What do you think of this rite?

Hello, everybody!

I’m back with a new post! So, I discovered a new website by following a link I found in this forum. Although the link I followed sent me to a ‘‘Not Found’’ page, I still decided to explore the website and found this page :

The Rite of Initiation Into Demon Magick

I’m planning to perform this rite of initiation tonight. In your opinion, should I do this or not? If yes, what is the best hour : midnight, three AM or both? I’m gonna use the sigil of all the demons mentioned.

My plan was to after performing it, going to bed and then on the night from Sunday to Monday, trying to evoke King Paimon using the method @Lady_Eva describes here :

Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

So what do you think of this rite, should I perform it?

Thank you in advance for you help!


I find thinks that VK writes are generally effective in whatever they’re intended to do. I’ve used some of his info on shadow people to successfully be able to summon them at will during dark hours.

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Great! Thanks for your feedback! I will do this tonight. What hour do you think is the best?

Do you think it will be a problem if I read? Since I don’t know the rite by heart

Reading a rite in my experience makes it more difficult to maintain the correct trance state but, that being said with practice it shouldn’t matter that much. It’s all about if your intent etc. is there in the moment. I don’t really use planetary hours and neither does VK so as long as it’s dark you should be fine.

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Okay, thank you so much!

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Should I keep the lights on?

I used his “Rite to become a Satanist” a while ago, and this one is probably better overall.

VK is a good guy and pretty much everything on his site is useful.

I recommend doing this late at night (the hour doesn’t matter), and have the room lit dimly with candles. VK recommends facing North.

You’re obviously not going to memorize it, so write it on a piece of paper instead of reading off your phone.

You’d probably find it useful to recite his Hymn to the Infernal Divine daily, it’s syncretic with all ‘Demon magick’.

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Thank you for your input! Yeah, I already wrote on paper, in general, I don’t use my phone for rituals or evokations.

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