Hello, newbie need help


I am completely new in this section.

Am i an open mind ? - I don’t know, i usually just believe in something that i can see / interact with, or was proved by science. But i am also know, there are a lot of questions that science can’t solve.
Since i have never interacted with any spirit but i hear about them a lot, in many region and religion, even in modern time, so i would like to give myself a trial.

At my start, i would love to work with Bune first since people talk about him/her a lot.
My problem is: i search for the process but each website give a different method so i am confused.
Can someone with experience give me a guild through the process ?
(i practiced Asian martial art so i know a bit about breathing, control emotion and meditation)

Thanks you in advance.


Try this:

If you have problems with visualising, read this walk-through I typed a while back.

Also, welcome to the forum, do please read through our rules just once so you know all the specific stuff about what we do on here! :+1:


Welcome to the forum.


I have read your tutorial.
Should i offer anything for the spirit during the process ?
And how can i do that ?

You can offer them items but the initial contact does not immediately require offerings and complex things like that.

So, how about the later contact ?
I found that people usually offer food/drink for them. And i don’t like the idea that i receipt something for free either.
So how should i do that ?
Thank you.

Please use the search function in the upper right. There are plenty of threads available with information on making offerings.

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Welcome :blush:

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