I just CANT evoke the spirits myself! And it’s driving me CRAZY!

Oh guys. I’ve been a dabbler in occult/demonology practices for many many years, basically half of my life since I was a child - and I’ve had a SMALL number of successes… one of them was through a sigil another was through evoking a spirit from the necronomicon, I got my result very shortly after but I DIDNT see or feel or hear ANY communication…
This was 5 years ago now and I can STILL just NOT manage to evoke the spirits to anyyyy kind of physical form nor even feel that they’re communicating with me mentally. It’s like they just wont come for me. What am I doing wrong?! My friends laugh at me when I tell them and they say it’s because the whole things just not real and it’s not possible to achieve results to life problems with ‘magick’ but I feel I KNOW in my heart that that’s not true, and with the amount of people on here and similar sites who swear by it I know we can’t ALL just be crazy and imagining it and making it up…
I’m determined to make this my year 2020 and solve the THREE extremely debilitating problems in my life but I just cannot seem to have any kind of communication with the entities I’m trying to work with - EVER.
Can someone pleaseeee give me some tips as to how on earth I can get past this - or even a step by step detailed instruction as to HOW exactly you do it yourself so I can just do exactly the same thing?
I am desperate and eager to resolve my life problems and I’m willing to work for it. I know how magick works I know it’s not like the movies, I know I have to put real life effort in and results will often seem coincidental… I just need a way of communicating. It’s driving me mad!
Thankyou in advance to anyone who helps!xxxx


There are exercises to develop your senses, there is no communication otherwise. Or at least, no communication you can receive. Have you been doing any of those?

My clauriaudience is really, reaaaaaally shitty, but it is improving. Very slowly. And I don’t think there is any other person less talented in magick than me, but if you don’t develop your senses, then you won’t be able to see or hear anything.

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There is a lot of advice on this forum already about summoning spirits and developing psychic senses.

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If you want results you need to change your mindset. You said yourself that you are a ‘dabbler’ with no established practice. You wont get your results without the work, and you said that you are willing to work, but as of yet, I don’t see any evidence of this at all. 2020 is going to be the year? Ok, I will give you a small checklist of the very basics:

  • Learn to meditate
  • Learn different breathing techniques
  • Learn to feel energy by doing qi gong or chakra work
  • Learn a Banishing Ritual

Dedicate yourself to a practice and do it every single day, even if its just for a short while. Consistency is key. Those four things, done daily, will skyrocket your practice by giving you a solid foundation to which to build your practice of evokation.

It is hard to communicate with spirits if you cant control your own thoughts or state of mind.

So stop being a dabbler, and put theory to practice. You wont be painting Picasso (summoning spirits to full materialization) right off the bat with results, but start with the baby steps and work your way up. Flip through a few books and find a spirit or god that really resonates with you and learn about it. All you can about it. This will help build a connection with the entity that you wish to summon.

If you want a pathworking to follow EA’s O.A.A. though about Flame 5 will give you a solid foundation for practical magical work, which can translate to evoking spirits. I mention the OAA because its way cheaper than his Mastery Class, and can be bought for like 30 bucks on Amazon.


If you don’t find (and eventually develop the skills) a means of communication it doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you’re goal is to physically evoke, invoke, or anything else.

Look up communication means using the pendulum, tarot, runes, etc… These are a sort of crutch, if your goal is interactive communication. Develop the clairs for that.

Look up means where you don’t necessarily have to feel them to get results (The Magick of Angels and Demons: Practical Rituals for The Union of Power by Henry Archer).


Why not start with dreams

As mentioned and seems hot topic in another thread, I mention Mucuna Pruriens. Taken before bed with intention can release dreams

Also, wif you look at Damon Brand angelic magic, you dont need much will power just a ponder on a thought is enough to evoke Angels.
You’d have to be humbled to receive an image of a being, its their will not yours.


If not evoking something successfully is driving you crazy what do you reckon doing so’s gonna do?


