Need your opinion guys

first of all i have to say that english is not my first language , so …

you see i am studying kabbalah (with “K”) for couple of years now … but recently i’ve got interested and have a strive about black magick … so i found this forum and started to reading your topics … i read about these entities … sigils … enns … rituals and ect.

i printed some of my favorite sigils on my computer and found the enns but didn’t do any thing with them … just carry them with me … and in my room beside me …sigils for lucifer,lilith and azazel and lavalian (hindu kind of sigil)

so after i read this topic :

rwo nights ago i decided to try it … for summon lilith … but as i expected noting happened because i am very new in this but i am not scare of any of this and this was my first and only practical work till now

anyway, i kept studying … but last night i experienced sth new and weird :

i was sleeping and i heard a very loud manly scream in my head that wakes me up … and i just opend my eyes … there was nothing but i felt a very strange in my stomach. it was’t pain but felt really uncomfortable and new … and also my breathing was different and unusual
and an other thing is my vision was weird too … when i stared at my room wall or any object in the room, i felt very weird with my vision that i can not explain that … not that i saw any thing … no … just my vision felt very different

then i thought to my self maybe this is related to my studies and this sigils that i have with me all the time (i carry them in my bag) … so i said it worth a shot … if this is anything relevant to these entities …so i tried to talk too them in my mind because i have a room mate and it was passed 2 am and he was sleeping (i am a engineer and work in oil and gas construction projects mostly is deserts as now … i live with a house with my coworkers most of the month).

maybe it sounds ridiculous but i talked to a imaginary entity that even did’t know his or her name … i thanked him/her for coming and asked him/her to show me him/her self and contact my in any way … after that my room mate who was snoring a little bit … snored very loud and heavily and screamed in the middle of his snores … more like a roar

and another weird thing was in the middle of this (not exactly sure when) i looked at my phone and it was 2:16 am … i saw a message and decided to write back but it was really hard … one short sentence took me like 30 seconds to write and i couldn’t write the words correctly

so after all this i fell asleep … and i am at work now and sharing my last night experience with you guys and really looking forward to your expert opinion on this

thank you

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Nothing happened because you expected nothing to happen. :+1:

Everyone is a beginner at first, there is no Thing you need to do in order to not be a beginner, except practice.

Writers write, runners run, singers sing - magicians do magick.

There is no entry test, and if you are waiting for permission, consider it granted. :+1:

Remember to strongly visualise (at this stage, that is the same as imagine) the form of Lilith when you do this, and watch for any movements, symbols you see in your mind’s eye, etc.

I think you DID make contact, as a result of what you later experienced. :thinking:

So, proceed with confidence. :smiley:

When you do weird shit, expect weird shit to start happening, is my general comment when people experience weird phenomena after their early attempts at evocation and other magick.


Going off this, OP, the wisest axiom I’ve ever heard is that ‘people don’t believe what they see, we SEE what we BELIEVE’. A thought example would be Charles Darwin meeting his God, because, let’s be honest, he would try to rationalize the physical manifestation of his god like that. We SEE what we BELIEVE, and the only way we change our beliefs is thought to be experience but it’s really a matter of convincing ourselves. If you’re deeply acquainted with your mind, copy and paste your belief in your ability to walk over your belief in magic, or, set the belief in magic to be stronger than the belief that you’re alive. If you aren’t, do thought replacement until you get there, IME it pays off tremendously but it’s a lot of work and time, and the benefits aren’t immediately apparent so a lot of people kinda shelf it. :slight_smile: