Abyzou/Gello The Feeder Upon The Soul

A Guide To The Demoness known as Abyzou, for anyone wishing to communicate with her.

“My first & special name is called Gylou, the second, Amorphous, the third, Abyzou, the fourth, Karkhous, the fifth, Briane, the sixth, Bardellous, the seventh, Aigyptiane, the eighth, Barne, the ninth, Kharkhanistred, the tenth Adikia, the eleventh, Adikia, the twelth, Myia, the half, Petomene”.

About Abyzou:
*A female demon blamed for miscarriages & infant mortality, believed to be motivated by envy as she is infertile.
*She is identified with Alabasandria & Gylou.
*Her fullest literary depiction is the Testament of Solomon, here, known as Obizuth, she is described as having a greenish-gleaming face, dishevelled snake like hair, with the rest of her body being covered in darkness. She claims not to sleep but instead wanders the Earth, searching for children to strangle. Also claiming to be the source of other afflictions including deafness, eye troubles, obstructions of the throat & bodily pain.
*On amulets to protect people from her, Abyzou is often depicted kneeling with bound hands behind her back, while being whipped by Solomon or Arlaph (archangel Raphael).
*In one magic related text, she is forced by Michael to reveal the 40 names which can control her.
*The Virgin Mary is often invoked in the exorcism of Gello, in one particular rite, 36 saints are invoked along with Mary and 318 Saints of the fathers, with a final addendum of ‘all the saints’.
*In Luciferian, Abyzou is seen as a mask of Lilith, & portrayed as a storm demoness who provides powerful gnosis for those seeking powers of the night and dreams. Those wishing to understand the essence of the vampire and are in search of spiritual immortality, can summon her using the sigil of Az-Jahi, there is also M.Fords summoning incantation available online.
*Abyzou has power over/rules: Infertility, infant death, possession, soul transistion, psychic attack, vampirism, altering mind states, influence, illness, paranoia, harm, illusions, causing strokes, lust, power, pain, hatred, discord, destruction, anger, blaspemy, death, torture.
*Corresponding Planets: Moon, Venus, Saturn.
*Best Days: Friday and Saturday.
*Moon phase: Dark.

Other names of Abyzou: Gylo, Morrha, Byzo, Marmaro, Petasia, Pelagia, Bordona, Apleto, Chomodracaeba, Anabardalaea, Psychoanaspatria, Paedopriktria & Strigla.

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Thank you, i forgot to mention that the reason behind the shape of the sigil is that in one stories surrounding her, Abyzou shapeshifts into a fly :slight_smile:


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Several names of Abyzou, suggest recognisable greek elements and can be deciphered as functional ephiphets:
Petasia-She Who Strikes
Paedopniktria-Child Suffocator
Byzo-form of Abyzou, ‘the deep’ to which Pelagia-She Of The Sea, is the equivalent.

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From Infernal Dialogues, associations and correspondence:
Time of Day: Sunset
Alchemical Process: Disollution
Symbolism: Alchemical Furnace, Serpents, Medusa, Ouroborus, Rain
Chakras: 3rd eye, heart, belly
Ritual Tools: burning bowl, aspergillum, chalice, censer
Related Mythical Beings: Vamps, undines, mermaid, naiads, water sprites.
Sacred Animals: serpent, crab, turtle, sphinx, ibis, heron, scorpion, dove, penguin.
Stones: amber, emerald, beryl, aquamarine, onyx.
Powers & Rulership: healing, transformation, introspection, defiance, divination, enchantments, hydromancy, sea-storms, tempests, all things concerning water & the ocean.

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Invitation to Abyzou:
“Our lady of the Deep, Obizuth, I (Name) high priest/ess of …, Call to thee. Apleto, Pelagia, Abyzou, Vampiric Mistress, Serpent-scaled one dressed in darkness, for you this candle burns bright, may you be guided here by its sacred light, come forth I ask, accept my humble offerings and make your presence known to me this night. I welcome thee”.

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