

Since i can’t find Alberon,
or Oberon,
in the list,
i’d like to add:

I-Ash kuya komlotha, i-yberion ivela




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Hey do you know whats the enn for mepsitahl

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this one. Up in the original post.


Just bumping so more people can see this awesome page. Anyone know if they did this or sigils?


Thank you soo much…very helpful

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Sigils were created long (several millenia) after Enns. Generally, Enns are the first Form of conjuring.

Some sigils are imbued with the relating enn, but normally you don’t see that. You can assume all goetic sigils to be linked with their Enns, due to the amount of people using them.




Thanks I did a search that night and found a web page that had all the Geo’s sigils and info plus others I ended up drawing ten new sigils and writting the enns next to them for befriending purposes. Nice info thought that there that much older then the sigils.


Well to be exact, pattern recognition occurred first and links into both forms. The ability of mind to structure seemingly chaotic strings and dots into shapes and define them. That ability, is older than both sight and hearing. But generally hearing was developed before sight, and sigils are visual stimuli.

Before the first creatures breathed any breath, the ability of pattern recognition existed and formed first molecules into life. But not in the sense science defines life at this age.

The first breathers couldn’t speak, yet The began to transport the patterns they recognized through songs to share them with their relatives.

That’s, where Enns were born, by interpreting the winds, the movements of flowers, animals, waters, etc.

Those primitive expressions of recognizing forces linked back and also pulled those forces to where they were uttered.

In that mannerisms, first Magick was casted and weather wasn’t simply a strange enemy anymore.

Armed with the primordial forces around them, the first creatures developed further.

Much, much later, some of them were still continued to be used in speech and language.

And such, the power of “word” was ascribed to God. For in the beginning, there 2as the “word” and it was with God.

God, translates to “force”, by itself.

So, noise, was along with movements^~ would be the best and most accurate description.

And demons actually answer this when asked, but most human interpretation of the demonic information given centers back to their experience and interpretation of reality and nature, and therefore it’s commonly mistranslated into terms more digestable and better comprehendable when mages go forward to tell their knowledge (gnosis) forward to others.

If you feel Okay with it, I’d love to see you share the sigils and Enns you made with the rest of balg. :sunny:




@Lady_Eva May I ask what sources you use for information such as this? Just wondering.

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I’m looking enns for: Fenrir, Bartzabel and Anubis. Someone could help me find them?

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