If I can make a suggestion it would be to work on resolving the life problems a piece at a time. Break up the problems into smaller pieces and work magick on smaller things. Be consistent rather that give yourself a deadline that it must all happen in 2020. Find which magickal practice works best for you, isn’t complicated and brings you results. Don’t focus on spiritual contact but just speak to the spirits as though they are listening. When you have stress you will block your senses anyway so no use pushing it. Keep a journal of your rituals and practices and pay attention to your dreams and synchronicities. Do some meditations and listen to binaural beats to clear your head.
If it gets too frustrating, put it aside for a week or so and come back to it. Don’t get mad at the spirits, they don’t have to do anything for you, it’s up to them. If one spirit never helps move on to another one or another system of magick.

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Thankyou, this is very helpful and some good ideas… don’t worry I would never get angry at the spirits… I know that they are far bigger and greater than I am

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What are u using ,doing, during rituals? There’s a few things I found helpful which were inspired by something E.A. Koeting mentioned about a fire water connection.

Stain the circle with some of your blood, u dont need to slice ur self up, rather a lancet for diabetics from a drug store can help there. Necronomicon has sigils so this is a positive thing about the book. U need to redraw the sigils in your own hand rather than using the book…(emphasis) It may help depending on what info u can find from others who worked with the spirit, to trace the sigil u copied from the book in ur own blood…research because some like blood and sexual fluids, some odnt.

Either draw two triangles on the ground outside of the circle u will be standing in or construct something u can place on the ground as such. Put a candle burning in one of the triangles, and a open container, bottle of water in the other…this is just my advice , because prior to doing such, i detected none of what i evoked.

The things only become more visible, the more u are possessed by them,you can tell u succeeded because u will feel a cold heat, as though the cells in your body are on fire, but cold at the same time (hard to describe)…,your stomach will start to feel like its turned inside out, u will probably start to see or feel images in ur mind, and see flashes of light that last only fractions of a second or so…

Personally to achieve that I placed a triangle within the circle, and have made sure to stand inside of it. really no limit to how many u can put outside or inside…Chances are it’s not ur senses but technique…

I was getting nothing until I did the thing with the candle and water in the triangles…kinda running along the motiff of fire water sacrifice…chances are u wont see a person or entity just materialize in front of you or hear it say “yo, whats u , what do u want?” …Even if u physically sense nothing, feel nothing ,ALWAYS send them off by offering or giving them the LICENSE TO DEPART.(" _____, I give u the license to depart , and come again when called" …not doing so is um…not a good idea …really learned that more than once the hard way…

Also the altered state is important…if u can play radio static (from like a broken radio with no antenna or a station with no reception…or use a noise generator app, and try to set it to the cycles needed for a theta state…least i find that helps. For someone else it ma not be necessary…

Make a trigger for urself where u can quickly enter a trance like state ( i use hyperventilation) and go through different brainwave states…The alteration of states (Again much to what E.A. Koeting brings up alot) of consciousness is the key unlocking the door…Really I’d recommend just watching his stuff, he gives alot of insight on the matter which one can use.

Need to have the triggers to alter state of consciousness which are individual to the user…Suggest u utilize a circle (which magnifies your focus, energy , because ur body, and energy is what they are using to manifest , even if u have a blood sacrifice laying in the circle…they come through us always) . The circle is meant to hold that energy in… Triangles can be placed wherever… but represent where the being will manifest, but are also useful to place whatever incense, sacrifices and the like to fuel the presence of the spirit.

I keep 3 , but u can have more. The candle (fire sacrifice) and bottle of water (or cup, or chalice for a water sacrifice)…seem to just make conjurations, evocations, invocation occur more easily I find…Am curious on other’s thoughts on this.

You probably know a good deal about the basics already…I brought some of these things up in order to try to illustrate maybe some of the things (i missed when starting…or flat out ignored in my idiocy) some may miss.

I want to ask what u are doing and how u do ur evocations…Unless we know what u are doing, we can’t help u or get an idea on what u may have missed or could approach differently…Evocation requires u accept that the entity possesses u in part that ur senses can pick it up…If u have reservations about being possessed in part or in full, fear may hinder ur progress…

Some people prolly can evoke without a circle, triangle or other tools because they can jump between the brainwave states more readily, and have done it long enough…

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